Galaxy Online
14 And now here I am
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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14 And now here I am

Why am I next, Why did this even happen, why am I stuck with this crappy situation. Why?!?

I was mad, annoyed, and most of all scared. I wanted to live. I'm only in my twenties, I haven't even been married.

As all these thoughts rushed through my head I firmly believed in one thing.

I didn't want to die like the first girl, which was the hot chic I was talking about at the first row now that I thought about it.

No, I wanted to go out guns blazing, just like my first character in Galaxy Online. As I steeled my mind I heard the announcer blare his speakers again.

"We demand the anomaly that has appeared here to be delivered to us in one minute, or the next hostage will get executed,".



I had never heard of that term, and yet I'm getting screwed over because of it.

"Get your head back in the game David,".

I focused and I acted.

I started to count the terrorists nearby. Two ceremoniously on stage near the edges, and one pointing his gun at me. I couldn't tell much else as I had my head faced downwards.

I told myself things like "I can do this," to placate my nerves from failing me.

Eventually the man put his gun at my head. I heard a button click, making me realize there are probably at least 2 more Terrorists next to a camera. As soon as they started their usual talk I grabbed the executor's gun. In one fluid motion I pulled and shifted the gun behind me. I then grabbed the terrorist's knife and stabbed his heart while simultaneously pointing his gun at the other terrorist and grabbing the trigger by letting go of the knife viciously stuck in the heart of a dying man.

"Just think of them like Templars," I told myself. I didn't feel like anything was wrong as my adrenaline was at a all time high, and I wanted to live. Thinking about morals was a luxury. I wanted to live. Even for just the simple fun of playing games, I wanted to live. Its like when you flip a coin on a decision, but you know what you want at the end of the flip regardless of the result from the flip. At the very least I wanted to not die a pitiful death.

Those were my last thoughts as I focused my entire mind. Time seemed to slow down.


The high recoil forced me to only burst fire as my shoulder ached. The man I shot seemed to have a blurred face as he fell off the stage onto the ground. The hostages on stage screamed as the loud noise hurt their eardrums.

I quickly scanned the area. 3 Terrorists, along with a camera man were facing me while reaching for their guns. The rest of the terrorists faced outwards towards the police behind cover.

Time went even slower for me.

I quickly sighted and shot first.


Another man down, but now the cameraman was dropping, while the other two were now finally aiming.


That's the second.


And the second.


Crap the 3rd guy on stage.

I had flipped around and shot him to in record time. Before I could run away, my left leg didn't work. I looked down.

The pain. It was the worst pain I felt by far. As I peered down, I realized that the major artery in my thigh had been torn open from a bullet. Blood was gushing out while waves of pain rattled my head. I started to feel light headed, and it became hard to see. One of the last sensations I felt was the thud of my body against the hard floor. Then it went black. Pure black. For some time all I could perceive was black. All the sudden I felt a flood of light. A blinding figure shown before me flanked by darkness.

And now I am starting to think about my present situation.

Here I am standing while recollecting my last day before I died, and the first thing this heavenly duo speaks to me is," Are you done reliving your life mortal?".


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