Don't worry, i'll divorce you
65 The Auction 3
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Don't worry, i'll divorce you
Author :jigress
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65 The Auction 3

The current situation on the ship,

ManQi and QingQing are busy handling the guards outside the room while masked-TanTan and masked-Prince Li are on the stage, being the center of attention.

TanTan bravely forces the presenter to announce the result, but in her mind, she feels screwed. Clearly, she knows the situation isn't good for her, but the flying dagger just now is proofing that the silver man she looks for is in this ship. Once again the silver masked man helped her but didn't want to show himself, so... maybe if she is in danger one more time, will he show? It's risky! But TanTan decided to depend on her luck, besides... TanTan looks to the masked man who besides her now and protects her from the attack just now... somehow she can trust this man to be her ally. So she repeats her demand to the presenter,

"What are you waiting for?! Announce it!"

"This..." The presenter is obviously being puzzled with the situation. He is already terrified that the big boss later will kill him for this chaos or maybe be killed by the masked fat man first, who obviously so furious right now.

The masked fat-man gives a furious glaze to the presenter,

"I'll pay double for that woman! To announce that woman to be mine... I kill you if you give that woman to him!!"

While Prince Li is observing the balconies, he knows the Crown Prince must be in this ship, monitoring everything that happens because the original plan of the mission is actually to get the clear evidence that the Crown Prince is the master behind this event. By that, besides to demolish this evil event, he also hopes able to use it as a reason, at least to revoke the Crown Prince title. So seeing the situation now, he decides to make it more intense.

But before he acts, he whispers to TanTan,

"Do me a favor, little brother!" he hands over a wooden stick with a cord at its end. "When I give a sign, pull it to the sky..."

In confusing, TanTan takes it,

"Wait, what do you mean...what is this?..."

But masked Prince Li doesn't explain it furthermore, he just says "You'll see..."

Then the masked Prince Li attacks the fat masked man even till makes him unconscious. And then as he knows the Crown Prince's weakness so well, he makes a speech to the audience.

"Finally, he becomes quiet...what a noisy fat man! Don't we agree about it! And what a lousy event we have here... We are trapped here and forced to watch an inability host to manage his own event. I see that the host may be just hiding now to avoid the responsibility...once again because of his lacking..."

When the masked Crown Prince hears the words, it successfully enrages him as Prince Li's plan.

"How dare him....!!" He rushes to show himself at the balcony before the shadow masked man can hold him up.

The masked Crown Prince shouts in his rage,

"You want to know my capability? Very well then...I 'll show you..." He commands all his men at first place to catch masked Prince Li and masked TanTan.

But before they're coming, the masked Prince Li pushes masked TanTan away and whispering hardly,


As a reflex, TanTan rushes to the window, bending over her body, passing one or two masked guards who try to catch her. There are one or two daggers flying and attacking those guards, but TanTan doesn't have time to notice it coz there is a giant masked guard successfully hits her ankle and makes her fall and her mask is being taken off. Masked Prince Li notices it but he can't come to protect TanTan because his hands are full. "Damn, they are too many...if the sign not being on... where is ManQi at this time...??!!" Suddenly some black shadow man appears and seems to help Prince Li to defeat the guards. Although Prince Li confuses with their appears, but he won't reject any helps right now.

"What?!! Who the hell are they??!!" Ask the masked Crown Prince in anger, and he doesn't realize that shadow masked old man who sit behind him has secretly leave the place. He senses danger and had prepare a small boat to leave with his trusted shadow man.

While the giant masked guard has a chance to catch TanTan,

"What a pretty boy...but you can run furthermore..." Mock the giant masked guard.

Then suddenly someone appears and protects her, and he defeats that giant guard.

"It's you..." TanTan recognizes it as the silver masked man she looks for.

"Give me that..." Without waiting for her response, the silver masked man grabs the wood stick from TanTan's hand and immediately aims it to the night sky through window and pulls its cord. At once, it blows louder and giving a very louder bright red firework.

Not for long, some men with complete weapons ambush in the room, they seizes and make sure none of persons in the room can escape.

"...??!!" As the masked Crown Prince realizes that his men have been defeated and he is outnumbered now, he tries to escape, but Prince Li using his skill to jump to the balcony and having fight with him for a while. He manages to remove the golden mask from the crown Prince's face and other guests who already seized feel surprised to see that the master behind this illegal auction is actually the crown prince.

"Now everyone here has recognize you, Your Highness..." said Prince Li.

" what if I am crown Prince...instead who are you dare to fight and ruin my place!!"

Prince Li opens his mask and everyone once again feel surprised especially the crown Prince and TanTan,

"You, LiZhouWei!! Don't you think it will humiliate me today, I'll pay you later!!!"

But Prince Li doesn't care to listen, he orders his officers to guard the Crown Prince and explains to all guests that he will take over the ship and drive it to the coast immediately. Then he looks for TanTan, and he sees TanTan is with the silver masked man.

TanTan in other side feel scared to be found out by Prince Li so she grabs the silver masked man's cloth and whispers, " take me right now??"

The silver masked man doesn't wait any longer as he whistles as the sign for his men to back off from the ship. His men directly obey and all of them get out from the room and jump into the water.

Noticing that the silver masked man want to escape taking TanTan, Prince Li rushes flying forward the silver masked man, and trying to take TanTan from him but he fails coz TanTan and the silver masked man have getting out from the room and jump into the water...

"HUAMUTAN!!!" Prince Li looks shocked to see TanTan disappear in the darkness of sea. But he notices that the ship hasn't too far from the coast so he commands to bring this ship to the coast immediately. Not so long, ManQi and QingQing come joining him,

ManQi reports that when they were attacked, they also be helped by some shadow man and then followed by other officers after seeing the sign on the night sky.

And seeing that Prince Li doesn't feel surprised to see her, QingQing assumes that he already meet TanTan, so she asks,

"Where is HuaMuTan, Prince Li? Doesn't she inside the room also?"

Prince Li also wants to know it as he glares to the coast where the ship moves to.

'Where does that silver masked man bring HuaMuTan? and why?' Somehow he feels uneasy to see a man takes away his wife in front of his eyes.


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