2 Identity
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Author :Lyka530
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2 Identity

Atlas looked much more than I had thought. Right from my standing point on the roof of Mag Corp, the tallest building in Atlas the floating ISLAND. I could see everything. The appearance of portals in mid air colouring the sky in rainbow shades and the appearance of flying mechanism by mana usage or purely technology by deviating gravity by the use of powerful magnetic materials that walked on plotted out magnetic airrails that connected to another in zig zag forms. The outplay of magic as it was used by Thorens(half Gods) of different categories, looks, stracture and age for teleportation, levitation, invocation, disintegration, and many more.

And right down furthers below on the ground level, were Humans wrapped in heavy coat to protect themselves from the cold that I was merely feeling myself and so were the Few Thorens walking down there wrapped in mana energy. Tsk. They must be as weak as I am.

The city was really something to behold. From the frequent showering of magic here and there that added beauty to the clear blue sky, the glittering glass towering buildings, the images that flashed on grand screens, colourful little dazzling ants and the snow that enveloped the city into a white cushion and the glaring sun that barely gave any warmth, depicted an image of a grande painting except the ugly smoke that rose into the Sky from far east.

"Master i believe the deafening sound we heard earlier while coming this morning is the cost of that "

Out of habit i looked down at my Shadow who swayed under the light of the world creating movements i didn't effectuate"My little spy must have been crashed by now."

"Is master aggrieved, after all it took a lot of mana out of master. Citanta is that way as well. THey may have felt threatened "

"Not at all. it was merely another experiment"I could not tell this demon i was out of mana so Soon. Though it did take a lot out me, he won't lose an opportunity to take control of me. Even if temporarily.

".... is.. that so? If master says so. Master, we've been here for Twelve good hours since this morning. It's 2pm Now. they should have closed by now. "

Noting his words, i allowed my body to dissipate into thin red Paper cards that was carried by the wind towards the east to Citanta. The view from the sky was beyond beautiful from my little range of view. It was much more that Sometimes books did not portray everything and reality was better.

Looking at one of the large screens, a young man in black tuxedo, with green short hair, and sparkling golden green eyes had a slight smile on his face. His smile was so not natural and forced. Those with little eyesight will not notice at all and rather find it charming. I presumed the host of whatever show must been blind to not have noticed this minor details.

"Master that's.... "

"I know... "i didn't need to be told. By the excitement in its voice i could already guess Who he was. Rendal Ross Vermilion.

Well.... welcome to Atlas.

Central Citanta held up to its name of magnificence. Compared to my school, it was a floor building. There seemed to be no stairs to lead to another class but I must say the school looked like the three quarters of the quarter of Atlas itself. Thanks to my shadow creature, i got the info of how huge the school was. It was huge enough to take a month or two if i were to dedicate my life to explore it. It had many corridors and doors were triple the numbers labelled with numerics and alphabets. Some doors had Latin Words, Greek, Roman And even Dutch. Earlier walking through the magnificence of the sky blue walls adorned of past student painted hand prints, Sparkly clean tiled floor and crystalline ceiling with hanging silver Chandelier, white pillars with gold circular designs ascending, green grass land which faced the multicolored lockers i had come across a door with French written words and turns out it was a music class that was big enough to accommodate a hundred people. I was truly awed. And it turned out after thorough excursion that this corridor was for only music classes. And each corridor had different colours according to the subject offered.

I gave a light knock on the giant oak door with bamboo handles. Compared to the exclusive designs and life that the school emitted, it was inferior but rather to be insulting, it matched the plain white corridor in which it stood as the only door.

"Come in"a rather grave masculine voice said from across the wall that separated us. Pushing the door, i was greeted with old smell of aged books that time has yet to do justice to. Sitting right in the middle of the stack of well proportioned and tidied books was seated Citantas Lord. As a man in his sixties, he looked thirty with a built frame. His age was depicted by the strand of white hair and moustache. He wore an all black suit with Citatans Emblem. He looked refined and refreshing giving off a vibe of warmth. However..... the eyes were different, they looked on hard at me with a rather cold expression.

"You must Be New. "

"Yes..... "hearing my voice, it sounded so Weak and thin. It lacked all confidence. Not like i had any to begin with.

He forwardly scoffed. A straightforward person. That's good.

"Are you a Dominito as well? "

His question was obvious. I guess my lack of surprise only alerted him. The Dominitos the extent Kingdom who had destroyed itself through civil war. He probably thought i was because of my red Hair and violet eyes. Even after their contributions in its destruction for fear of its inhabitants powers, the racism has yet to be quenched even in those poor souls death.

"No"I answered him truthfully. By his looks i could tell he wasn't convinced. Stretching his hand, i meticulously handed him my booklet without body contact.

His eyes glanced through before widening and looking back at me.

"Are you from North Citanta? "His expression was grim and dark as he asked.

"I am the Eighth Member "

Putting my booklet aside, he took down his glasses showing a pair of icy blue eyes that did not hold back its owners thoughts. But His stare was not hateful as expected but Rather understanding. But Will others understand?

The colour red was one of the millions hated by the world of Thoren. For the destruction, lost of life and pain that it had brought upon many. Even if there were other kingdoms with this hair gene,they were rare and not taken into consideration and rather shun by society. That's why North Citanta exist. The only place where the most impossible could be found. A guardian school built for the purpose of pure offense. A school so Dark that nobody had even seen its Lord once hence even a student. I guess I was the first to make it to Central Citanta for a mission. He must be wondering how it was possible for me to be here. A school that was enemy with every other.

"How old are you? "

"Fifteen "once again he looked up at me and slightly nodded.

"A fifteen years old senior student. Pfft. North Citanta has really stooped low. Is that why they decided to push you here? I suddenly started thinking that over the past years that it had been created not a living of that school had step foot in Atlas. DO YOU KNOW THE REQUIREMENTS NEEDED? "

"Yes I do. I lack in mana. My physical capabilities are below average. And my magic still has no shape. But My IQ is unbeatable. Northern Citanta does not revolve around only physical ability and mana nor magic. It orients all fields and allows equality without dispute. We may be the most unruly members but We are your greatest support. We clear the field. My coming is a peace treaty and a way of showing solidarity to end all rivalry. I hope to be a bridge . That been said, please do not attempt defame"

He smirked at me before standing from his seat and striding towards me. His piercing eyes looked at me.

"Tell me. How does the princess of A Kingdom that waged war against others, took lives, caused great casualties, destroyed planets and Brought down not only over fifty civilizations within the spasm of a year but Also itself? Tell me. Sahan Ametsuchi Dominito. Do you still deny who you are? "


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