Galaxy Online
25 Screw Dragon
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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25 Screw Dragon

I wake up in the morning and what do I find.

"What the hell is a dead body doing in front of my door, and why am I so drained; DRAGON,".

{Yes Host?}

"I know for a fact you had a hand in this. Who else could it have been. I mean all my Elms are gone, and I don't have the skill of passive regeneration to fix it,".

{Host should use Power Words self sacrifice to gain a much needed boost to Elms}


I walked out of my door, and all I saw was a mess. Bodies were littering the ground. I started to arm myself with their backward slug throwing guns. No lasers, plasma, radiation beams, just plain old metal guns.

I reloaded the rifle and moved on.

{Can host download data off of the main terminal}

"Do you have a usb port?"

{ Dragon can take temporary control of host's arm to create a port for Dragon}

I started to do a steady jog around the complex. I spotted the control room and as I walked towards the door someone grabbed my leg.

"Help me, please sir help,"

A wounded guard was lying on the floor. Slash marks were cauterized by flames, and his face was a gross amalgamation of flesh. He was groaning and yet all I did was turn my left hand into a knife and stab down.


Like a blade returning to its sheath it slid right into the guard's throat as he gurgled and died miserably.

{Host should realize that helpful NPCs and a better mental state could be achieved by not killing helpless people}

"You want me to save them?"

{No, but host should at least try; Dragon does not want host to act like a deranged A.I. before Dragon}

And so we got into the command room.

"What a disaster,"

The consoles were slashed, and the floors were scorched. The walls had human shaped figures crashing through them. I simply got to work, after scanning the whole scene. The main console was mostly smashed, however data chips could still be found strewn inside of the wreckage. It felt weird as Dragon morphed my right arm into a portable usb board with slots for chips. The inserted chips made my arm shake as I felt as if I was tickled.

"No signs of the living. Let's get out of here,"

I trekked out, but not before raiding the food storage. I had a backpack, food, weapons, and a bit of money looted from the dead bodies. Standard procedure, yet I felt strange. I could not tell much difference between this reality and the VRMMO version, however the only sensation that felt like I was in real life was Dragon murmuring constantly in my head.

{Host you need more protein in those bars; stop grabbing the caramel version, this isn't a game}

{Host I am aware that a rocket launcher would be fine, however there is only 15 percent chance of encountering a hostile vehicle that this weapon is applicable for. Grab the pistol, as Dragon feels a concealable weapon is usable against the other 85 percent}

Dragon was my ever present life coach. The rocket launcher was the size of a large hand gun, as it had a single use war head equipped. Wasn't even heavy, but Dragon the OCD optimizer.

As I finished packing my bag in an optimal and comfortable way Dragon started his speech.

{ Host Dragon has been programmed with compromising chip. One more unhealthy and vile caramel delights can be added if items in the bag are stored this way so the rocket launcher can be stored}

I finished packing and walked out of the compound. The main gate was slashed open. The men around it seemed to be running more then anything else.

As I walked through the forest waving around a machete, my bag stabbed into me. It was a constant dull sensation, however I mentally shrugged it off and kept going. I optimized plans with Dragon, while absorbing as much Elms as I could for Dragon. I also had to make up for the deficit used to power the decryption software, that Dragon took from my memories, on all the data provided by those chips. Dragon put a map onto my screen showing where I was, and where I should go. Completely worth the back pain, and Dragon's complaints about my inefficiencies.

{Host go through the plants; leave no trace should be of no matter to you}

{ Host, you may cut the trails, as the wild life will not suffer because of one person}

"Screw you Dragon, its only a little inefficient, and also didn't you say I needed to improve my mental state. I'm taking the initiative!"

{ Compromise method called; please walk a little faster to be on time}

"For what Mistress Dragon. You secret whoring A.I.,".

{ Information Classified for host. Also, Dragon has mentioned it considers itself as a male. Do not assume an A.I.'s preferred gender}


And so their hike went on.


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