Galaxy Online
26 The Hun
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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26 The Hun

I was finally near the end. The check point was in sight. The date on my hud was about 2 years before the game started, or basically when I'm 18 years old. The forest was beautiful, but the lack of animals was disturbing. According to lore, they had mostly been killed, however I knew for a fact that there were areas where monsters were bred for training purposes.

The checkpoint was in sight.

A refugee camp?

{Host should stay here for a day to rest}

"What do you mean, I look young, I'm carrying militia grade guns, and you want me to just waltz in?"

{Host can just sleep out in the wild during dark if that is what you prefer with bugs, monsters, and the unhealthy population of stink worms}

"But those are barely a threat"

{Host will be barred from entering all cities or settlements if host stinks}

Fair point I guess. I just walked into the camp. Suspicious glances were given to me, before a pair walked to me.

"Do you need a place to stay?" said an old man. He was with a small boy, and they were both clothed in scrappy clothing which contrasted my slightly sweat stained white shirt.

"Yeah sure," is all I said as we walked to their house inside the walls. House was a misnomer as it was a bunch of tents placed together to create a livable environment.

"I'll give a pistol and a mag," I finally said. It was giving a lot, but I already had a surplus of those things, so I didn't really care.

It was dark out, with Dragon's hud showing it was 10:00 and bed time. I fell asleep feeling a little overwhelmed at how easily I had broken out of the compound.


I actually only needed half the amount of sleep and food then regular humans because of my perfect cyborg body. I was already a light sleeper, so it was no surprise when I woke up to someone ruffling through my bag.

It was the kid. He had the "I f'ed up,"face as I grabbed my pistol and pointed it towards him.

The boy froze in place like a scare crow.

As I was about to speak a loud speaker started to blare into the compound.

"This camp is now being inspected by the Gemini. All scavengers stay in your shelter. All who disobey will be shot,"

I could hear rustling as men marched through all the shelters, tearing up furniture, and searching.

"This is because of me isn't it,"

{Host should realize that there is a 99.9 repeating percent chance that the inspection is related to one of their bases being destroyed}

I grabbed my bag, and hid in the shadows of the morning light. Watching through a window. Soldiers went in and out, all while I had a Gemini backpack, Gemini rations, Gemini clothing, and to top it all off even Gemini underwear.

Eventually a pair came to the shelter I was in.


The soldiers tore into the tent and started to confiscate items. Eventually they found the gun I gave them.

"Where did you get this," the soldier asked as he reached tor his gun.

"Sir, one of our guests," he got no further as the soldier shot him and ran towards the guest room where he was met with a bullet.

"The jig is up," I remarked as I jumped out the window and ran.

I didn't make it far, as I was quickly spotted and recognized by my clothing. Gun shots headed my way, but they were mostly pot shots as I zig zagged through the forest.



I quickly returned fire, accurately firing my pistol to slow down the soldiers chasing me.

{Host calm down, breathe deeply in and run at a steady pace}

"CALM DOWN, what do you mean calm down I'm right now using my adrenaline to run the hell away,"

{ host is now in a temporary safe spot, Dragon thinks host should bring out the rocket launcher, and ditch the bag for speed}

It was a good suggestion so I did it while jogging, and the. began to run. The chase was on.


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