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Botsuraku Youtei Nanode Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
Author :CK
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Chapter 3-10


I will tell you now that I post this and not 9 yet is because 9 is long and such the edit is taking longer than this chapter

Secondly: This chapter and past have complete and utter no relation to each other, like you could their are so unrelated that if someone new who did know about the events of the past two chapters they would think this is the next chapter

Thanks you perp ya for editing the chapter

Edit: Hey guys bear with me for 7 hours I will fix this chap as soon as I get to a computer or do guys what me to remove this post and then just wait until I fixed it?

Edit: 2 got to a computer

Blacksmith V3 C10

According to the reports from the people, the monsters in the domain have increased. I used to get the knights or mercenaries to subdue the monsters but now that I have a party of the best people, let’s go kick ass.

Iris has finally calmed down after the incident with Lotson. It will not be problem for her and I think it will be better for her to move her body.

Vain will come to join with force, no doubt about that.

I took both of them out to the forest to clear the monsters.

“Well since we are a party of 3, let’s decide the positions.” (Kururi)
“I will be the vanguard.” (Vain)
Vain is totally on board and ready.
Vain is swinging his sword, looking all refreshed.

Well with Vain in the front there will be no problems.
He is good with both defense and offense.

“Does Iris want to be in the front or back?” (Kururi)
“I also want to be in the vanguard.” (Iris)
“Ok, then I will take the back and support you guys.” (Kururi)

Iris contrary to her appearance is a battle maniac; she can take any position in battle. Since she wants to be in the front then I will let her.

“Shall we go?” (Kururi)

As soon as we entered the forest, we felt a weird pressure.

“The forest is filled with malice….When this kind of thing happens; it usually means that a lot of monsters are here.” (Vain)
If it is Vain who loves to kill monster the one saying it, then there is no doubt it is true.

I get ready for the battle to start at any time.

The three of us proceeded slowly through the forest.

There were 3 goblins in front of Vain when he said those words.

“I will head out first and then Iris will cover the area to catch any that escape, while Kururi will be ready with magic to help anyone at any time if something happens.” (Vain)
“If something happens” is like when someone is going to be killed, I do not want that to happen.

When the goblins notice us, they charge at us simultaneously.

Vain swings his sword downwards and kills one of them. Another one is rushing him and tries to thrust at him.
The third one is after Iris.

I also prepared some magic just in case something happens.
Vain will be fine but Iris is the one I am worried about.

I am keeping an eye on both but Vain as expected killed the second one in one blow as well.
This is good, now I can focus on support for Iris.
The goblin swung the club at Iris. Iris dodged the club and cut off the head of the goblin.
“I did not know you were married!!!!” (Iris)

The head of the goblin flew off, but more importantly looks like she still hasn’t let that go. I know that you feel upset but there is no reason to take it out on the goblin.

“Iris, are you Ok?” (Kururi)
“Wow, that helped me a lot, where is the next one.” (Iris)

Um…that is not proper.
Oh, I get it; it’s like going to the batting centre on the way back after you got your heart crushed.

Tlnote: Japan has batting centre around almost every block, it is a successful business, most of the customers are said to be in high school, when they took a poll of why they go there, second top answer was I just got heart broken.

We kept travelling from one end of the forest to the other end.
We are not injured or fatigued so we could keep going right?
Well this saves on taxes because it costs one gold to hire people to expel the monsters. So as lord of the domain I am quite happy.

“It’s a ghoul!” (Vain)
I get ready immediately from Vain’s warning.

“What should we do? Do we fight or run away?” (Vain)
Vain asked the question, while assessing our abilities and the ghoul’s abilities.
Ghouls are very dangerous, thus we would not know if we can beat it. It is not an opponent we can’t beat but it has a poison which is dangerous.

“I have brought an antidote for the poison but I do not want to use it as it may come in handy later, what do you guys think we should do?”(Kururi)

“Let’s kill it” (Iris)
Iris said with passion to kill it, I get that you are upset but please don’t try to get us killed.

“Ok but even if there is an antidote, be careful.” (Kururi)
“Yup” (Iris)
“Ok, so I will deal with its attacks and Iris, when you see an opening, attack it. Kururi prepare to run if something happens.” (Vain).

We move according to Vain’s words and take it one step at a time.

