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Botsuraku Youtei Nanode Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
Author :CK
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Chapter 3-6

Hello, the editor for c6 has finished while c5 is still in editing

read at your caution

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One more thing, this chapter and C5 have very little to do with each other


Rahsa pulled Arc into the carriage by force, to finally leave my domain.

“Aniki, I feel that I caused you a lot of trouble this time, please forgive me.” (Rahsa)
Rahsa apologized for his brother’s impropriety.
Rahsa was a model guest during his stay.
Rahsa was a really good little brother during his stay here, even to his actual brother.
There were no inconveniences concerning him.

“Rahsa didn’t bother me at all, you really did not bother me.” (Kururi)
I emphasized that Rahsa didn’t bother me, but someone else did.

“Since my brother was quite troublesome, next time I promise to come alone. At that time, please, once again take care of me.” (Rahsa)
“Yeah, make sure to come alone.” (Kururi)
I put emphasis on coming alone.
I’ve had enough of the first prince.
Since it’s my vacation, I want to be able to properly enjoy it.

“Well, we’ll see you soon Aniki.” (Rahsa)
“Rahsa, you can come again anytime you please.” (Kururi)
“Thank you, I will definitely come again.” (Rahsa)

Rahsa’s carriage left.
There was a real ghostly aura around the carriage for some reason, so we performed purification on it.

“Rahsa really left.” (Iris)
Iris seems to be really lonely
“Yeah, me too, I feel really lonely now that Arc and Rahsa have gone.” (Kururi)
“Yeah, I finally got along with Rahsa.” (Iris)
Rahsa again….
“Man, I wonder when ARC and Rahsa will come again?” (Kururi)
“Rahsa said that he’ll be busy for a while, and won’t have a vacation until winter.”
Rahsa again, she really does not care about Arc.

“Well, Iris, shall we head back?” (Kururi)
“Yeah.” (Iris)

I really had a good vacation these past few days.
I’m feeling fine, but Vain and Iris came here to work, so they aren’t wearing very relaxed expressions.

Even though they don’t look very relaxed, I don’t intend to just give up on the reason they came here.
I am going to ask them to work right now.

Of course, I do realize that they feel this way, thus I will choose something fun and easy for them to do.

“Vain, Iris can I ask you two do some work?” (Kururi)
“Finally, I was so bored!” (Vain)
“Of course.” (Iris)

I am planning to start selling the face masks that Toto made.
I’ll focus on the Villa area first, and then expand after seeing the results.

“Vain, can you bring all the face masks to Lotson? He already knows what to do, so just follow his lead afterwards.” (Kururi)
“Alright.” (Vain)
“Are you fine with selling them with me, Iris?” (Kururi)

“Yup!” (Iris)

We went straight to the Villa region; the face masks were carried with care by Vain and Lotson.

Lotson made a space for us to sell the face masks in the Villa region.
We lined up the goods and laid them out for everyone to see.

“Welcome, welcome, we’re selling face masks here.” (Kururi)
I call out to the ladies and housewives that pass by us.
“We, eh, have face masks here.” (Iris)
Iris is not used to this, but she is trying really hard.

“Oh, what is that?” (Customer A)
A middle age woman comes up to us and asks what our product is. She looks like she has money to spare on rare and unknown items.
I pulled a customer in, and now it’s time for the sales pitch.
I try to analyze the details of the customer to make the right pitch. The person in question is a 40 year old housewife and looks like she spends a lot of money on beauty supplies.
“This, madam, is a face mask; it is a wonderful item that can drastically improve the quality of your skin.” (Kururi)
“Oh, is that true?” (Customer A)
“Yes Madam, all the tests and results from our extensive research have shown the effects of the face mask to be wonderful and positive. Your skin, Madam, will become like a jar of Pudding, all purupuru.” (Kururi)
“Purupuru, really?” (Customer A)
“Yes, Really Madam.” (Kururi)
“Smooth, really?” (Customer A)
“I am not lying, Madam.”(Kururi)

“Well then, I will take one; how much?”(Customer A)
“Since Madam is our first customer, I will give you a special deal; 5 silver coins.” (Kururi)
“Ok.”(Customer A)
The madam just instantly pulled out the 5 silver coins from her purse. I thought she might bargain so I said 5 silver, but looks like it was nothing to her.
What astonishing purse power.

