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Botsuraku Youtei Nanode Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
Author :CK
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Chapter 3-9


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Now that I think about it, the Prime Minister said something.
Something about where he had to think of his position and there was a person above the king.
But in this country, there would be nobody higher than the king objectively.

“Eliza, did you help me by saying something to your father?” (Kururi)
“Oh, I did nothing to help you.” (Eliza)
“Did you perhaps say something about the Helan domain?”
“Oh my, now what would that be?” (Eliza)
She said with obvious mischief in her smile. Yup, she did something.

“Well, I will leave at that…but thank you very much Eliza you saved me.” (Kururi)
“Oh my, were you in trouble of some kind, I just wanted to visited a friend during summer vacation.” (Eliza)
“Well, then milady, will you allow me to escort you around my beautiful domain?” (Kururi)
“Yes, thank you very much.” (Eliza)

I took the hand of Eliza like it was natural and showed her the way into the mansion.
I screamed “Kyaa~!” in my heart after thinking of my actions, but I calmed myself down very quickly.
My mood was great now and I did not want to make a big deal out of this.
By the way, holding hands is allowed in our society.

I invited Eliza into the mansion and showed her the garden. I told her to wait a bit while I went to get a watermelon.

I cut the watermelon in half and then again in half to make 4 pieces in front of her.
I sat directly next to Eliza and gave her a piece of the watermelon.

“What is this?” (Eliza)
“This is a watermelon, a fresh fruit and it is quite tasty too.” (Kururi)
“Wow, how unusual.” (Eliza)
She said so, but then she quickly takes a bite of it.

“Amazing, this is quite delicious.”
I saw her smile. I saw her beautiful smile with my eyes.

“I know, right?” (Kururi)
I also took a bite of the watermelon and eat it. It’s sweet and juicy.
“By the way, what should I do with the seeds?” (Eliza)
“Oh that, you do this.” (Kururi)
I started to shoot the seeds out of my mouth.

Only someone who is a pro, like me, could shoot the seed that far and hide it in a bush.

“This is the proper way to enjoy a watermelon.” (Kururi)
“Um…isn’t that quite vulgar?” (Eliza)
Now that she said it, I did feel it was quite vulgar.

“Certainly, I don’t expect a proper lady like Eliza to do this action.” (Kururi)

Then I heard the sound of a seed shooting next to me while I was saying that.

“Yes Eliza! That is the proper way to eat and enjoy a watermelon!!” (Kururi)
“Do I get a passing mark?” (Eliza)

“110/100 points, I think that went further than mine.” (Kururi)
“Is it better to go far?” (Eliza)
“Its best if you can hide in a bush while getting it far.” (Kururi)
She laughed when I said that.
When I looked at her in a glance, I realized she truly is beautiful and she becomes especially beautiful when she laughs.
Her lips that are wet from the watermelon are truly beautiful more than anything….

I pretended to take another piece of watermelon while secretly glancing at her.
Yup, she truly is beautiful.

[TLnote: you thought he was gonna kiss her but it was actually a feint.]

I think this the first time Eliza and I are talking like this. There is nobody else home right now; it’s only just the two of us.

No, no, no. Don’t let wicked thoughts in your head.

[TLnote: no go for it idiot]

“But even though shooting the seed is fun, I feel that if it didn’t exist we could eat the fruit more luxuriously.” (Eliza)
“Yes, but I feel that it might be a bit lonely if I did that.”
“Oh is that so? Well, I think eliminating hindrances will be more fun.”(Eliza)
Oh. I just got a chill in my back.

“Are you going to be here for a while?” (Kururi)
“No, sadly, I can only stay here for today.” (Eliza)
“Then let me show you around my domain, I have many more beautiful things to show you.” (Kururi)
“Yes, lets, that sounds fun.”

We finish eating the watermelon and prepared to head out and tour the domain.

But before we go, I want to introduce Moran to Eliza.

We saw Moran in the library and said hello.

“This is old man Moran. Moran this is Eliza Deauville, a friend from school and someone who is visiting the Domain for today.” (Kururi)
“Hello, it is very nice to meet you. I am Eliza Deauville.” (Eliza)
Eliza bows, in a very beautiful way, and greets Moran.

“Well, well, well, quite the beautiful little girl came to visit this old man.” (Moran)
Moran raised his head from the book he was reading and greeted us.

“Moran here knows a lot of things and has taught me a lot of things as well when I was little. I bothered him a lot but he put up with it.” (Kururi)
“No young master, you were no trouble at all, in fact you were much as little girl.” (Moran)
“Moran has a way with words which cause him to age every time he says them, Moran you should really watch out, you don’t have that long left.” (Kururi)
“As expected of Young master, what a way with words, you have the most poisonous tongue in the entire country. But young master please do not worry this old man will not die until he fulfills his ambitions.” (Moran)
Moran then hits his chest, showing that he is still fine.
From what I see this old man will still live until 200.
Thinking of such things, I felt relieved.

“The elder must watch out and not work very hard.” (Eliza)
He was also told by Eliza to take it easy.
“Yes, it is exactly as you easy Miss Eliza. Such a sensible and brilliant woman must marry to our great Helan domain.” (Moran)
Eliza shies away while Moran is laughing.

It seems that the two get along greatly.
In just a few minutes, they both started to bond and talk about daily life.
Although Eliza looks unapproachable, it seems that to Moran she looks like a normal girl and someone who he could talk to normally. It was surprising.

We both left old man Moran and are now going to Donga.
We only rode one horse, Eliza in the front while I am in the back holding the reins. We sat like I was embracing her.

