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Botsuraku Youtei Nanode Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
Author :CK
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Chapter 3-8


I read a lot of complaints and discussion on the actions of our MC. so I will tell now a perfectly good reason why he does not realise the cards in his hands.

He does not consider them to be cards, he only considers them to be friends and nothing more, he can asks for favours but does not want them to get involve in his troubles and bring them to ruin as well with him. though I don’t know why the author can possibly think the 2 princes can be brought to ruin but this is the main reason.

Kururi does not realise the cards because he does no consider them to be cards. we as readers have read way too many novels and stories where the MC is not pure or innocent to a fault. Kururi as a thought back to himself in C4 had said it, that he is innocent and pure, this event will allow him to realise his inability to act or understand and how foolish he was.

This will the only chapter released today

Thank you to Rin for editing this chapter


Oh yea forgot, Finally best girl is here.


I coolly told my father to leave it me, but I cannot think of anything at all.
Coming up with measures to counter someone like the prime minster is hard, and my head just stopped thinking completely.

To escape reality, I invited Vain to fish with me.

“What’s wrong?” (Vain)
“Oh, nothing is wrong. Do you see something wrong?” (Kururi)
“I do — it’s like the time with Iris” (Vain)
Oh, he got it right.

Iris and I both have been having a terrible summer vacation.
The thought of the Prime minster coming made my stomach hurt.

It’s only on this kind of day that the fish seem to bite.

“Got another bite.” (Kururi)
“ Another one? That’s the fifth one.” (Vain)

I didn’t remember being this good at fishing.
Do the fish see me deep in thought and think, ‘Oh, he is not paying attention. It is time to get the food’.
I am looking since I came here to fish.

“Oh, another bite.” (Kururi)
“Again?” (Vain)
I am overwhelming the nature kid Vain.
What is it, I wonder; I have been having good luck with winning against strong people.

I sure have, haven’t I?
But this time I do not feel like celebrating victories.
It is not like I celebrate victories all the time.
Going fishing was to escape the looming reality.
In the end, I caught 10 fish.

The day of judgement finally came.
Me and my dad — both of us — our stomachs were in a bad condition on that day.

Since I did not want to cause trouble for Iris and Vain, I told Lotson to take them to another town away from the mansion.

The servant told us, father and son, that the guests have arrived. This sentence felt like a death sentence to this father-son combo.

And, finally, the prime minster walked into the room.

The person had a very slender body and had sharp eyes like Eliza. They are, after all, parent and daughter.

He was a very attractive person, and, now that he had aged quite well, I could say with full confidence that he was an “elderly dandy” kind of person.

The person behind him was Marl. His arrival just ruined the atmosphere in the room. He was rubbing his hands together like a merchant making a sale. He did not have the same attitude as before, but his face was still the same pig face.

“Welcome. Please, have a seat.” (Toral)
Both of them sat down before my dad finished speaking.

Eliza’s dad had a big attitude, but had elegance as well. He did not make me feel uncomfortable at all.
Marl was grinning like hell, and was inelegant as usual.

“Toral Helan, it has been awhile, hasn’t it? We have met several times in the capital, but this is the first time we have spoken face to face since school, isn’t it?” (Ayan)
“Yes. Deauville-sama did speak to me a few times when I was at school, but, otherwise, we saw each other at school.” (Toral)
My dad got completely absorbed by the atmosphere and gave them the upper-hand.
Though, it is not like I could say anything either. I was also absorbed by the atmosphere and did the same thing. We may already be losing this battle.

At this rate, we will agree to anything they say.

“However, when I see the domain of your Toral, it is beautiful like always. The reforms and advancement you have made as lord of this domain are truly impressive. You are the perfect example of what a lord should be and one I would like to have the other lords follow in example.” (Ayan)

“Oh, no, I have done almost nothing. My son is the one leading the reforms and advancements in our domain. He truly is the jewel of my heart.” (Toral)
“Oh, is that so? Is the person next to you, your son…? Kururi was it?” (Ayan)
“Yes, I am Kururi Helan, your excellency.” (Kururi)

Due to him suddenly addressing me, I accidently named myself.
He is glaring at me for some reason.

He continued to glare at me. If glaring at me is going to change your mind, please continue.
But if it will not change your mind, please stop. My stomach is starting to hurt.

“My daughter Eliza and Kururi are classmates. Thus, I have heard a lot about him.” (Ayan)

He heard a lot from Eliza….Oh, we lost.
So he heard about that incident huh?

Well, our family is done for now. I truly sorry dad!

