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Botsuraku Youtei Nanode Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
Author :CK
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Chapter 3-17


4 things

1. as you saw I have some bad news, I will drop blacksmith, I have read volume 4 or what is out of it and do not like it anymore, my main criteria for doing something is I have to like it. but this novel I do not like any more there is no end goal and we are at volume 4.

2. I have been asked by light novels world to translate My novels there which I have said yes due to one reason, editing, I am happy to have the people who.edited work edit but I feel wrong for always expecting this of you thus I wil go over there to give you guys or my other people better quality translation.

3. I asked shirotranslation to have DD but they have asked me to collaborate with them which I obviously said I would glad to collaborate. the novel will still be their sideband I will continue to collaborate with them.

4. last thing, my Last project if I was to continue blacksmith would have been http://www.novelupdates.com/series/amaku-yasashii-sekai-de-ikiru-ni-wa/ this one but since I have dropped blacksmith this became my third project and will take suggestions for a fourth project if you guys want me to translate something please say in the comments below

Thank perp ya for editing this chapter

Enjoy the.end of volume 3 and the last chapter of blacksmith from me.

Kuro you betrayed me, this is clearly way worse then death flags. should not have given that up.

Iris stays in the girls’ dorm and her room is small, so it was decided that he would stay in my room for today.

Goro Alfredo is to stay in My Room.
He is huge and smelly and took over my bed.

I hate this dog.
“Bark” (Goro)

Looks like he hates me as well.
I tried to keep him in the garden but he ignored me and went over to my bed. I will have to sleep on the hard floor because of this dog. I should have eaten it.

I will make the doghouse tomorrow, so I will finish his collar today. Of course, as I said, he will get a potato. I have to make the molds first before melting the iron. It is a work that has been embedded into my body.

A potato…I have to get this right, so let’s get a picture book from the library first.
I wonder when the last time I made something was.

I think it was Rail’s medical equipment, the last time. Since this is just an accessory, it won’t be that much of a hard work. But getting the details right is hard.

It took me 3 hours to make it, a potato accessory. It felt cool for some reason.

I tried to make it look stupid, but now I feel it will look cool on the dog.
Well it will look stupider than a shield would, and I am sure that Goro will look idiotic in it.

Now it’s time to make the collar. I am not that good at this but I can finish it well, I think.

The collar combined with the Potato accessory made Goro, who I very much loathed, look cool instead. Such a waste.

It was hard to put it on him.

“….This is different than I imagined after all.” (Kururi)

He was a stray before, but with the collar, he became awesome for some reason. I did not want this. I wanted him to look just stupid not stupidly cool.

Every time Goro moves, the potato shines a light on my face like he is mocking me.
Why is it so cool?

I really did not want this.
He is too cool.

I look at the time, it’s midnight right now.
Should I do it? Let’s do it!

I threw away both shame and pride and I decided to make another potato accessory.
I am embarrassed for myself.

This time, I took out fine iron and melted it carefully.
This was the second time, so the earlier molds were made more accurate than before.

It took two hours to complete the glittering potato accessory. I can sell this! It’s really cool.

While thinking where to put it, I was overcome with drowsiness and collapsed to a deep sleep.
Next morning, I was woken up by Goro, who was stepping on me.

This dog, he really doesn’t know who owns this house, does he?!

I went and got breakfast from the dining hall and ate in my room with Goro. He didn’t even pay attention to his food until I put the food properly in a dish and served it to him, only then he started to eat.

This dog, I wonder if he was abandoned by an aristocrat.

I know it is something I came up with, but when I think like that, I feel sorry for him.

Tlnote: dude just fillet him and throw him to the pigs.

“Bark!” (Goro)
Apparently it seems it was not enough. I was able to communicate with you quite often, don’t lose yourself.

Tlnote: I am going to stop putting Goro, only he will say bark.

It is troublesome to go to the dining room once more, so I divided the bread that I was eating and gave it to him. He made a somewhat disgusted face.

Although I did split the bread, he did not want my bread…
“Do not be selfish, I’ve divided it for you, I have yet to get full either.”

He seemed to understand, and began to eat baked bread.
What is it, unexpectedly obedient?

Regrettable! Regrettable!
It was a moment of weakness but then I relaxed.
This is an enemy. I should not forget it.
It is just for today. I will not take care of it at all from tomorrow.

Goro ate the bread and started to lick the plate.

Oh, this kind of cute voice is also given out.

“I cannot help it, I will go to the cafeteria once more” (Kururi)
I got the light meat dish. Let’s get bread now.
After all, large dog eats a lot.

I explained my situation to the aunty at dining hall and got a lot of bread. He will be able to eat fully now.

“Holy shit” (Kururi)
I never thought I would swear, when I came back I found a surprise made by Goro for me.
It was so oversized that not even cows would be able to make the much.

It was steaming fresh.
What should I do?! Help me someone!

But this was the school not my home.

I used all my brains and thought of a solution. I took cardboard and used it as scoop and then flushed it down the toilet.

Yes, this situation will definitely enter the 5 worst moments of my life.

Tlnote: really I can already think of 5 that are way worse than this.

I gave Goro the bread I got from the aunty. You can eat now.

No… in fact don’t eat.

I took some bread away from the plate.

I know that the bread will make you poop again, so Nope!

The day flew by in no time and it was after school-time.

I took Goro to the field.
I saw Toto who looked over trembling, yup it was because of fear that he was not here yesterday.

I will make a doghouse nearby, so you will have to get used to it.

“No! It’s absolutely a human eating dog” (Toto)
It’s not like I don’t understand, but he is an obedient dog.

Iris came late.

It seems she was very moved by the collars and potatoes I made.
“What is this! Cool, cool! It fits Alfredo really well. ”

Alfredo? Oh, you mean Goro?

After all it is different from the plan. It was supposed to be a burst of laugh here. It has become completely cool because of the potatoes.

By the way, I also wore accessory potatoes.
I could not decide where to put it, but eventually made it in a necklace form. I’m hiding it in the clothes though.

I hope I will be praised like Goro too.

“huh, Kururi, what is that necklace?” (Toto)
Oh it seems that Toto has noticed it.

“Yep, it is a potato.” (Kururi)
“Why a Potato, that is so lame.” (Toto)
…..I will pretend I did not hear that.

“I will go make the doghouse; it will be right next to the Garden.” (Kururi)
“What?! Put it further away!” (Toto)
“I will put it near the vinyl house entrance then.” (Kururi)
“How is that further?! did I do something to you?” (Toto)

Well, I will get the lumber then.
I will go ask the teacher.

“Hey, stay with her; I am going to make you a house.”
I tried to command him but he does not listen.

I thought we were getting along but maybe he does not want to move right now.
I will have to go alone.

“come on Alfredo, let’s go to the dining hall and get your next meal.” (Iris)
He starts to jump up and down and wag his tail.

….Right, he was that kind of a guy.
I hate him so much; I was idiot for liking him at all.


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