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Botsuraku Youtei Nanode Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
Author :CK
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Chapter 3-4

Hello, this is the last series I will pick up, again unless you know Kenkyo goes off again. or duke daughter common sense one not the other one
Blacksmith, is a very funny sorry, I do like it, Eliza Best girl for me. I like her LN design, Iris just looks like the typical shojo manga character so I like the character but don’t want that ending.
this will either have 1 or 2 chaps a weeks again don’t quote me on this. during december end you will get more for sure

Well enjoy and gimme lots of hate Iris fans
Just kidding

If you find mistakes please say and thank you

Rahsa expression which was a smile, I guess he is happy to come to our domain again.
Having my cute little bro come to visit made me really happy.

Having Rahsa come to our domain, my father was quite ecstatic since the morning.
He kept saying that having royalty coming to our domain is a great privilege when I said Rahsa was coming.

Last time Rahsa came, he came with the queen. My father was quite delighted that only Rahsa will be coming this time.
The queen has a powerful aura around her and my father is quite frightened of such people.

But since only Rahsa is coming this time and he is kind and quite familiar with our domain. My father was quite happy. He kept saying
“I hope Rahsa-sama takes the throne.” (Toral)

I was quite afraid when he said considering the first prince, I really have to rectify my Father’s bad habit of saying really unneeded things.

I brought a watermelon from the garden and cooled it in the river, at the afternoon when Rahsa arrives, we will split it.
“I hope Rahsa-sama is pleased with his visit.” (Toral)
My father says with a very deep grin on his face.
“I hope so too.” (Kururi)

By the time of noon, Rahsa’s carriage had arrived.
I know that carriage quite well, the people in our domain also know that carriage well and have been keeping quiet.
I am sure for Rahsa, a big celebration is not what he wants.

As he got off the carriage, he greeted me.
“It has been a long time, Big bro” (Rahsa)
He had a lovely smile as usual
“ Welcome back Rahsa” (Kururi)
After I greeted him, My father, Vain, Iris all greeted him.

Vain and Rahsa seemed to know each other and talk a little.

Tlnote: did he forget that Vain is the son of commander of royal knight

“Is this person Big Bro’s Lover”(Rahsa)
“Nope, Definitely Not” (kururi)
I immediately denied it
“By the way, I know the plan was for me to come alone, but I got caught when I was leaving and someone else came”
It was a real problem what he said.
It was a really big problem

“In fact, my siblings came with me, my brother is in the carriage while my sister got off a little earlier to meet a friend of hers. I am really sorry big bro.” (Rahsa)
Rahsa tells me with a very disappointed look on his face.
It is not your fault Rahsa, it just your brother brain is filled with his desires.

I stroke his head to comfort him.

The one most surprised by hearing this from Rahsa was my father.
He made up some stupid excuse and left saying and giving a cool look on his face
“Son, I leave everything to you” (Toral)
He will be going back.
To the toilet.

With a look of overbearing, the first prince got out of the carriage.
“So this is the rumored Helan Domain, it is not bad at all.” (Arc)
He muttered that as he got out of the carriage but in truth his head was just thinking
“ Iris is here” or “Iris I have come to see you” his head is full of iris and nothing else.

“Yo, Kururi Helan, I came to see your Domain as the first prince. (Arc)
“Thank you for that.” (Kururi)
“I do not see your father, the lord here, did something came up?” (Arc)
“ My father is bedridden with a stomach problem that came up right now, so he left me to company you guys.” (Kururi)
“is that so, then I will take you up on your word.” (Arc)
He tried to seem calm and composed but he looked really restless.

“I hope my brother does not cause you too much trouble big bro, I know when we got closer to your domain, he seemed quite restless” (Rahsa)
Rahsa, who does not know the truth about his brother, thinks that he is just being restless about seeing the domain.
Having such a strange brother must really cause him a lot of trouble.
I heard Rahsa also has an older sister, it was the first princess Maria-sama.
Well I hope she is a proper person unlike Arc, but since he did not mention she will cause any trouble, she must be a very capable person for sure.
I say in my heart for the first princess to please take care of Rahsa.

Though I do not need to check why the first prince came here, I will just try to test him if he actually came for his royal duty.

“Well Vain, Iris, Rahsa can go inside and in a little while, a watermelon I have prepared will arrive to enjoy. I will take the first prince Arc to a tour of the Helan domain isn’t that right?” (Kururi)
“Huh?” Arc kind of said with a little sweat coming off.
Of course it wasn’t for Royal duty or anything like that.

He really could have been honest and said he came with his little brother to play as well. I want enjoy my holiday as well for god’s sake.

