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Botsuraku Youtei Nanode Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
Author :CK
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Chapter 3-13


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Tlnote: I decided to go with Chris so if you nefe18 have something you want me to translate that is Japanese I will do it. One or two chaps

Blacksmith V3 C13

The day to go back to school has come.

Vain is still quiet, I wonder if I should say something to him.

I met Chris before we left for school.

“Master, I am sorry I could not do anything for you during your stay here.” (Chris)
“It’s alright, I heard from people around the castle that you are really busy, right. It might get hard and you may want to run away, but remember to not overdo it and to do your best.” (Kururi)
“Yes I will, it’s just….” (Chris)
“Just?” (Kururi)
“No never mind. I do not have anything else to say but our good-byes. Thank you for everything and though I am not sure when we will meet again, I promise that we will meet again.” (Chris)
“Yup, I feel the same way.” (Kururi)

It was finally time to leave.
It feels really sad.

Rail also said good-bye to her but since they did not know each other well, it was just a formality.

However, the only who did not say goodbye was Vain.
He is supposed to be the saddest, but did not even say good bye. What is wrong with you?

“Vain” (Chris)
Chris finally called out to Vain.

“What?” (Vain)
“What do you mean by what, we may never see each other again.” (Chris)
“Yeah, so?” (Vain)
“Is there nothing you want to say?” (Chris)
“No, there is nothing…” (Vain)
“Vain, you are such a fool” (Chris) or “Vain no Baka” (Chris)
“Kururi, lets hurry and leave.” (Vain)

Vain said that with a dark and gloomy face.

“Are you sure this is the way you want to leave?” (Kururi)
“Yes…..we already said good-bye didn’t we.” (Vain)

Chris is looking sad, and Vain is not looking at her.

I know how they are feeling, but even if I told them to do something, I feel it will be useless.

Tlnote: no, just say something, you can never know the future (even for a guy who knows exactly what will happen)

We all got on the carriage and told the coachman to depart.

I looked outside to see Chris’ face for the last time.

But no matter what, I kept peeping outside again and again to see her face.

A lot of good memories came back to me.
I know that I felt really happy during those times.

I started crying thinking about how I may never see her again.
When I started to think that, I got this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach and started completely crying my eyes out.

“Are you ok Kururi?” (Rail)
Rail asked after I had calm down a bit.

“Yes, I am a bit better now.” (Kururi)
“Ok, that’s good.” (Rail)

The carriage was dead silent for a while.
Nobody tried to talk and I didn’t feel like talking either.

“Shall I sing a song?” (Rail)
Rail tries to lighten up the mood, but I think that is just stupid.
Why does Rail want to sing a song?

Tlnote: my man Rail to the rescue

While expressing my refusal, Rail starts to sing.
He had a beautiful voice and was singing the song perfectly.
I can hear some birds singing in the background as well.
I felt a little bit better and the time while he was singing felt short.
Why can this guy sing?
You really have too many useless talents.

“Chris will have it hard from now on.” (Rail)
“What are you talking about, of course she will have it hard.” (Kururi)

I answered Rail sarcastically.
Of course it is obvious that Chris is going to have it hard.

The country has been struggling with internal strife for a while now.
She has to help restore the country and thus as the one who restored my domain, I know it is hard.
It will take many years and maybe it won’t even happen during her lifetime.

I feel that today was the last time I will ever see her.

“I wonder if you really do understand Kururi?” (Rail)
“What do you mean?” (Kururi)

I know answering a question with a question is bad manners but with this guy, it should be fine.
Rail is a hard willed guy.

“Kururi, I hang out with the prince a lot so I know the difficulty of the people who bears the title of Royalty.” (Rail)
“That’s why I am asking you to say it with more depth.” (Kururi)

Rail started to look outside, looking at the distant sun and began to talk.

“To my knowledge, Arc has been the target of assassination about 3 times now. That is, in the royal palace, in his own country. Kudan is particularly stable and has not had great problems like Chris’ country has. Kururi, do understand what I mean now?” (Rail)
“What!!” (Kururi)
The difficulty I was thinking of and what Rail considered difficult was on an entirely different level.

Chris came back right after her country got out of the strife, but the potential for danger still exists.
I really don’t know anything about the nobles’ or royalties’ situations.

Tlnote: he really needs to start learning about this, like fast, isn’t there a guide for dummies to be a noble.

“Vain!?” (Kururi)
Next to me, after hearing that from Rail, Vain stood up in a daze.

Vain rose so suddenly that he forgot that the carriage is smaller than him and he hit his head.

“Rail, is what you said true?” (Vain)
“Of course it is true, I am someone who aiming to become a doctor, I would not lie about life and death.” (Rail)

After hearing Rail’s words, Vain clenched his fist.

“Hey coachman, stop the carriage.” (Vain)
“Why, is something the matter?” (Coachman)
“Just stop the carriage!!” (Vain)
The coachman being told such, stopped the carriage and Vain quickly got out of the carriage.

Vain took his baggage and his sword and left us while saying this to me.

“Kururi, I have to go now.” (Vain)
“…..OK” (Kururi)

I could not understand him right now, but I know what kind of man Vain is and I knew without asking what he was trying to do.

“Are you going?” (Kururi)
“Yup, I am going.” (Vain)
“You may not even be able to meet her anymore.” (Kururi)
“Even so, I will go. I will go and protect her with my sword.” (Vain)

Vain took his sword out of the scabbard and held it tightly in his hands.
I know Vain is good-looking, but right now he is so cool.

“Then you will need more than just that sword.” (Kururi)
I throw two short swords to Vain that has my name on it.

“It’s a good luck charm” (Kururi)
“Thank you Kururi” (Vain)

He put the two short swords in his bag.
This may be our last meeting.

I gave Vain a manly hug and we did not say anything.

I did not see Vain off with my eyes.
I felt I could not endure the pain of having to lose two of my best friends in one day.

I told the coachman to leave now.

Three people came, only two were leaving.

Now that Vain left, the carriage somehow seemed to have gotten bigger.

“Vain is awesome, isn’t he?” (Rail)
“Yup, he is my best friend.” (Kururi)
“And he really cares for his friends, doesn’t he?” (Rail)
“Yup, he is my best friend.” (Kururi)
“And he was also really cool right now, wasn’t he?” (Rail)
“Yup, he is my best….” (Kururi)

I started to cry again.
I cried on Rail’s chest and he had a rose scent for some reason. When I smelled that I drew away.


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