Galaxy Online
27 The Hunted
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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27 The Hunted

I was still running. Eventually however I heard jeeps making its way towards me. As I hid behind a tree the jeeps started to slow down as they had to look behind every obstacle in their way. As a jeep came next to my spot I acted. I jumped onto the jeep as it went slowly through the forest. My arm turned into a knife as it slid into the drivers throat. I simultaneously shot my pistol at the gunner's head, and stamped the gas pedal.

I drove like a mad man through the forest using Dragon's help on the difficult tricks. My heart started to beat faster and faster. Time seemed to slow down. Everything was coming into place. The chase as jeeps had to maneuver through the forest trying to capture me alive. My jeep was taking shots, but I hunched over and kept driving. As I turned my head, I saw something flying towards me. A rocket. My heart beat faster and faster. I tried to think of a plan. The. I felt a strange energy inside of me start to go crazy. I couldn't control it as it coursed through my limbs into my head. Time was almost stopping.

{DANGER DANGER. Host has been compromised by Cyborg's curse. Designation partner. Must help partner David. Assuming manual control of host's body}

David's body went limp right before mechanically pressing the pedal. Dragon drove like an expert driver as he drifted through the forest, cutting tight corners, and going through gaps that barely fit the jeep. Bullets barely touched the jeep as the distance and unpredictability of Dragon's driving made the jeep nigh impossible to hit. Dragon pulled out the rocket launcher and shot a clump of trees while not even looking. The trees collapsed hindering the path of the vanguard causing most to reroute or crash.

{Jeep sustaining heavy damage. Utilizing host's ability Elm conversion to overload enemy vehicles}

A jeep started to round a bend in a chokepoint in the forest. The driver felt something was wrong as the hud on the car wasn't responding.


An overload of electricity coursed the car shocking its inhabitants to scream in pain and let go of the wheel. A buildup of jeeps occurred causing most to be unable to continue the chase for some time.

{Jeep sustaining too much damage. Estimated use time left: 10 minutes. Need other plan} Dragon immediately jumped out and started to run, but not before crashing his jeep precisely into the oncoming tide of metal. Dragon ran in David's body, he morphed himself into a spider and crawled across the forest floor.

{Mission to escape, failure, Mission to protect host, failure, utilizing plan Z}.

Dragon used the last Elms of power he had into creating an energy wave. It wasn't too strong, however almost anyone with a talent in Elms felt it as long as they were nearby.

The jeeps caught up and surrounded the running Dragon still in spider form. It was grotesque with 8 legs and a human head popping out in the middle. Random orifices were scattered about, as Dragon prioritized efficiency over looks.

"We have you surrounded, surrender now,"

Lights and speakers started to blare into the surroundings.

Dragon stayed silent and morphed back into a human while holding David's arms up. As the soldiers got close, Dragon retaliated by grabbing the soldiers body, knifing him in the heart and rushing the enemy. No guns were fired for feae of friendly fire, and a melee contest devolved. David's body was stabbed in the back sides, and eventually Dragon was along surrounded by men with weapons stuck in non lethal areas. However Dragon was smiling. A majestic presence covered the area as the soldiers yelled"Retreat with the target,".


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