“Please take care of my brother” (Rahsa)
He said with a bow, after that he went inside the mansion with Vain and Iris.
Rahsa seems to know the mansion really well and is quite familiar with it.

Arc who was with me was making quite the disturb face.
I also want to make that face.

Well since he did not fuss up and say he came to play, we went to tour the Helan domain by ourselves.

“ Oh ya, I was asked to give you this” Arc handed me a letter.
The name on the letter was Eliza Deauville.
Seeing that name I felt a little happy.
huh? I am glad at just seeing her name?
I wondered why I felt happy at just seeing her name.

Tlnote: Love dude, it Love

We did not know how to start a conversation, the carriage was hitting bump after bump as we bonced on the seats.
“ What is Vain and Iris doing here” (Arc)
The one who broke the ice was the Arc, he was interested in why Iris was here
“oh they just came to play. Oh Iris also came to work part-time” (Kururi)
“Oh a part time Job, … Ok” The prince seemed to be convinced.

They have been apart for some time now so he must have thought a lot of about her.
It seemed he finally realized that he had this method to meet iris but now it was useless.

I also want you to succeed in making Iris fall in love with you, but the prince is more indecisive than I thought, so I cannot find it within me to cheer for you if you’re like this.
You keep glancing at Iris every time you saw her from before.
Get a grip prince!
and after this I have a bigger problem concerning her!

She is right now crazy about Lotson right now.
After he find this out, I can’t imagine what he will do.
Will he condemn our domain, it certainly a possibility with him.
“You know prince, let’s leave this tour for later. I have prepared a great meal and a new item called a watermelon for you guys to try.” (Kururi)
“Yeah, Ok. We can’t let your preparations go to waste.” (Arc)
The prince who looked like he found an oasis within the desert said.
Arc just honestly say you want to play with Iris.

You know, you don’t have to take a detour like this. I know about your feelings Arc.

When we came back to the mansion, the three were playing in the garden and eating the watermelon.
They were competing to see who could blow the seeds the farthest.
I also want play.

Rahsa who saw us come in, come up to us and said
“ Your back already?” (Rahsa)
“ Yeah, we had a change of plans, we decided to tour later and eat the Watermelons first together.” (Kururi)
“That’s good, let play together and eat this fruit called a watermelon. This fruit is superb.” (Rahsa)

If you say that kind of stuff, there is no way I will hold back.
I take a piece of Watermelon and eat it, as I mix in with the group.
I make my mouth full of seeds, then start shooting them out!
ah this is the life,
“Look I can also shoot it far.” (Iris)
She starts shooting them out as well.
That is not something a Lady should be doing! Is what I want to say but since it looks like she is having fun, I am cool with it.
We were having a lot of fun with the watermelon, but I had noticed a small problem.
The seating arrangement right now is Arc, Vain, Iris, Rahsa and me in order but Iris keeps looking and talking to me and Rahsa.
I am talking with Rahsa and Iris, us three are having a conversation and it is fun.

Vain is eating watermelon silently over there alone, Vain like the silence and is happy.
There was nothing wrong with that.
The problem was Arc, the first prince, he was sitting over at the edge unable to join the conversation.

Arc is usually the center of attention in any place, so he might not be used it.
I wonder why his eyes seem so sad.
He is quite handsome I understand that, so many normal girls would flock around him.
But Iris is anything but a normal girl so don’t let it get you down Prince.

“oh, Iris staying in the Helan domain over the rest of the vacation.” (Arc)
Arc summoned some courage and tried to join the conversation from where he is block out by vain.
“Yup” (Iris)
Iris gave the prince a really direct answer that can’t create anymore conversation.
Iris, your kind of being cold to the prince.

Arc looked like he was about cry.
He is maybe thinking, I am a prince, also I am handsome or so I am told, I have everything why is it she won’t give me the time of day.
I wonder why I feel this really big negative aura, is it an enemy attack.
According to Rail, he is quite close to her in school, apparently close to a stalker level.
Prince are you already hated by her?

“By the way, I seem to see Arc-sama and you, Iris, together a lot in school. Are you two close?” ( Kururi)
In order not cut the flow of the conversation, I tried to help the prince with a question of mine. I have created a bridge for you to cross, cross it prince.
“That’s right we are close, we spend a lot of time in school together.” (Arc) said the bright smiled prince.
“Hmm, don’t we just have a lot of the same classes together” (Iris)
Iris coldly crushes the bridge that I built for the prince.
Prince you should avoid her for a while.

