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Botsuraku Youtei Nanode Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
Author :CK
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Chapter 3-7

Hello, I will post two chap today maybe, depends on when the second editor gives me the chap.

anyway i can’t post tmr so did my best with these two really long chaps.

opinion on the chap, Kururi really understand nothing of noble power struggles or realize the cards that are in his hands happens here and during the Toto incident.

Thanks to King of Mangonia for editing

Anyway no chaps tmr and so here is two really long chaps


Edit: sorry to whomever read the last version I accidentally posted the non edited. now it is fixed


Blacksmith V3 C7

3 days after Lotson revealed his relationship status to Iris, Iris finally recovered from the shock and kept sighing every now and then.

Vain kept saying he was sorry for laughing, but I really didn’t think he was actually sorry. To cheer Iris up from her loss, I took her out to hunt, and Vain came with us. This was the last thing we did before the both of them left for home.

Now that the guests have left, the house became really quiet, but my father also came back around the same time and was now saying that he can finally have the place to himself.

Although my father doesn’t move much, he started skipping from happiness lately.

My father, the old man was skipping.


“Dad, calm down already.” (Kururi)

“Yes, I can finally enjoy myself around my own house, it has been so long.” (Toral)

“Mom is going to get angry if you do not stop.” (Kururi)

“It’s fine, your dad is very happy now.” (Toral)

He says that while skipping and singing a tune with lalala.

I may have taken the house for too long and did not let him have freedom much.

Sorry dad, you can have your fun. I won’t stop you.

“Excuse me, an urgent report has come in.” (Servant)

An unusual report came and the servant who brought it had a very serious expression.

Something has happened, my dad’s rest was way too short.

“Dad, an urgent report came in.”(Kururi)

I took the servant to my dad and told him about it.

“What’s the matter, what is the report?” (Toral)

“The lord of the domain next to ours, Marl Karack-sama has come to domain and will arrive shortly.” (servant)

“What?!” (Toral)

My dad went from happy to distressed in one second flat.

“Oh, my leg, my leg.” (Toral)

I help my father that had hurt his leg and massage his leg.

“It is because you kept skipping.” (Kururi)

“ Sorry about the Kururi, but it is not that.” (Toral)

“What do you mean dad?” (Kururi)

“Karack Marl…” (Toral)

My dad is quite distressed.

What is he worried about.

Now that I think about, isn’t the Marl domain the place where Iris lives?

I’ve heard he isn’t a good lord to his people from those who moved here to the Helan domain.

Lord Marl’s domain, I don’t have a good impression of it.

What kind of person is this count?

“Dad, do you know lord Marl?” (kururi)

I ask my dad whose face is pale.

“That guy was…” (Toral)

“If it’s a painful memory, there’s no need to force yourself to tell me.” (Kururi)

“No that’s not it son. Me and that guy were former classmates.” (Toral)

“Classmate” huh? So that was the kind of relationship you have, though clearly that word contains more.

“Marl, he was a perfect student in the past, he could do everything better than me, studying, sports etc.”(Toral)


“He was popular with the girls more so than me as well.”(Toral)

“Yes I understand.” (Kururi)

“One day, we got into a fight and I lost then. I felt inferior to him in so many ways that each time I saw his face, I got reminded of that fight and once again felt afraid.” (Toral)

“I understand dad, there is no need for you to meet him. I will see him and deal with the situation.” (Kururi)

“No son, I can’t let you do that. I understand him and need to deal with him. I can’t leave everything to my son, or else how can I call myself your father.” (Toral)

My dad had a nice look on his face.

I thought he was really cool right now.

How bad of a person is Marl?

Such a person is coming to our domain without an announcement in advance, what an ego.

This is clearly going to be bad news.

“Well dad, then lets meet him together, as father and son.” (Kururi)

“Is that alright, Kururi?” (Toral)

“Of course, let’s go through both painful and harsh times together as family.” (Kururi)

“Hahaha, I really have a good son. I can’t stay like this then.” (Toral)

My dad stomped on the ground with the foot he hurt and got up quickly.

I heard that the faces of men or women who go to the battlefield have really nice eyes. I think right now that my father has those kind of eyes.

I also have to get ready to face the enemy as well.

“Hey, it’s been a long time hasn’t it Toral.” (Marl)

“Oh yes, it has been a very long time Lord Marl.” (Toral)

The person that just came in is Lord Marl. He came in like he owned the place and sat down on the sofa without a single worry.

