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Botsuraku Youtei Nanode Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
Author :CK
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Chapter 3-15

well after that depressing chapter we get a fluffy and total ship confirmed chapter
Eliza is the girl and Iris is not
we are done
WordPress mess up when I copied and pasted from the edit but

It is my first date with Eliza.
I washed my face so many times that I lost count.
I prepared my clothes, too.
I may have picked something on the hard side, but I think I chose something cool.

I checked myself in the mirror so many times.

“Yup, this is right.” (Kururi)

The meeting place was in front of the fountain.
It is a popular date spot in school.
I came earlier to avoid being late because I felt restless at home.
I looked around and saw Eliza has yet to come.
I wonder if I came to early.

While waiting for Eliza, I saw someone come. I saw two people approach from behind. It was shocking that those two were together. Arc and Iris were coming to the fountain side by side.
I wonder when they had made up.
Iris should have disliked Arc.

Somehow when those two people came I hid behind the fountain.
A square where the fountain was located and there were benches around here.
The two of them sat down on a corner bench, so I hid behind the tree while spying on them.

“Did you come here before?” (Arc)
“Umm.. I think I came here before.” (Iris)

Neither were smiling when they were talking.

What, were they not on a fun date?

“I am the lowest human being.” (Arc)

What did Arc just say?
Did he suddenly just say he was the lowest human being.
Why is he saying that, what are they trying to do?

“No, I am the lowest human being.” (Iris)

(Tlnote: look it’s pity love, the best kind of love.)

Wow, now it’s Iris.
What the hell happened to create that crazy conversation.

“I am the lowest being, I haven’t been able to do anything lately. I have been failing at whatever I do.” (Arc)
“No, I am the one that can’t do anything, even now I…. Just remembering it gives me a pain in my head.” (Iris)
“No, I suck the most.” (Arc)
“No, I suck the most.” (Iris)

What the hell are they doing?!
They are not complimenting each other or bragging about each other.
They are just bringing themselves down.

This is weird! Someone please help them!!!

“I do not have the qualifications to be the next king, I hope Rahsa takes over for me, he is better suited to be king.” (Arc)
“What are you talking about, Arc can do almost everything; brains, brawns, and good looks, how can someone like you speak in such a weak tone?” (Iris)
“Well, you know when we left the domain during the summer. We got in a little accident and the carriage turned threw us out, Rahsa fell gently on a cushion while I fell on Horse dung.” (Arc)
“Well, that is quite a story…It’s not like I was any better, I lost everything I had this time. No, that’s wrong. I never had anything to begin with, I am an empty woman.” (Iris)

“No of course not, Iris is amazing. Your smile is amazing and you, yourself are amazing.” (Arc)
“No I am not. I suck!” (Iris)
“No really Iris is awesome, really!” (Arc)
“Arc is also amazing; I am sure you will become an amazing person in the future.” (Iris)

What, aren’t they doing fine, I guess I was worrying too much.

But horse dung huh.
He is a prince but horse dung.

“Oh, it is not a nice hobby to be peeping.” (Eliza)
“Eliza!!” (Kururi)
When did she come?
Man, how embarrassing.

“Please, call out if you are already here.” (Kururi)
“Oh, but it looked like you were having fun.” (Eliza)
“How mean, I was waiting for you.” (Kururi)
“Hehehe” (Eliza)

Eliza laughed
It is the first time I saw her laugh up close.
It was beautiful.

“Shall we go, milady?” (Kururi)
I bowed and gave my hand.
“Yes, let us go.” (Eliza)
Eliza gave me her hand without hesitation.

Two people walking together.
This is the moment I have been waiting for.

“Where shall we go?” (Eliza)
“Anywhere with you is fine.” (Kururi)

We walked and talked about nothing at all.
We just talked about our daily lives and nothing else.

We talked about what we liked and disliked. 
I did not absorb the conversation, but I was just happy being with her. It made me think this is what happiness must be.

“Eliza, I am really happy to be with you right now.” (Kururi)
“Yes, I as well.” (Eliza)

We walked. After we got tired of walking, we found a bench and sat down.

We had lunch, it was an ordinary homemade lunch.
But all of it was delicious, I did not understand why it was delicious but it was all delicious.

“Please calm down and eat, if you eat in such a hurry, you will choke.” (Eliza)
“No way…..” (Kururi)

No, I am choking, I am sorry Eliza. I am dying.
Eliza’s tea made it in time and I somehow managed to survive. That would have been embarrassing, on my grave stone saying I died on my first date by choking.

I continued to talk to Eliza after lunch.
I don’t remember what she said or what I said but I felt that was ok.
I was just happy to be with her.

We spoke for a while, then I noticed the person in front of me sitting on the bench.

That woman put her hands on the bench spread out with her legs spread wide open.
In such a hot summer, she was wearing a dress that felt like you would get a heat stroke in.

It was the cat teacher.

“What are you looking at?” (Cat)

As the person was someone I was directly involved with I looked away. 
I felt it was bad to talk with this person right now.

“What are you two little kittens doing right now?” (Cat)
“Um…we are on a date.” (Kururi)
Staring at us with passion, the Cat said,

“Well, the sun is setting, so it is time to go back.” (Cat)
“Yes, we have to go back soon, as well.” (Kururi)
“No, mine is different, I have to go back and have a fluffy bath and really wet shower.” (Cat)
“….” (Kururi)

(TLnote: I am bad at innuendos so I couldn’t come up with a good one.)

This is the reason I avoid this person. 
I really did not want to see this person today.

Cat teacher broke it.
The good atmosphere we had is gone.

Look, Eliza has a black line on her face.
Stop doing that in front of her.

“Puff puff girls!” (Cat)
Why did you need to expand it?! I don’t want don’t hear it!!

Thus, my first date with Eliza was crushed by a cat.

I saw Arc and Iris going back while smiling.

Good for you guys. Well I had fun day. I am going to get better at this for sure.


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