I was quite excited.
She smelled really nice, and her hair felt silky smooth.

“Master, your favorite disciple has returned to visit.” (Kururi)
“Go back, fool!!” (Donga)
“I will not go back! Eliza, this is my master who taught me how to smith and weld. He is obediently obstinate like he looks.”(Kururi)
“Ha, I can see that.” (Eliza)
Eliza seems to be convinced by my words.
Master as usual is working hard.

“Hey, stupid disciple, come in already. Do you want something to eat?” (Donga)
“Eliza, you see the technique he used there is called ‘Tsundere’.” (Kururi)
“Tsundere?” (Eliza)
“Yes ‘Tsundere’. This is a high level technique that requires a lot of courage and will to pull off. This technique involves being cold to someone while, at the next instant, be nice as well. He has been like that since forever and dotes on me a lot.” (Kururi)
“Hehe. Yes, I feel that.” (Eliza)
“Shut up, just come in already!” (Donga)

We entered the room and ate the sweets he gave us.
I am welcomed here like usual. Master really dotes on me.
“Is this your fiancée?” (Donga)
Eliza again shies away and Master seeing her act that, smiles.

“Well, I don’t know anything about noble tradition but I also got married pretty young. So if you need anything for the wedding, say it.” (Donga)
“Yes, I will think about it in the future.” (Kururi)
“Besides, the girl that you have right there is beautiful. I think she will make a very good bride and mother. If you have kids in the future, remember to show them to me.” (Donga)
“Yes, master.” (Kururi)
Somehow my meeting with master became something like ‘presenting my future wife to my parents’ kind of thing. I quickly got out of my master’s place before he could say something else like that.
Eliza is still acting shyly from the earlier conversation.
As expected, my master is still quite lively.

I took Eliza to the hot springs. I led her to the very special one, where the spring is surrounded by the flower garden. We quickly moved over there.

As soon as I got to the hot spring, I saw my dad there with a bottle of the highest priced sake in hand.

“Dad, you come to this hot spring?” (Kururi)
“Oh, Kururi! Yeah, this one is the best. I am quite relieved now. Huh, that girl…Is that my daughter?” (Toral)
My dad pointed his finger at Eliza without knowing that she is the daughter of the person he almost peed his pants against.
Haha, let me drop a little rain on my dad parade.

“Here is the Prime Minister’s daughter, Eliza Deauville.” (Kururi)
“Oh, you… Ayan-sama’s daughter? How rude of me. It is a pleasure to meet you.”(Toral)
My father bowed to Eliza and shook her hand.
Strange, my father’s stomach is not hurting right now. Why!?
My totally weak dad has absolutely no caution towards Eliza.
Rather he seems to get along with her just fine.

Eliza and my dad spoke for a while and then he went back to the mansion.

Eliza and I went inside the hot springs.

I am alone in the men’s bath thinking of what happened today.
Although the meeting with the Prime minister was tough, I am glad I got to see Eliza again. Seeing her ability to adapt to all the people she met was amazing.

I think she may have liked it. Meeting old man Moran, my master and even father, who I expected to say his stomach hurt, was fine with meeting her.

Really, if this keeps up, I think we will be married by the end of the day. Well, I will still be fine with it because Eliza is both nice and beautiful. So if I could marry her, I think I would be incredibly blessed.
I started to get dizzy from the heat of the bath and got out. [EDnote: Dude, you aren’t even official yet.]

I am waiting for Eliza in the longue.
She looked sexier now compared to before.
Eliza wiping her hair with the towel was especially erotic.

“Oh, hey, Eliza how was the hot spring?” (Kururi)
All of a sudden, I felt nervous.
“It was wonderful. There is still the fragrance of flowers on my body.” (Eliza)
No, you are the most wonderful thing in this world. I don’t have the courage to say that.
She was still wiping her hair with the towel. I looked at her with my gentleman eyes.
No wait, right now would be my perverted eyes.

“Do you want something to drink?” (Kururi)
“Yes, that would be great. Can I have some cold tea?” (Eliza)
I gave her the cold tea and she immediately drank it.
It seemed she was really thirsty.
The sweat flowing form her neck and the tea dripping down from her mouth was all beautiful and vivid.
I fought the impulse to touch her hair many times right now.
Stop it mind!!!

Before I noticed it, I watched her drinking the tea to the end.

“Please do not stare so much.” (Eliza)
I was told to do that.
Dude how old are you? Keep yourself in check already.
What? Have you never seen such a beautiful girl before?
I wonder, what Eliza thinks of me? Just thinking of that makes me depressed.

“Thanks to you I was able to spend a wonderful day today.” (Eliza)
Eliza who finished her tea started talking.
“Did you like my domain?” (Kururi)
“Yes, it was very beautiful.(Eliza)
“Everyone also loved Eliza.”(Kururi)
“It was pleasure to meet them.” (Eliza)
“Eliza, if you ever have time, please come again. I know everyone will be delighted to meet you.”(Kururi)
“Yes, I will definitely come again.” (Eliza)

By the time we got out of the hot springs, it was time for Eliza to return to the capital.
I felt sad at that fact. I saw Eliza off in her carriage and then quietly went home myself.

In this one day, Eliza and I went around the Domain. I had a lot of fun.
Now that it was over, I wondered why I did all that today.

I wondered why I showed all the people that taught me and cared for over years to her.
It was strange, but it felt good as well.

Eliza looked happy today and that is all that matters to me.
In this hot summer day, I made some good memories .


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