Galaxy Online
10 Success, but at what cost...
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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10 Success, but at what cost...

The simultaneous teleport of celestials caught the crew off guard as they hurled elemental spells as each other. David quickly hacked into a nearby terminal and got the ship's blueprint. However he realized a huge problem.

"Everyone listen up, the interdictor's reactor is at the heart of the ship, however there are three reactors. Team leaders go to your assigned objectives. MOVE," David finished. quickly 3 squads started to fight their way through. David quickly reached the first reactor. Three guards were posted causing David to be suspicious. He quickly impaled them with spikes molded from the floor. A minute later the first reactor exploded as David and his squad blasted it.

"Objective Bravo completed report,".

Silence. Dead silence.

"David felt sick to his stomach as he repeated"Report team leaders,".

As the silence drew on David finally said," Bravo squad we are going to head toward objective Alpha,".

"David so you know what happened?"

"Bryan its highly likely their signals are jammed or...," as David trailed off Bryan finished with a menacing tone"Death,". As they face little to no resistance the super humans quickly reached the second reactor. It was a massacre. Human rag dolled all over the place staining the ground with their blood. At the head of it all stood a women which David was familiar with. "Alyssa the Death Witch,".

"Why hello," Alyssa said while smiling. She finally raised her hand while speaking unholy lines of scripture. The men behind him started to clutch their heads as a mental attack was produced. David stood calm, but yet looked worried while Bryan stood beside him standing strong.

"Interesting you guys aren't like the others,"


Anti-Magic ear plugs. Worked immediately for David however the rest suffered.

"YOUR OPPONENT IS ME!" David yelled while summoning his signature golem.

Alyssa challenged in king by pulling out a vicious set of claws that reeked of undeath. She clashed with David's golem while dodging his projectiles and ground spikes. Precious seconds passed. A stalemate occurred as Alyssa clashed and smashed the slower golem. However Alyssa seemed calm until David saw her change the point of attack she was using.


"Anti-Magic golem, and yet such an easy opening could be found," Alyssa remarked. The golem fell silent as David lost control of hi s puppet. The golem was controlled by magic reactive metals inside the golem. However a tube of the metal had to peak outside so David could channel his Elms through it. This tube, located at the balls of the golem, was evicerated by Alyssa leaving a clump of Anti-Magic blocking his access points into the golem. However David was also calm as his win condition arrived.

" David all charges are set. Lets get out of here,"

"That's GREAAAA.."

David's squad mates started to launch a hurricane of magic against him. Ambushed David created a wall of metal and dodged as much as he could before a fire bolt slammed into David's side sending him flying. His team had their souls bewitched by one of Alyssa's trump cards.

As David tried to stand up, he heard a small message. "Code 558,".

"Bryan don't do IT.."

"code 558, David please run, there's no time,".

David ran away as an explosion rocked the area where the reactor once laid.

Code 558, designation emergency. Everyone run, I can complete the objective but will not be able to escape.


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