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Botsuraku Youtei Nanode Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
Author :CK
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Chapter 1-11

The place Iris and I are currently standing at is the academy’s main entrance at its southern side.

I showed my student identification and was then allowed into the academy.
After entering, I looked at the surroundings once more and saw that it was just as huge as I had expected.

A giant lake, fountain, flower bed, and such continued from the entrance towards the school building.
“The first year’s dorm can be found by heading west.”
We accept a brief explanation at the gate and brought out all of our luggage from the carriage.
From here, we’ll be moving around the academy by foot.

West, which would mean to proceed left after reaching the school building.
This place is a bit too big.

While I was able to see the building from before, I felt like I had walked for about ten minutes.
After arriving, I see that this building is also absurdly large.
Just how many students can this accommodate?

We approached the dorm manager’s office in the front of the dorm.
“Are you entering the dormitory today?”
“The men’s dormitory is the building directly in your front and the women’s dormitory would be the building in the back.
The building to the your left would be the dining hall.
The rooms are first come, first served. You’re the first to arrive to the dormitories, so you can pick any room you want.”
“Well then, I’ll take a room at the second floor. I’ll see you again later.”
Iris made her decision quickly and went to carry in her luggage.
“See you.”
I think I’ll also take the second floor.
“By the way, the first floor is unpopular, so its rooms possess more space than the other floors.”
“If that’s the case, then I’ll take the first floor”
“Understood, then I’ll give you the key for 1-1.”

I also went ahead and carried in my luggage.
Moving work is really tiresome. I suppose I’ll put effort into unpacking from the first day so I won’t end up pushing it back as much as possible.

There are four separate rooms.
One is the bedroom, another the living room, then a room capable of being used for blacksmithing, and the last one is a storage room.

I think up a plan and then start working immediately.
I have a feeling that the rooms are too wide, but they would probably receive complaints if they were too small after all.
I might not have needed four rooms.

Work proceeds at a good pace and I am almost finished by noon.
What I find to be great above all else is that a complete set of furniture is prepared and there’s a large storage space.

After reaching a stopping point, I made my way to the dining hall next to the dorm.
It seems Iris hasn’t come yet.
The meals appear to be buffet style.
The norm for this sort of thing is to end up taking a bit too much, so I took a small amount for the time being.
Maybe it’s because of fatigue, but I’m satisfied with just that amount.

I returned to my room and began constructing the area for smithing next.
I loaded the materials on the carriage and knew the process of construction, so this finished at evening.
During dinnertime, I started seeing other students. However, since I have not been called out to by anyone, I ate alone. I then I headed below to the below-ground shared bathing area.

“As I expected, it’ll be very tiring until I get used to the environment.”
I let out a bit of a complaint and then fell asleep.
After waking up, I decided to take an early look around the school while doing some before breakfast running.
Absolutely everything is on a big scale.
The school building, that mysterious botanical garden, and the second and third year dorms are all gigantic.

Something like this creates a lot of mental strain.
It should give people who live in the city a different feeling though.

After breakfast, I thought to go meet Iris, but I believed the idea of a man entering the women’s dorm with such light feelings would be bad.
I guess I’ll fix Iris’ sword first.

Since it’s a defective product, it would be fastest to start over from scratch.
If I just make the appearance the same it shouldn’t be found out after all.

Now that I’ve decided that, I prepare my tools and the sword in my smithing area and heated up the iron.

It was at this time that the sound of a knock came from the door.
A sound a bit too loud to be expressed as a light tapping.
I put a break to my work and opened the door for the visitor.

… It’s a giant.

A man with such a height that their face was blocked by the door was standing there.
“I’m the person who moved in nextdoor.”
I can’t see their face, but it was a low and heavy voice.
It’s not a classmate, it’s definitely not.

“Ah, I’m 1-1’s Kururi Helan. Are you a classmate?”
“I am Vaine Lotte of 1-2 and the son of the head of the kingdom’s knights.”
This time his voice was small and hard to pick up.

However, with such a large body and oppressive feeling, you’re put under the feeling of being threatened.
“Ah, I’m of the territory of Helan. Please get along with me from now on.”
“Same here. I’ve heard stories about Helan’s hot springs. Someday, I… .”

Huh!? What was that last part!?
In comparison to his body, his voice is too small.
With this, we can’t have a conversation!

“We’ll be attending the same academy from now now, so let’s get along, Vaine-san.”

… .
There’s no response.
If were to compare a conversation to catch-ball, it would be his turn to throw.
I still haven’t seen his face either; there’s nothing more unsettling than this.