“How do I use it?” (Customer A)
“You take the leaf out of the container and put on your face. The leaf’s effect only lasts for 8 hours after being taken out; thus, please hurry to use it after taking it out.” (Kururi)
“Well then, thank you for the product, and if the effects are as you have said, I will be sure to come back for more.”(Customer A)
“Thank you for your purchase, and do come again, although our product is limited this time thus we may not have any left by the time you come back.” (Kururi)

Madam left quickly back to her villa.
Although she pretended not to care, her footwork shows that she somewhat believes in the effects.
Women are really weak to limited time beauty products.

“Yes, the first sale of the day!” (Iris)
“I know, I was surprised.” (Kururi)
“How much food can you buy with 5 silver coins?” (Iris)

5 silver coins is really not cheap, and actually very expensive.
It’s good that we got a sale so quickly.

“Will Toto be pleased?” (Iris)
“It depends on how the customers feel about the product after buying it.” (Kururi)
We just sold a single one; don’t get distracted, focus on the sales.
The most important part of this product is that customer who bought it must come back or it will fail.

“Now, let’s focus and give it our all to sell even more.” (Kururi)
“Ok, let’s do our best!” (Iris)
“Oh, what are you selling here?” (Customer B)
Yes, another came!
This person is a 53 year old housewife, my scouter says her purse power is 5300.

“Madam, this is a face mask.” (Kururi)
“Oh, what are you selling here?” (Customer C)
Another woman comes up and asks.
“Madam, this is a face mask.” (Kururi)
“Oh, what are you selling here?” (Customer D)
Another woman comes up and asks.
“Madam, this is a face mask.” (Kururi)

Wow, so many people are coming now; one after the other are asking what I’m selling here.
It seems it’s true that women are weak to line-ups.

Iris and I did our best and sold 90% of the product today.
The madams that were here all left coolly after spending their money.

“Well, today we did really well.” (Iris)
Iris said so with a very satisfied face.
“Yup, I was really surprised.” (Kururi)

There was only one face mask left and it kind of withered away, so we decided to close for today.

Later, I will check on the customer reactions to the product and then plan for the future.
Though there does not seem to be problem with the face masks, feedback will allow us to sell even more while improving on the product.
I will come back here tomorrow and check on the results and decide on future plans after that.

“Iris, good work. Shall we go talk to Lotson and Vain, then return home?” (Kururi)
Iris’s cheeks turned red after I said that, and she was smiling deeply.
She is a girl in love, this is a good thing. Hohoho.
“We have a little bit left over.” (Iris)
“Well, since we have a little bit left over, why don’t we share it with Vain and Lotson?” (kururi)
“That sounds fine.” (Iris)
Hearing Lotson come up again, Iris’s cheeks turned bright red. It seems that her cheeks turn red after she hears Lotson; you’re looking rather excited there, Iris.

“Lotson, Vain, good work.” (Kururi)
I went to the back and thanked both of them.

“I feel really good now, I knew that a hard day’s work is what gives people satisfaction.” (Vain)
Vain was very satisfied with the work. Really, I am thankful to Vain.
“I am glad that I could be of help today.” (Lotson)
Lotson also is a very good man whom I am thankful to.
Yup, today we worked really hard.

“Lotson, thanks for helping with the management of the Villa region. Please, take some of these face masks home with you.” (Kururi)
“I heard that it’s quite expensive?” (Lotson)
“It’s fine, I am really thankful for all the work Lotson does here. This is just a small repayment.” (Kururi)
“No, thank you for this, but I will only accept one sheet.” (Lotson)
“Is it for your sister who I’ve heard of?” (Kururi)
“Oh yes, I have told you about her, but no it is not for her, she is still too young to worry about things like this.” (Lotson)
“Who, then?” (Kururi)
“I think I will gift this to my wife.” (Lotson)

Tsuma, tuna? No, wife!!!

Tlnote: Tsuma is Japanese for wife, and since tuna is close to that a pun is created.

“Hey!!!!” (Kururi)
You have a wife?!!!
Since when were you married?!!!!
I didn’t know at all!!!!

It caused my face to twitch and made my voice strange.
Iris fainted after hearing it.
Vain seemed to already know, so now he’s laughing his guts out.
Vain stop it, it’s a big deal.

“Everyone, what is the matter? Are you ok?” (Lotson)
Lotson seems to be panicking.

Noticing that Iris seems to have fainted, Vain catches her.

“Lotson is amazing.” (Kururi)
I gave Lotson a thumbs up and thought, he truly is amazing.


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