Galaxy Online
16 The Start of the story if I didn’t feel like writing an entire long prologue
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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16 The Start of the story if I didn’t feel like writing an entire long prologue

[Welcome to the Character Creation Menu]

Uhhh, can't they give me a minute to take a deep breath. I just died, and now I'm frog marched to who knows where.

[Galaxy Online is made up of 2 distinct regions]

High security, low security; is there a skip button?

[High security is where human civilizations exist, while low security is where players thrive on the chaos]


[High security is made up of many states, however three stand tall as the leaders of mankind]

Is this some joke of the gods?

[The Rising Dragon Empire. The Republic of Man, and the Independents]

I can see the light!

[You are a Traveler. Do whatever you may, but remember consequences lie behind every choice. Good Luck]

The narrator's voice was then gone, and replaced by a console.

[Name your perk and it shall be given.. with a price]

[1000 points]

I froze. That's the amount millionaires would shell out a lot of money for their children in Galaxy Online. Thank you gods forgive me for my slander.

Now the hard part, thinking.

"Abstract the problem," I told myself.

"How much time do I have?".


That's worrying.

Alright so the main problem is that I need to have strong individual strength to do whatever I want. However I'll have to be self sufficient, and above all be able to stay alive. As numerous thoughts flashed through my head, I thought of a solution. A.Is. Trustworthy partners in knowledge, and combat. It would help me run a corporation, but it could become a crutch. The main downside is that one must become part cybernetic which hampers their Elms of magic power. As I pondered about my problem the system spoke.

[Option available: Perfect Cyborg]

It was a good idea. Actually it fit my bill near perfectly. The thing that held me back was that Although it could do everything, the Cyborg couldn't do it well. Perfect Cyborgs were not made completely out of metal, but a combination of both. Flesh on the outside, parts of the brain and bones would become Cybernetic. Shape shifting would also be possible.

"System what is the A.I like,"

[Basic level]

It was pretty vague, but I decided why not. I had the latest A.I. design blueprints used on battleships that I could stick into my brain.

I selected confirm.

My status showed up.

Name:David Lee

Class: Perfect Cyborg



Stats never showed up to keep the full immersion, however skills were readily available along with skill points.

As I went into the abyss awaiting my reincarnation, I realized one crucial item.

"What about my pain settings!?!"


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