Galaxy Online
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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The thundering noise of the hammer rose and fell as it struck the barrier. With one final slam, the barrier failed leaving a blue crystal out in the open. It gave off an awe inspiring aura as it levitated by itself in the cage of DuraSteel.

David started to encase the crystal in anti-Magic metal. Bryan went up and discharged half of his mana pool into it. A similar containment field was effectively created. Conductive metals protected by an outer level of the Anti-Magic metal. David put it over his shoulder as the pair rushed out to see their get away. A corvette that was one twentieth size of the Polaris was seen. The Polaris was about a half a kilometer long while this ship was tiny in comparison.

"Looks like our ride is here David," said Bryan.

"Can you not speak the obvious I mean..."

The ship opened fire upon Teach and his remaining men drowning out their conversation. The pair ran until cables were shot towards their position. Two cables for one power armor user, one for a normal person. As they ascended Teach prepared his final move. A sharp arc of red light sliced its way to the middle of the coils. However the duo seemed strangely calm.


The arc light vanished as it got absorbed into the cables.

Teach was dazed as his arcs could cut through Orachilum which was used in the hulls of special forces space fighter planes.

"What a poser did he forget who our leader is?" Bryan said while having a banana grin on his face.

David was a feared celestial. Instead of specializing in attack he took defense to the extreme. Anti-Magic metal, golems, long range attacks and more. It wasn't because he was particularly scared of pain or suffering. In David's own words,"Why work hard when I could achieve twice the effect with half the work,". David's first quest was using his powers to build houses for NPCs. Not awe inspiring but hey it ain't much but its honest work. Now he stood with his face a bit down, along with Bryan as they faced their greatest foe yet.


"Why didn't you call for help from the beginning when you saw that Leviathan, why didn't you just shut off all their systems and let us board it with everyone dead from lack of life support. What if the enemy just ran away anyways out of your hacking range, what if the Leviathan destroyed the crystal; WHY,".

At the end of the tirade, the pair bowed and they begged for forgiveness. After all she was the secretary who controlled the pay, mission handling, and strategies. Lynda Forsworn a caucasian lady with glasses and wore high heels on a metal ship in space.

"Alright I'll let it slide because it worked out, but I'm not taking anymore missions related to the Templars," and with the last word Lynda walked off to her office where she tirelessly documented their mission for future reference.


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