Galaxy Online
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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Defense was not being able to hold out for an obscene amount of time. It was being able to hold out until help arrives. The lone drone pierced the atmosphere like a reverse comet as it rocketed towards the command ship.

A hanger bay opened, while an NPC pulled out its PDA(Personal Data Assistant) and plugged the drone into it.

The drone started to upload data to the mainframe.

"Sir we received a message from commander David,".

"Commander David wants us to use the capital ship to combat a Leviathan," Fleet Admiral Teach concluded after scanning the data.

Fleet Admiral Teach frowned as he would receive merits if he succeeded, but ultimately decided to abandon them and flee. The Leviathan was feared for one reason only. A cannon lined the length of the ship, capable of obliterating capital ships. Who would risk their lives for a combat engineer, and a lightning mage for the entire fleet when they were mercenaries. As simulations ran and displayed results Teach was emboldened to continue fleeing.

" Message David that we will continue the tactical retreat in order to..."


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A small video with horrible quality popped up with David's voice. "Admiral I will humbly request back up, before your reactors implode, commander David out,".

The bridge became oddly silent. The engineers reported that they lost control of the fusion reactor, and the cyber defense specialists were reporting that user error was at fault.

" All according to plan," thought Teach. The fleet inverted in a concise, and decisive manner as they aimed towards Typhon. Teach sighed in relief and then became stern once more.


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