“Though this the first time I met her, Iris-san seems to me a very fun person. I want to get along better with Iris if that is possible.” (Rahsa)
“Oh, I also want to get to know you, if its Rahsa, I also want to be friends.” (Iris)
Iris said as she had a really big smile on her face.
“Oh, thank you very much.” (Rahsa)
“If it’s Rahsa” (?) who are you omitting here, Iris.
Iris please stop saying stuff that makes me feel very scared.

As the conversation continues between Iris and Rahsa, Arc looked like one more sentence would make him cry.
Please Iris just stop, let the poor guy go.
I also ask you don’t do this kind of thing when he is in my domain.

As night comes, we stopped playing and Arc got up with what looked like tears and said “I am going back”.
We played so much, we walked like zombies because of how tired we were.
“ Arc-sama the night is very dangerous please wait until tomorrow to leave.” (Kururi)
I somehow managed to hold him back from leaving tonight and stay the night.

“Arc, let’s go to the hot springs, sink in them and I am sure you will feel better.” (Kururi)
“ Yeah, let’s go sink in the springs, I bet I would sink my entire body including head.
Hey, Hey, stop! I do not mind if you die but please do not die when you are in my domain!

Leaving the others behind, me and Arc went to the hot springs.
I was really tired when I found out Arc came here, I also want to take dip in the hot springs.

I felt better and my body felt healed by the hot springs.
After I got out of the bath, I saw Rahsa was waiting for me so I told him to take a walk with me.

“As usual, The Helan domain is quite beautiful.
As we were walking down the streets, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and nature of the land.
“I am sorry for the trouble my older brother had caused you big bro. I really should not have brought him here.”(Rahsa)
“Nah, it wasn’t that much trouble at all” (Kururi)
“But I really think I should not have brought my brother here after all, Arc seems to pursue Iris doesn’t he.” (Rahsa)
“Oh, Yeah, he is.” (Kururi)
“Big bro does not need to worry about what my older brother feels about Iris. Please be happy together big bro, you and Iris are a perfect match.” (Rahsa)
Rahsa seems to have misunderstood our relationship and made a huge horrific remark concerning that. The healing I got from the hot springs all disappeared when he made the remark.
“No, I am so not in love with Iris!” (Kururi)
“But is she not in the domain for the rest of the vacation, how are you two not lovers?” (Rahsa)
“ No, she is just helping me managing some stuff here and there, she also works part time here to earn some extra money over the vacation” (Kururi)
“Is that so? I seem to have misunderstood it.” (Rahsa)
“Iris is a very nice girl but I do not see her as a romantic partner.” (Kururi)
“Oh, so I was worried for nothing. Thank you big bro, you cleared up some of the things that were bugging me. Now that I feel relived, I feel sleepy as well, I am going back. Are you going back big bro?” (Rahsa)
“Nah, I want to feel the wind a little while longer before I go back” (Kururi)

I said good night to Rahsa and just sat down on the spot.
I looked at the night sky and felt the breeze.
The wind during the summer felt really nice, it was not too hot but also not too cold.
I can see the star really well, I can hear all of the noise made by the insects.
When I was focus on seeing the sky, I heard footsteps, I turned around and saw it was Iris.

“It looks nice doesn’t it?” (Iris)
“Yeah, the night breeze feels amazing, are you going sit down as well?” (kururi)
“Yup, this feels very nice, it is so comfortable.”

We both stop talking and start looking at the stars.
It has been several months since I met Iris, I used to get so nervous around her but now I feel fine.
That shows how much we get along.
I never imagined that such a beautiful woman would be friends with me. I thought my destiny was already decided.
But the prince is now disliked while she is friends with me.
Destiny is now changing, I suddenly thought of such things as I look at the night sky.

“Actually, I eavesdrop on that last conversation you were having” (Iris)
“? You mean with Rahsa?” (Kururi)
“Yup.” (Iris)
Well, I can’t change anything I already said and it is not like I said something bad so it ok.

” I guess, Kururi doesn’t seem to see me as a woman.I have times when I think it would be nice if Kururi liked me.” (Iris)
“Eh, but” don’t you towards Lotson-san…eh!? What do you mean? (Kururi)
“Fufu, just kidding. Then, good night, I’ll return first.” (Iris)
“Ah” (Kururi)
Leaving petrified me behind, Iris headed back to the mansion.
Just now, what was that about? Was i being teased?
…Surely, that was it. I mean, the one she likes is Lotson-san.

I got up and returned to the mansion to sleep.
That matter still weighted heavy on my mind and I could not go to sleep until close to morning.
Looking back on that day, I realized that I was pretty pure and innocent.


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