Vain blocks the Ghoul’s attack with his sword, Iris saw that the ghoul has stopped moving and charged at it quickly and I prepare to cast magic to help at any point.

Iris’s sword made the ghoul’s head fly; a counter to this move is unlikely from the ghoul.

“Don’t be so nice if you have a wife!!!” (Iris)

Iris…you are still on it.
But Lotson is nice to everyone not just you.

“Iris, the Ghoul is still alive!!” (Kururi)
Iris hearing my warning looks behind and cuts the ghoul at the torso point.

“What was that smile you had all the time!!” (Iris)

When she said that, the Ghoul finally stopped moving.

Ah yes, she is remembering the fun times isn’t she?
Iris, stop taking it out on the monsters.

Ah this is similar to that isn’t it? a tavern where you let out all your feelings when you are drunk.

“Well, let’s go on” (Iris)
“Yes, Let’s go ahead”(Kururi)
Before I noticed Iris started to lead while Vain was in the middle and me at the back.
It must have accumulated a lot, the stress of a broken heart.

“Hey, something really big is coming.”(Vain)
When we went pretty deep into the forest, there was another warning from Vain.

“This is bad, let’s hide.”(Vain)
Following what Vain said, we hide behind the trees.

“What is it?” (Kururi)
“It’s an Orc”(Vain)
“an Orc!” (Kururi)
An Orc is bad news, they are superior to humans in strength and have defense to boost that as well.
They are also smart and quick on their feet despite their appearance.
It is not an opponent we can take down half-heartedly, also we may not be able to run away if things turn bad.
Vain said it also has an ax with it, this will be very difficult.

“It is a very dangerous opponent, I think we should head back for now.” (Vain)
“What, will we be hiring people?” (Kururi)
My head was doing the calculations and it says we should hunt it!

“So what should we do?” (Kururi)
“Let’s kill it!” (Iris)
Yes! Iris to the rescue, I really need to save money.

“Ok….As with the battle with the Ghoul, I will block it, Iris will attack as soon as there is an opening and Kururi will attack with magic if there is a good moment.” (Vain)
“Yup” (Iris)
“All right” (Kururi)

We found the orc and followed behind it, it was 3 meters tall and considering the Orcs in general, this one was small.
But even so, it’s still not a problem if it does not notice us. I will try to kill it with one blow from my magic.

The Orc is still not looking at us. Although Vain’s plan is good, let’s not take the risk of us getting hurt. I will finish it with one blow.

I used a large fire magic and caused the Orc’s body to burn, it notices us and charges at us.
The Orc has incredible momentum in its charge.

Even though the Orc is charging, Vain tried to tackle it but was sent flying back.

Our Vanguard went down in the first hit. Did that thing just send Vain flying 5 meters?

Since the Orc is still alive, we did not take our eyes off it. I confirm with a glance to the side that Vain was injured but fine enough to get up.

Iris charged at the Orc and they exchanged blows. Iris using her small body dodged the Orc’s axe but she cannot keep it up forever.
The Orc’s movements are getting faster and faster, as expected it is a very difficult opponent.

Iris bought enough time for me to cast another spell.
I cast a new spell at his feet and the change could be seen already.

I cast an ice spell and it erodes the Orc’s speed down.
By the time the Orc noticed the ice, it was already at his waist.

From my ice spell, the movements of the Orc have slowed down completely until it could not move anymore.
When the ice reached the Orc’s arms, Iris took the chance to stab into the heart of the Orc, ending the battle.
Iris did not want to make the same mistake as with the ghoul and slashed off the Orc’s head.

“Good-bye, My first love!!!” (Iris)

Iris even at this stage, you are still dragging it.
I do get it but stop already.

We breathed a breath of relief and went to Vain. Apparently all he had was a light bruise.
“careless” (Vain)
Vain, it could not be helped; the other party was strong.

Iris wiped off her sweat and said

“Man, I hated the Orc’s face. This was quite refreshing right?” (Iris)

Oh I get it, it’s like when a girl with a broken heart comes to a girls night out and then starts to bad mouth some other guy. I understand.

Tlnote: I don’t know why he knows this many situations, but this is from Idolm@ster I know that.

Afterwards, we subdued more monsters and then went back home.


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