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Botsuraku Youtei Nanode Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
Author :CK
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Chapter 3-12



if you guys can come up with a better name for crossy then leave it in the comments below,
The person who wins, I will let you pick a novel and I will translate one chap of it, and if it end in a cliffhanger then I will also translate that next chap

“Crossy is a man.” (Kururi)

I corrected Rail, but I am curious about what he said about Cross not being able to come back. But, for now, let’s correct our future doctor.

Tlnote: never mind going back to Crossy

“No, Crossy is a girl, and she is also a princess.” (Rail)
“What?” (Kururi)
What the hell is this guy saying?
“A princess?” (Kururi)
“Yes, she is a princess of a small country, but still a fine princess. She was temporarily exiled to our country due some sort of internal strife…. What? You guys were together for so long but did not know?” (Rail)
“Umm…Yes” (Kururi)

My mouth was agape, and my lower jaw looked like it would hit the floor.

“Really?” (Kururi)
“It’s true.” (Rail)

I looked at Vain, who was also surprised.
He seemed to be trying to say something, but no sound came out.
But I can read lips. I think he was saying,
“What the HELL!!!!!!!!” (Vain)

Crossy is a girl. I mean we did so many things together.
I touched her here and there so many times. Was that alright?
But before any of that, she is a princess!!!?

I knew that she did a lot of things very elegantly and had a regal aura… but, seriously.
Man, this just blew my mind!!!!

“What are you guys going to do?” (Rail)
“What do you mean by ‘what am I going to do?’” (Kururi)
I don’t understand the meaning of your question.

“Well, I did say she returned home, back to her country. You guys won’t be able to see her unless you go guys go there yourselves.” (Rail)
“Is that right?” (Kururi)
“Of course. She is a princess, and she can’t exactly go to school anymore either.” (Rail)
“But, you know, today is a school day.” (Kururi)
“Just skip.” (Rail)
Oh yeah, there was that option.

Man, when did I become such a prude that skipping school didn’t cross my mind?

“What should we do Vain, eh?” (Kururi)
I asked even though I knew the answer.
“Let’s go, Kururi.” (Vain)
Alright let’s go!!

As soon as I returned to school, I promptly left.
The days of being in a carriage with Vain continued.
I was glad to be with Vain but for some reason, Rail came too.
Somehow, three guys in a carriage was not a good feeling.

I wonder how Crossy was when she was with us; how she felt and how she was doing.
There was no use thinking about it now, but this was the only thing I could think about in the carriage.

I had fun when the 3 of us trained. I wonder if she had fun.
Vain did not talk much, but I knew he was thinking about this too.

“Kururi, what will you tell her when you get there?” (Rail)

“Well, I do not know.” (Kururi)

I could talk to her normally before, but after considering her position and her secret, I just lose all thoughts entirely.

It took two weeks to get to the country where Crossy lives.

It was very rural, but the area near the capital was quite lively.
I heard the main thing in this country is fishing.
There are not that many things here, but the people seem to be happy, from what I see.

When we got to the castle, we were let in immediately.
Rail seemed to have pulled some strings and got us inside.
I intended to just burst in and appear like a savior, but, after reconsidering, I think that would be too reckless.
We were led to a guest room and given snacks and books to keep us entertained, but I could not calm down.

The door opened and Crossy appeared. She was wearing a beautiful dress, and the make-up on her face suited her perfectly.

“Crossy!!!” (Kururi/Vain)
“Master! And Vain! Who is the person next you though?” (Crossy)
She did not know about Rail, but Rail knew about her and her secret.
Man, he is really scary!!

“Oh, don’t worry about him, but I was surprised by you.” (Kururi)
“Yes, I am sorry about that. It was a complicated situation.” (Crossy)
“Oh, that is alright. I am just glad that you are safe.” (Kururi)
“ Yes, the situation has changed, and I had to come back. I quit school already during the summer, but I felt regretful that I could not say goodbye to you guys. I am thankful that you came to visit.” (Crossy)
Crossy lifted her dress and bowed like a princess.
Like a princess– I guess she really is a princess.
Somehow, at this moment I became convinced and saddened by the fact that I won’t be able to see her anymore.

“Um. Master is Vain angry?” (Crossy)
Crossy whispered to me asking why Vain has yet to come close and talk.

When I looked backwards, Vain was looking out the window at the distant sun.
Come closer Vain. Don’t you want to meet Crossy?

“Vain.” (Kururi)
I called him, but he did not turn around.

“I am fine”
Somehow, it became the Vain when he talks to strangers:
Hilarious and without affection towards the person.

“Vain are you sure? This may be the last time we can see her.” (Kururi)

Vain did not saying anything, but his shoulders drooped.
I could tell he had a lot of things he wanted to say, so what was holding him back?

Tlnote: love, Love is holding him down

“Master, I am sorry, but I do not have that much time right now.” (Crossy)
“Are you going already?” (Kururi)
“I am sorry, but there are a lot of things left over from the internal strife from before. Thus, I have business to attend to. But please enjoy your stay. I will not able to join you, but I will definitely say goodbye to you when you leave.” (Crossy)
“That’s right. Crossy has it hard as well. I wanted to talk a lot more” (Kururi)
“Yes, I also wanted to talk….” (Crossy)
Vain, the one she was the closest to did not say a word, leaving her with a heavy heart.

In the end, Vain did not talk to her at all.

We were left with feelings of helplessness and uselessness that day, and we decided that, after tonight, we would go back to Kudan.

I thought of various things that night.
Not being able to see Crossy anymore made me really sad.
I am sure Vain feels the same, but why did he not say anything. If it were him, he may be able to persuade her.
“Can you not sleep?” (Rail)
It seems that Rail is also awake.
Vain already left for a walk.
Both of us were unable to sleep.

“Yup, can’t sleep.” (Kururi)
“Shall I sing you a lullaby?” (Rail)
“No, thanks.” (Kururi)
“A hug?” (Rail)
“No, thank you.” (Kururi)
“Want to use my arm as a pillow.” (Rail)
“Good night, Rail” (Kururi)
“Eh?” (Rail)

Tlnote: I love characters like Rail so mature and aware of what people needs.

I ignored Rail’s stupidity and went to sleep. Thankfully those thoughts disappeared.

“Hey, do you have someone you like?” (Rail)
Rail keeps talking

I threw a pillow at his face, and he became quiet.

It was a really bad night.


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