Galaxy Online
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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1 Crap

Crap. All I could do was run. As the soft dirt raced under me I finally got to the plasteel walls of the fort. I rushed to the command tent and spotted a NPC officer using his wrist com link to talk to his superiors. "Where is our help, I was informed that the 322 fleet was supposed to give us fire support!" I yelled with indignity. The officer stood sternly as he finished sending messages to the command ship Polaris in orbit. "Sir, Admiral Teach has commanded a tactical retreat. All ground forces are to evacuate,". I stood there with one thought in my head. Crap. The infested were coming and all we had was a FOB (forward operating base), a platoon of fresh soldiers recruited for cannon fodder, and little flashlights that came firing out of their gun that did barely any damage. Those damn lasers could kill with ease, but any type of armor, bio or metal, could easily negate their damage. All according to plan I mused as my tactical cogitators slowed down time giving me time to think right before I heard a familiar noise. Rhythmic clanking followed by practiced salutes. A familiar looking man stood at the opening in the tent. We both wore our Titan Mk2 class power armor along with our call sign. A blazing claw painting in blue slashed across our armor. My familiar buddy went off in a rush by uttering "David we need to get out of here. The death penalty isn't worth the ris...".

"Bryan what the hell do you want to do, we don't have air superiority until the armada comes back. That's where the A- danger rating comes from,".

As silence wailed in our ears from the awkward pause Bryan asked a simple question as everyone in the room listened into their conversation.
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"What did you see while you were scouting?". As Bryan asked the question Everyone stood silent and listened. I finally answered," A grade S level 587 Leviathan and it's headed towards our direction,".

Crap I whispered to nobody in particular.


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