I suddenly felt my mood worsen because of the attitude he was taking with my dad.

My dad talked in a polite manner, but this guy just talks like he looks down on my dad.

I felt a nauseating sensation from looking at him as well.

But is the person in front me actually the person my dad was talking about? I thought of someone like the prince, but this guy is way too different from what I’ve heard.

I thought of a person that looked like your basic version of a good looking man who had everything, you know like Jotaro Kujo.

Tlnote: just google Jojo anime because apparently there is a singer with that name. he is the first guy you see.

But this creature in front is really that Lord Marl. He had the face of two pigs and looked like he had several pigs inside his stomach. My dad said he was intelligent, but from what I see, I would be glad if he could do 1+1.

That guy is Jotaro Kujo. I really hope that this is a prank made by the real Marl to tease my dad.

Did my dad somehow increase his image of Marl in his mind because of fear?

I kind of somehow understand that.

“ Toral, you haven’t changed.” (Marl)

“Lord Marl has not changed at all too.” (Toral)

Oh it was my dad’s weird imagination.

There is no way in hell that this guy was popular with the girls.

“Sorry, but I would like to hurry this up and ask you something.” (Marl)

“No I do not mind at all. What is it that you want to ask?”(Toral)

Marl sat like he owned everything in my domain and kept up with the rude attitude.

I felt more angered and irritated by them every passing minute he has been here.

“Toral your domain has been prosperous lately hasn’t it?” (Marl)

“Yes, thanks to our reforms.” (Toral)

“Yes, because of those reforms, many of my workers have left and traveled here, thus the taxes I receive have been decreased as well.”(Marl)

“Well, yes that is what has happened.” (Toral)

“ I want you to compensate me by giving me money or by giving me workers from your domain.” (Marl)

“ That is not possible. The kingdom does not allow that, and movement of citizens is not enforced by capital law.” (Toral)

“ Then just hand over the money and I will leave.” (Marl)

I was listening from behind my father, but he was just talking crap.

From what I heard from Iris, the tax is really heavy in his domain, so people moving to my domain is only natural considering the low taxes and favorable job opportunities.

A lord is supposed to satisfy the people and keep his domain prosperous, but this pig acts like he’s the victim instead.

No from his attitude, he knows what is happening in his domain, and just acts like nothing’s wrong.

I understand that my father had given into a lot of his demands before, but it is not going to happening this time .

“Oink, oink, oink, You sure say a lot selfish things as a pig.” (Kururi)

I am already at the end of my rope with this guy. I thought originally that it would be a very civil and respectful conversation, but his attitude and selfishness, and more than anything else the way he is looking down on my dad. I just can’t stand this kind of thing.

“What are you speaking about? Toral get him out of here. Outsiders should know their place.” (Marl)

“My name is Kururi Helan, and I am the next lord of this domain and son of Toral Helan. I am in no way an outsider.”

“Toral, control your child.” (Marl)

“Kururi…” (Toral)

“Dad please be silent right now, I will deal with him. Count Marl, what you are saying is impossible and will never stand. Please leave this instance.” (Kururi)

“Nope, that is not happening. My domain has suffered due your domain being better, thus you must compensate me.” (Marl)

“Then for compensation for the damages, I will let you take 10 watermelons back with you. (Kururi)

“ That is not enough for compensation!”(Marl)

“Oh, 15 then, but other than 15 watermelons, you will not be leaving with anything else.” (Kururi)

“Amazing, I am really troubled now.” (Marl)

Marl was stroking his chin.

Did he really think I would accept that kind of demand?

It was nice to have my father as your classmates wasn’t it.

But now there is me, thus you shall not pass anymore.

“Toral, convince you foolish son already.” (Marl)

“Kururi…” (Toral)

“What are you afraid of dad? You should be kicking his ass, not giving into his demands. You are in the right here dad, no matter what anyone says.” (Kururi)

I tell dad to get rid of Marl confidently because we are in the right.

“Toral!!” (Marl)

“Dad!” (Kururi)

My father kept his head down and didn’t look like he was going to answer, but this was fine with me.

No reply here means he agrees with my point of getting them out of here.

Afterwards, I will forcibly make him leave.

“Toral, you have always been like that. Always keeping quiet at tough times. I will ask again, is your answer to my request no?” (Marl)

“No, we will not give in to your demands.” (Kururi)

Count Marl glares at me and I glare back.

If I give up here and look away, then I will lose.