“Um, senior can you please move on to the main topic?” (Marl)

Marl changed the topic back to the main event.

I swear to god, when I get the chance, I will make him rue this day.
I had that kind of feeling coursing through my veins.

“Oh, yes, I am not that free right now. I would like to bathe in your famous hot springs, but I still have work to do in the capital.” (Ayan)
“The main point?” (Toral)

My dad and I gulped.
‘It’s okay, that is why I became a blacksmith. It was because I was expecting us to fall ruin, so I aimed to become a blacksmith.
I can feed my family as a blacksmith.’ With this kind of thinking, I was able to keep calm.

“ I heard that you hit my junior the other day, Toral.” (Ayan)
“Yes, I am very sorry for that. I am reflecting on that.” (Toral)
My dad got up and bowed his head to Ayan. Upon seeing my dad like that, I also bowed my head to him.

“Now, now, do not be violent Toral, you are not young anymore. We all are from the same school and know each very well. Sometimes it is fine to settle things in a fight, but those kind of days are over now.” (Ayan)
“Yes, it is as you say.” (Toral)
“ Yes, the times of when we were students have been long over now. If I could talk with my fist right now, I would, but since we are all in positions of power, we must take care to not create conflict between us. Now, please apologize to Marl and pay for the medical expenses. (Ayan)
“Yes, Lord Marl, my son and I are very sorry for what happened the other day, and will pay for the medical expenses.”
“Good. That is the right attitude to take with me. Now, since it was just one punch we will let bygones be bygones.”

Marl, the pig, is grinning, because he is currently standing beside a lion.
The fact that I have to lower my head to this guy is disgusting, but if it saves my family, I will do it.

It is frustrating, but I lower my head hoping this is all it will take to appease the prime minster.

“Since Toral has apologized, we are done with this case right Marl?” (Ayan)
“Yes, senior you are always so dependable” (Marl)

Marl rubs his hands again. I hope he burns his fingerprints off.

“Ok, so I will now go back to the capital Marl.” (Ayan)
The prime minster gets up and claps his hands to signal that the discussion was over.
He really is light isn’t
his hands are….. [Ed. Note: ??]

“EHHHHHHH!!!!!” (Marl) (Toral) (kururi)

All three of us voiced a question.
the three other people in the room, Marl, dad and even me.

We were all surprised by the statement the prime minster said.
The question all of us had was the same:

We are done? This is all we had to do?

The first to voice a complaint was the culprit of the this incident, Marl.

“Senior, what do you mean, ‘the end’?” (Marl)
“Yes, we are done here. There is nothing left to do, so I will go back to the capital.” (Ayan)
“Why? This discussion is not over yet, senior. If it ends here, then my having called on you would be meaningless.” (Marl)
“What is it now? You already received a sincere apology from Toral. Are we not done here?” (Ayan)
“ No, senior. I never cared about the apology. I do not care for honor or things like that. I only care for….” (Marl)
Marl stopped speaking as the expression on Ayan Deauville changed.

The atmosphere in the room changed completely to an atmosphere filled with hostility and anger.
As expected of the person who climbed up to the highest position a person can attain without being royalty.

The atmosphere created by him caused all three of us to stop moving.

“Think of my position.” (Ayan)
“Your position — are you not the highest ranked person in the kingdom aside from the king, himself?”
“No, there is someone higher” (Ayan)

He pointed his index finger skyward.

Ayan Deauville made a very stern face and made Marl shut up completely.
The prime minster leaves the room with long and beautiful strides. A servant of ours leads him outside.
Marl, since he could not do anything anymore leaves as well.

Me and my dad stared at the door for a while.

We both felt as though storm came and left without doing any damage at all.
We looked at each other and began laughing our heads off in relief.

“Do you want go see them off?” (Toral)
I agreed with my dad’s idea and went to see them off.

When I left the mansion, both carriages had already left. I went to a place where I could see both carriages still and, thus, see them off.
It seems that we, father and son, are more alike than I thought.

“They have gone.”(Toral)
“Yup.” (Kururi)
“Do you think the domain is safe?” (Toral)
“Yes, I think so.” (Kururi)
“Kururi, can I go relax at the hot springs?”(Toral)
“Yes. Of course, dad.”

This time I see my dad off in his carriage, and breathed another sigh of relief.

As I was returning to the mansion, I saw a figure of person who should not be here in the garden.
She had beautiful hair, and was the pinnacle of beauty itself.
She had tough eyes that I found cute in contrast to her appearance.
She waved at me as I went to her.

“Eliza.” (Kururi)
“Long time no see.” (Eliza)


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