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Botsuraku Youtei Nanode Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
Author :CK
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Chapter 3-16


Yes, I am sorry but I do not think I will be able to finish translating all of blacksmith by tmr, I had unexpected situation come up so I will out of town and will only have internet on my phone.

THank you to Kuro-nyan for editing

these chapter I hate, no development at all, I did not find it very funny but will push through.

EDIT: Since many of you have read this chapter, I will just say, no this dog is not Arc, I wish it was Arc, that would be funny but it is not

The seasons change and now it became the easiest time to study and learn.
I listened and learned in my classes firmly today again. I also completed all the work during self-study.

Every day was the same but then again studying is a student’s main job.
If that is done then everything else will fall in place or so they say.

I went to Toto’s garden on my way back from class.
It was my usual routine.
Toto and Iris should be trying to create some weird plant in there.
With a picture I can see in my head vividly, I walked to Toto’s garden.

Huh? They aren’t here.
I looked inside the greenhouse but I can’t see them.
I start to look around the greenhouse and see Iris.

“Wow!” (Kururi)
Iris was not alone and she had a big dog with her.
It was covered in mud and was really big.

“What’s up with the dog?” (Kururi)
“Ha?” (Iris)
Finally, Iris noticed I was here.
She had a pale face.

“Dog…it is not a dog.” (Iris)
It is a dog why are you lying.

It’s a dog and good breed at that. I think it is close to St. Bernard, you know the dog that comes up the mountains and gives to brandy.

“It’s a dog.” (Kururi)
“It may not be a dog.” (Iris)
What are you talking about? Why are you misrepresenting it?
I know you’re lying.

“Iris, is something wrong with that dog?” (Kururi)
“Maybe?” (Iris)

What is it? Is it bad that I think that thing is a dog?
“Does Kururi really think this is a dog?” (Iris)

It seems that I’m being tested.
Maybe I should not admit this thing is a dog.

“So, it is not a dog.” (Kururi)
“That’s right! It is not a dog.”
Yes, I got it right.

[TLnote: After this, I called the dog ‘not dog’ because of what they’re saying. So, let’s just leave it as it is.]
[EDnote: Kururi just playing along cause he can’t beat Iris. XD]

“So, what are you doing with that ‘not dog’?” (Kururi)
“This ‘not dog’ always comes here after school.” (Iris)
“Hmm, is that so?” (Kururi)

Looking at Iris’s clothes covered in mud, they must have been together for a while.

“This ‘not dog’ is so obedient and amazing. She’s kind and intelligent too.” (Iris)
“Oh. Yes.” (Kururi)
“Besides, the body is so big. She does not hurt people, right?” (Iris)
“Yes.” (Kururi)
“Ah, you are such a good girl, it is a ‘not dog’ that is useful to human beings.” (Iris)

Yes, I know you want to keep it.

“Should I keep it?”
Iris’ shining eyes seems to be saying “I want to keep the dog!”

“Is it alright?” (Iris)
“It’s not banned. So, I think it’s safe to keep it.” (Kururi)
No one thought that someone would keep a dog on the school. So, the school regulations do not have anything for it. It’s kind of a gray zone.

“But, is it really good?” (Iris)
“It is alright. Now, let’s get some food for it in dining room.” (Kururi)
“But…..” (Iris)
“I will make a dog house here in the garden since there is a lot of space here.” (Kururi)

Somehow, I seem to be caught up in the passion to keep it.
Iris then pulled on my clothes. I think she’s saying something.

“…do not do?” (Iris)
“What?” (Kururi)
“You won’t eat it, right?” (Iris)
“Why would a person eat a dog?!” (Kururi)

After I said that Iris looked up with vigor.
“But I heard of people eating dogs!” (Iris)
“What?!” (Kururi)

“Nobles eat dogs as delicacies! Don’t lie I know!” (Iris)
Her perception is messed up and the face is too close to me. Personal distance, girl.
“No, I do not eat dogs; nor do I know of any nobles that eat dog. Even if there are nobles that do eat, they are in the minority.” (Kururi)
“Do not lie! Just say you want to eat it!” (Iris)
“I am not going to eat it.” (Kururi)
“Of course you’re not going to eat it! This is a ‘not dog’ after all, so you can’t eat it.” (Iris)
“Hey, Hey, Iris !” (Kururi)
“This is a ‘not dog’. This is a ‘not dog’.” (Iris)
“Iris, you are brainwashing the wrong person.” (Kururi)
After I grabbed onto her shoulders and shook her, hard. She took a deep breath and snapped out of it.

People are desperate to protect the things they love. So, I have to declare it in front of her.

“I really do not eat it.” (Kururi)
“I swear to god, that I do not eat it.” (Kururi)
“What about Eliza or Arc?” (Iris)

Well, I know Eliza doesn’t but I don’t know about Arc but let’s declare it for him…
“Don’t worry. I can assure you they do not eat dog.” (Kururi)

“So, I can keep it?” (Iris)
“Yup, you can. I have seen Iris give it food from some time ago, so it’s best to keep it.” (Kururi)

Iris seems to have gotten a dog.
Well, maybe the reason Toto is not here is because of the dog.
I have to explain some things to him tomorrow.

“It might be a good watchdog that can protect your farms from thieves and such.”(Kururi)
I think this dog will make a great assistant to Iris’ big veggies plan.
“What you mean? Do you want this dog to fight?” (Iris)
It is big as Vain. Of course it’s going to attack.

“It’s just an intimidation tactic. It’s not actually going to fight. I will not put any leash on it so if someone actually attacks it can run away.” (Kururi)
“Yup, you hear that? Run away, Alfredo.” (Iris)
What? What is Alfredo?

What? Did this mud covered dog just got a noble-like name?
“Alfredo? That’s not his name, right?” (Kururi)
“Yup, it is the name of this dog.” (Iris)
With her eyes shining like a kid who just got a present from Santa, I did not have the heart to refuse.

“Maybe I should wash him.” (Iris)
“Yup.” (Kururi)
Iris used the water that is meant for the plants to wash Alfredo.
Iris washed his entire body and he did the water-shake trick.
Alfredo looks comfortable.
It’s eyes were shining and mouth was open.

This guy is definitely not an ‘Alfredo’, he’s a Goro.

“He’s very pretty now! Isn’t that right, Alfredo?” (Iris)
His fur just became fluffy after Iris dried him.
Now, Iris is hugging him.

I want to do that as well but I will only do that when I’m alone with him.

“I will get the materials for the doghouse from the school.” (Kururi)
“I will tell the aunt at the dining hall to secure some food for him every day.” (Iris)
“I will also make a collar and engrave a knights symbol on the collar.” (Kururi)
Knight of the Fields? That sounds funny and cool. I will also make some shield accessories on his collar.

It has been a long time since I made something.
“Well, follow me Alfredo. I need to measure your neck.” (Kururi)

I started walking but I did not see Alfredo behind me.
I looked back to see he is still beside Iris.

Well, that was unexpected.
“Oh Alfredo, come on. I will make a collar for you, a great one.” (Kururi)
‘Screw you’ was the face the Alfredo had.

I was surprised. I was so excited about keeping the dog with Iris that I forgot.
He just met me. So, he’s not really fond of me ye, is he? What is this embarrassing misunderstanding?
I mean, I calmly thought, I have not touched a single fur in his body yet.

“Alfredo, let’s go to Kururi’s room together.” (Iris)
When the Iris walked out, Alfredo followed her straightforward.
While waving the tail, it obediently followed.

I have decided in my heart, that dog is Goro and the collar accessory will not be a shield but a potato instead.


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