Galaxy Online
17 Its just... BORING
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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17 Its just... BORING

All I could see was red. I kept shivering as the slimy mess around me and near darkness was causing me to be disorientated. I felt tired. I felt that I would die from how boring it was. I was blessed with a perfect cyborg body. Mainly biological, however nano technology was prevalent throughout my body. I also was afraid of my future. Perfect cyborgs were rare throughout the galaxy, but most were created in labs. Crap, what sick experiment am I in right now. This isn't good, as Galaxy Online treasured its realism more then anything. Crap, I've spent too much energy, must sleeeep, nooooooow.

I had no concept of time. The only concept I had was up or down. All I could so to keep myself occupied was to think about what would I do. I knew I was assuming a lot, but there was just so much to do. Every update brought a new disaster. Each disaster was called a period. The Infestation period was the one I was in, before I got killed, but something was bothering me. Which period. Crap I got so worked up now I'm tired again.

And so the cycle went. Sleeping, and waking up to plan for his future life. However how complex could a 0 year old make. In the end, all David really accomplished was recalling as many important details as he could for his journey into Galaxy Online.


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