“Well then, let me change the way I am asking. I am going to call senior Deauville here.” (Marl)

“What! Ayan Deauville?” (Toral)

There was no way I did not know the name Ayan Deauville.

The prime minster of the country.

His power over the country could be only rivaled by the king’s.

But in actuality, his power is definitely greater than king’s due to his connections, and he is also Eliza’s father.

In the original game work, he is dismissed due to fraud being discovered by the prince but right now he is safe.

The prime minister is his senior!?

“Toral, because your son provoked me, I will now have to involve someone else for you to take it seriously.” (Marl)

“Deauville…” (Toral)

My dad face turned pale from the fright he was given.

“Toral, let me inform your idiot son of our relationship. Deauville senior and I have been friends since school days, I am loved by him and have been close to him even now after our graduation.” (Marl)

I see the pig face smile while I feel a cold sweat roll down my neck. The momentum completely changed to his direction, and what’s more annoying is that he thinks that he is still better than us.

“ I had only plan on asking for a little money from your father but seeing your attitude boy, I have changed my mind. I will ask senior Deauville to help take this entire domain secretly from you people.” (Marl)

He made a sick laugh that seemed like it could only come from a pig.

From my dad face, I can tell that this story is true, and this man does have connections with the prime minister.

Was Eliza’s dad being used for this kind of thing why he got dismissed?

What are you doing future father-in-law.

Crap, I have nothing that can oppose the prime minister, so the only outcome is of him winning.

I have the card of the future queen, but she is not the queen now, and I am not even sure she will even become the queen in future anymore.

“I apologize for taking an impolite attitude, but I do not want to call the Prime Minister …. I apologize, so please.” (Kururi)

“No, no, I don’t understand you apology, are not you offering money?” (Marl)

“We will deliver special products etc. as much as possible, although our territory is prospering, we cannot afford to spare any money, please forgive me.” (Kururi)

“Kid, you really are stupid aren’t you. You understand nothing, he is exactly your son Toral. Stupid just like you were in school, the complete and utter genes of a fool in him!” (Marl)

He is just saying whatever he wants, this is the first time in my entire life that I had to swallow something like this but I have no choice.

Although I don’t think this will work, I will be bothered if you call the prime minister.

I just started to bring back the domain, there is no extra money after I just put in the reforms.

I have bow my head to protect my domain.

“ Please, I am very sorry but do not call the prime minister, or asks for money.” (Kururi)

I am desperate and have nothing else left to play, please let this work.

“You really are fool. I will not listen to a kid, I am going to call senior Deauville! Hahahahahahahahahaha.” (Marl)

Is it no good?

I ruined our domain with my foolish act.

I truly did not know anything.

“Kururi…” (Toral)

I heard my father call my name and when I looked at him, I could see in his eyes that he was angry.

“Kururi, there is no need to apologize.” (Toral)

“But, dad” (Kururi)

My dad stood in front of Marl.

“Count Marl…. No you stupid pig” (Toral)

“huh, what is it?” (Marl)

I almost couldn’t hear what my father had said to him.

He called him a stupid pig, my dad to his mortal enemy?

“ I will take as much abuse you can throw at me, but I will not allow you to insult my brilliant son!!!. Take this you stupid pig!!!” (Toral)

Immediately as he was screaming this, my dad punches the chin of Marl.

Marl gets hit hard and falls off the chair.

“Toral, you!!!” (Marl)

Marl got a good punch to the chin. I didn’t know my father had it in him.

“Listen you stupid pig!! Call the prime minister or the king! Once you do we will fully declare war on you!” (Toral)

“ I told you through discussion Toral. You will regret this.” (Marl)

“I can’t understand your stupid pig language, now leave my domain at once.” (Toral)

“Toral, you bastard, there is no going back after this!” (Marl)

“ I do not plan on going back. If you don’t leave soon, I will order the guards to kill you!” (Toral)

“heee.” (Marl)

After the exchange, Marl ran out to his carriage like a scared pig.

As I approached my father, his body was shaking a little.

My cowardly father did well, for his foolish son.

“Dad, you were cool.” (Kururi)

“right?” (Toral)

In that way I grasped the shivering hands of my dad and gave him a thumbs up.

“… Kururi, what shall I do?” (Toral)

After the awake mode was over, he went back to my usual lovable father.

This is better, I like this one more.

Somehow I think so.

“Leave it to me afterwards” (Kururi)

I told my father with smile.


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