Galaxy Online
19 Huh
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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19 Huh

As I came out into the light I saw...


Aren't those my mom's organs?

As I was pulled out I witnessed something considered tame to me, but to others in the galaxy not accustomed to war it would seem gruesome. My mom was dragged away, and I never saw her since. Mind you she still was cut open. I wasn't particularly surprised, because she was probably just another lamb, or human slave to breed humans for sale.

It might seem that I dehumanized my mom, but its because I did. In the back of my head, I still treated this like a game. Caring about a no name mother didn't seem like my best survival tactic. My status worked as soon as I was pulled out, but my A.I was non responsive. I could shape shift, but it was excruciating and painful to my little body. Instead I started to cultivate the Elms of magic power into my body. Elms were the standard units of magic used to power the elemental abilities of the user. Usually affinities were chosen at the start, but when I thought of them the system didn't answer so I assumed I already had one. Any half decent mage could use all the elements, but at an exponential mor expensive cost. However magic was a far away thing. Most couldn't do effective magic until level 180 anyways.

The scientists left me alone in an incubator, while a camera recorded my every move. I slept and slept, but felt a pent up annoyance build up. I couldn't do anything. My freedom of movement was removed and my only saving grace was that sleep came eaasily..

16 years past.

It was a scary first year. I had almost no human contact, but eventually after my first year of living they grouped the hundred babies together and watched. Some babies could already morph their body into crooked oversized pacifiers, while others seemed more intelligent as they looked around and observed. I acted like the rest of the babies.

I had seen the uniform icon of falling leaves signaling that this was the Gemini's hidden base created for project Star Fall. A biological cyborg experiment. The more gifted would be frozen and have nutrients pumped into them, while the less talented would be executed and have their cyborg bodies reused.

It was like sleeping, however it became harder and harder to remember my old life. I couldn't remember many names, and the ones I did know were players that I played with in game. I felt something was slowly being taken from me, but ultimately decided that no matter what, exactly 3 weeks from now I had to escape. No Matter What. Three weeks after the first batch of perfect cyborgs, one would go rogue and kill have the base by overloading his cybernetics. Eventually almost all of the perfect cyborgs were terminated. Three weeks. As I got out of the freezing pod, me and the other teens stood around. I started to look around, but locked my eyes on a certain boy. He looked strangely familiar. He noticed my gaze and walked over to me. Hello my name is Bryan Tran designated number 41. How are you? His simple sentence, contained more meaning then anyone could ever know.


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