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Botsuraku Youtei Nanode Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
Author :CK
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Chapter 3-11


I am sorry for not posting yesterday, but to make it up I am going to post two I want to catch up by end of the month and will do it

I have kept my promise and will catch up in about 8 chapters so 4 days of 2 chapters

Thank you Annie for editing the chapter


Blacksmith V3 C11

From then on, the domain was peaceful and we spent the rest of the summer heat in a relaxed mood.
However, now vacation is over and school resumes.

This summer seemed both short and long with many twists and turns, but coming back to school feels exciting.
I went to my room in the dorm after a long time and felt strange.
It felt both nostalgic and refreshing.

It is a very nice room.
There was a lot of space and it was sunny, with a good looking guy in the corner.
This place is comfortable…..

“Hey, why are you here?” (Kururi)
For some reason, Rail was in my room.
Why is he here?

Where did he get the keys?
Why is he drinking tea and reading a book?
Why, huh! Is it because we kind of look alike?

“What do you mean why, are we not in a relationship?” (Rail)
“What kind of relationship are you talking about?” (Kururi)
“We have already done it though.” (Rail)
“No, we have not done it.” (Kururi)

Why is it Rail again? Man, this is very stressful!!

“Well, let’s leave the jokes for later, I came because I was the only one you did not invite to your domain.” (Rail)
“What. If you want to come, just come.”(Kururi)
“I know that Arc went to your place.” (Rail)
“Yes, he came.” (Kururi)
“Eliza also went to your domain.” (Rail)
“Yes, thankfully she came.” (Kururi)
“Why did you not call me?” (Rail)

Annoying, so annoying.
You know what is the most annoying? His face that is making a sad expression.

“Really, why did you come to my room?” (Kururi)
“Oh, there was no matter other than that.” (Rail)

Oh, right. It’s Rail. Of course there was nothing else.
Man am I surprised that Rail somehow got to my room before me.
Really astounding. Wow!

“Even though you had no other things to discuss, you snuck into my room for fun?” (Kururi)
“That’s right.” (Rail)

Man this person is really scary

Rail starts to gaze into my eyes.
That face, it’s that face that is the scariest.

“Go back if you have nothing else.” (Kururi)
“Eh?!” (Rail)
“What do you mean “Eh?!”, why are you still here?” (Kururi)
“Because.” (Rail)
“No, you are not cute, so just go back.” (Kururi)

He did not go back and kept asking me questions.
He somehow turned this into an interrogation and also touched my butt many times.
I don’t know if his actions were conscious or by reflex, but I am not a homosexual, so I am not amused by this.

While the interrogation was still going on, Vain came into the room.
There was knock when he came in, but when did this become normal?

Tlnote: watch he is so gonna walk into Eliza changing because he did not knock.

“Vain, can you help me out here? Kururi wants to kick me out of his room and is using force.” (Rail)
“The only thing using force is your hand on my butt, let go of my butt.” (Kururi)
Vain doesn’t help but instead says to just try to keep thing in moderation and sits on a chair.

What the hell do you mean by keep things in moderation?
What the hell are you telling me to keep in moderation, son of a great person?

Vain is now just sitting there waiting for someone. Obviously, he is waiting for Cross.

Tlnote: I like the name Cross better so I am going to stick with Cross instead of Crossy

“It has been a while; you didn’t met Cross the entire vacation right?” (Kururi)
“Oh yeah.” (Vain)
It was a monotonous reply but I know that he is looking forward to meeting Cross since his legs are twitching.

Seriously Cross, come already.
I miss you too!

“Well since it is going to get quite lively in here, I will stay as well.” (Rail)

While getting confused by my conversation with Vain, Rail took the chance to sit next to him and starts to drink tea and resumed reading read.

“Vain was also at the Helan domain over the summer vacation right?” (Rail)
“Oh yeah.” (Vain)
“Nice, I was not invited.” (Rail)
“Oh, is that so?” (Vain)
“Is it not awful to not invite your beloved to your house over the vacation.” (Rail)
“You are not my beloved.” (Kururi)
Seriously, he is not.

Tlnote: so did he do a house of cards kind of thing there.

Ok seriously, stop with that face before I punch it.

While waiting for Cross, I brewed some tea.
It is the best kind that can be found in my Domain.
It has a strong aroma and taste.

“Do you want some as well Vain?” (Kururi)
“Oh yeah” (Vain)

I take 2 tea bags and prepare the tea.

“What about me?”(Rail)
“None for you.” (Kururi)
“How awful. First, you invite Vain to your Domain and now you give him tea as well. Are you having an affair?” (Rail)
“Ok, I will give you some tea, so do not involve Vain in this.” (Kururi)

Tlnote: ya he already has a love.

So I start to brew one more tea for Rail as well.

Vain is still twitching his leg.
Rail repeatedly tries to touch my butt and fails each time.

I wonder when I will be able to enjoy my room to myself?
I wonder when I will be able to have a relaxing moment in my room?

I swallow the tea with an angry expression

Anyway, why is Cross still not here yet?
I thought the three of us could train together when we came back to school.
Is he still not back yet?

Vain doesn’t think about these things and just waits for me.

“He is still not coming, huh,” I suddenly said. (Kururi)
“Oh yeah,” he said. (Vain)

Now that I think about it, Cross didn’t come to my domain to play even though I invited him.
Did he have some kind of long term plan?

“Cross is not going to come.” (Rail)
Rail said something and Vain and I turn to him.

What do you mean Cross is not going to come?

Why do you know that?

“Well, she is in a bit of trouble right now.” (Rail)
“She?” (Kururi/Vain)
What the hell is he saying?


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