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18 Test Subject 42
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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18 Test Subject 42

A solar system was seen with a standard one sun surrounded by planets. In the Goldilocks zone, a green planet orbited. It resembled Earth a lot, and if David could see the view he would call it Lota. Officially it was Lota Unica 4 as it was the fourth planet in the Unica system. The planet was covered with swaths of forests, and almost no water except for some lakes. The forests hid many secrets, while the clearings were used to construct cities for the 11 city states on the planet. In a deep patch of the forest, a group of military personal patrolled a compound hidden by camo along with the canopy of the forest.

Inside the door way groups of scientists walked around the halls, looked at graphs, and made predictions that would lead to experiments and so on. At one holding cell a short Asian baby laid in an incubator.

"Sir this thing is an outlier,"

"Yes apparently test subject 42 started to kick, push, and almost got killed by the umbilical cord causing an early c section,"

The two doctors conversed, but eventually went back to work. The 27 Earth hour day cycles went on, and the baby grew along with a hundred others in a lab on the green planet Lota. Peace would would come to mind for only the ignorant.


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