“I-if there’s nothing else, let’s leave it at this today. Shall we meet at school another day.”
The man took one step back, put his hand on the door, and closed it in a grand manner.
I was met with a roaring sound and gust of wind.
“Sorry! I happen to be clumsy.”
“Don’t worry about it,” I answered through the door.
Yes, it seems one can speak with more of a piece of mind through a door.

Well, I guess I’ll get back to work.
I was interrupted, but concentrate, concentrate!

Right after I thought this, a grand knock rang out.

“Sorry, I came again.”

… The giant came again.

“W-what could it be?”
“I became engrossed in the conversation earlier and forgot to hand this over.”
There was something wrapped up neatly in the man’s hand.
Rather, did we have a conversation possible to get engrossed in before?

“My mother made me take this. She said if I hand it over, it would make that person happy.”
Present? A kind giant?

“Thanks. I’d like to return the favor, but the only thing I think I could give you right now would be…
only about a dagger. Would that be fine?”
“I’ll take it.”
I pass the dagger to Vaine-san and had him leave.
The force he shut the door was as fierce as always.
“Sorry! To have done it twice.”
“No, it doesn’t bother me.”

Well, let’s return to work.

Gon!! Gon!!
It was with enough force for me to question whether the door was starting to break.

“What would be the problem?”
I did my best to ask in a manner that wouldn’t show my emotions.
“Since I was young, I’ve only sought strength and polished my skill in the sword.
I also learned other things from my father and was told to acquire substance as a person, so I came to this academy.
However, while I’ve came, I don’t know what to do.”
What is this, this creature alike a sad beast.

“For now, would you come inside?”
“Is it alright?”
“Go ahead.”

When he passed through the doorway, I was finally able to see his face.
Unlike the image of a sad beast, he was wearing a pleasant mask.
As expect of someone from the royal capital, I suppose; if you look closely, his clothes are fashionable. His eyes and nose are distinct and he gives a refreshing impression.
His hair having a slight curl makes him look yet more elegant.
If he’d just stay quiet, he has both height and physique. Also a cool face.
He seems like he’ll have explosive popularity within a certain group of women.

Just why did I let him in?
In under five minutes after I let Vain-san in, I was attacked by a fierce regret.
While it’s fine that I let him in, Vain-san won’t say anything.
He won’t talk about himself nor will he enquire about others.
This is the worst pattern in the stage of figuring out your relationship to each other.
Though I say that, I don’t know what to break out with on my side either.
As I thought, this person is a demon beast wearing a person’s skin.

“Sit wherever you like.
I’m going to make a sword for a bit, so if you need anything, please call out to me.”
Since I couldn’t do anything about it, I restated my blacksmithing.

He should call out to me sooner or later.
However, he doesn’t.
Furthermore, Vaine-san is sitting directly behind me for some reason.
Normally in this situation, you sit somewhere easy to talk like the side, right?
Why directly behind?
It’s unsettling.

In combat, entering a blind spot is correct, but for communication, it’s one of the worst things to do!!
Just what did the head knight teach him!!?

I have the feeling that this is the first time I have sweat so much while making a sword.

“Why are you making a sword?”
He’s finally making conversation!!
But, what? What is that question!?

A voice that could be taken as denying my actions coming from my blind spot.
What? Am I being tested?!
If I give the wrong answer here, am I going to be killed?
Am I going to be killed by the next head knight and thrown away like a piece of trash?

“Um, could you come sit beside me and talk? It’s easier for the both of us to talk that way,”
I turned around apprehensively and tried asking.
“Ah! I’m sorry. I’m not so good with that sort of thing. If there’s anything else impolite I’ve done, please go ahead an tell me.”
“Got it.”
Huh? Is he a kind giant after all?

“I’m in the middle of fixing an acquaintance’s sword, you see.
I thought I might as well return it at a state better than it was before.”
“Is that so? It seems Kururi-san is a nice person.”
“You don’t have to use honorifics. We’re classmates after all.”
“Well then, I will call you Kururi.”
“I’ll also call you Vaine.”
“Yes, I don’t mind such.”

… .

“Your hobbies are?”
“I don’t really have any.”

… .

“Do you have a favorite food?”
“I’ve never judged food with like or dislike.”

… .
Please hurry up and leave!!

I figured out he’s a good person, but these conversations just don’t continue!
To open up to this person, time is necessary.
Within today or tomorrow is impossible!

I finished making the sword and we made some conversation, but he still won’t leave.
This person probably won’t leave until they’re told.
But even so, I can’t just tell him to leave.

“I’m hungry.”
That’s it!
“Shall we go eat? Let’s go to the dining hall and go ahead and call it a day afterwards.”
“Alright. Is it fine if I come tomorrow as well?”

“… . Of course!”
Well then, how will I beat common sense into this beast?


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