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Botsuraku Youtei Nanode Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
Author :CK
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Chapter 3-14


Thank you Rumble fish for editing


Best girl is ELiza

Everything I saw was surround by fog.

No, it is not fog.
Cloud is a better term.
It was a fluffy white cloud.

Clouds are said to have been created by cooling water vapor, but this one was both warm and pleasant.
There was no moisture–just a fluffy cloud.

It covered my body and made me feel really happy.

“Oh, I know. This must be a dream.” (Kururi)

Dreaming while being aware you’re in a dream — I want to stay like this for a while.

Reality has been tough lately.

I lost two of my best friends at once.
I want to stay like this for a while.

That’s right. I don’t care about anything anymore. Let’s just have a “do nothing” day.

When I wake up, I will go back to studying every single day again.
I have no more reason to do that anymore since they both left.

Let’s take a break and rest my mind and body.

“Looks like you are really tired right now” (Eliza)
I heard a female voice behind me.

It was Eliza’s voice.

After the voice, I felt a slight touch on my back.
Eliza also seemed tired.

Yup, this is nice dream.
God must really exist if I’m having this nice of a dream.

“How are you feeling?” (Eliza)
“Yes. I feel better now.” (Kururi)

The feeling of having Eliza close to me and touch me felt so real that I thought this couldn’t be a dream.
I am having such a wonderful dream.
I want to stay like this forever.
Yup, just like this.

“What?” (Kururi)
I woke up due to how realistic that dream was.
I wanted to see more.
“Damnit!” (Kururi)
I was having such a nice dream. This kind of dream is rare.

“Oh, you are up. Did you have a nice dream?”

I woke up and heard the same voice from my dream.

Even though I should’ve been awake, I still felt that touch on my back from the dream.
There is someone behind me.

I turned to see who it was.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing here?” (Kururi)
It was Rail.

Rail was in my room even though I had locked the door.

“It looked like you were having a nice dream.” (Rail)
“Nope. Get out.” (Kururi)

I kicked him off the bed, and asked him,

“Why are you in my room, and why are you on my bed?” (Kururi)
It was crisis of apocalyptic proportions. I had to take the harsh route here.

“Well, I thought you were sad.” (Rail)
“Even if I were sad, I would have no intentions of sharing it with another man. How did you get in here?” (Kururi)
“That is a se-cr-et.” (Rail)

I put him in a choke-hold, and threw him out of the room.
I really hoped would keep him out of my room.

Finally alone, I fully felt Vain’s and Chris’s absence.
It felt somewhat lonely, and the room seemed bigger.
I know I’ve had a lot of times when I was alone, but, unlike those previous times, it just felt bad.

The tea which I had always liked and enjoyed felt thin and bland.

While I deep in thought, someone knocked on the door.
It was not Vain — he never knocks.
Now, I wish he would just barge in unannounced.

“May I ask who is visiting?” (Kururi)
I opened the door to find a pig.
Wait — no. It was a man with a pig’s face and two other men.

“Are you Kururi Helan?” (Pig)
“Yes.” (Kururi)
“I am Maru Karack. Do you understand your predicament?”
“Yes.” (Kururi)

He is the son of Count Marl.
They look so alike that it’s nauseating.

“Lend me your face for a second.” (Maru)
“Ok.” (Kururi)

Tlnote: vent your stress on him.

Just like his father, he came here with a request.
I wondered just how alike they could be.

I was told to meet him behind the school.
It was a good place for us to meet, because it was shaded and obscured by the trees.

“I heard from my father that you were kind of cocky. I think I might have to hurt you on his behalf.” (Maru)
“What? Are going to fight me?” (Kururi)
“That’s right.” (Maru)
“3 vs 1 isn’t something I would call a fight.” (Kururi)
“Shut up.” (Maru)

Maru and the other two attacked me simultaneously. I completely lost, but it’s not like I cared to begin with, anyway.

They felt satisfied, so they left me.

Tlnote: this is getting now ridiculous, why the f**k is author making me so wimpy, it was fight vent your stress.

I wonder if it was because of the shade or the wind blowing through the trees. I felt it was a good place for a nap.

My body hurt like hell, but my mood improved. Maybe being beat up was just what I needed.
I put my hands behind my head and looked up at the sky.
The weather was wonderful.
It probably would have been better if I wasn’t hurting all over.

I shouldn’t have fought them.
I felt drowsy, so I fell asleep.

I woke up to a lady’s voice during my nap.

“May I have this seat?” (Eliza)

When I looked to see who it was, a beautiful girl was looking at me from above.

She was wearing this beautiful one-piece dress.
The length of skirt was short enough that I could see her underwear.

I had no intention of looking. I did not see any pink panties.
I swear to god.

“Eliza….Please, go ahead” (Kururi)

Crap. Damnit, mind, let it go. Forget her underwear.

Wearing pink panties under a white one piece. She truly has good style.

“What happened? You’re covered in bruises.” (Eliza)
“Ah.” (Kururi)

Is she worried about me?
But my mind would not let the pink go.

“You should know that weak men are not popular.” (Eliza)
“Ah.” (Kururi)

If the bottom is pink, does that mean the top is pink too?

“I wonder if you’re actually listening to me. Well, Maru will get something from me.” (Eliza)

Even though, thinking normally, having mismatched underwear is bad, right?
SO that means the top must be pink as well. Man, I want to hit myself.

What? Did you mention a blood bath?
What were you talking about?

“Here wipe the blood off.” (Eliza)
“Oh, thank you”(Kururi)
“Is the handkerchief also pink?” (Kururi)
“Also?” (Eliza)

Crap! My thoughts and remarks were reversed.

Eliza held her dress down as her face turned red.
Immediately afterwards, she gave me a hook to the face.

In the shade of the trees, a cool breeze was blowing, but my face felt really hot.

“It hurts.” (Kururi)
“You deserved it.” (Eliza)
“Yes.” (Kururi)

I did see the underwear,
but there was no mal-intention.
It was an accident.

But… I will reflect on my imagination getting out of hand.
“I am sorry.” (Kururi)
“I will only forgive you this once.” (Eliza)

Eliza pouted.
It was really cute.

“Will you go on a date with me next week? Just the two of us?” (Kururi)
I had some free time, and, for some reason, those words spilled out from my mouth.
I do not even understand, myself.
Why did I ask that?

Maybe I am just lonely and want her company.

“Oh, yes. I will gladly accompany you.” (Eliza)

Eliza agreed to my request.
I did it Vain, Chris.

For a while, we sat side by side in silence, as I smiled at her and she looked back at me while blushing.
It was the continuation of the dream.


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