Galaxy Online
32 Prep
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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32 Prep

David decided to pace himself in his new life. A new daily routine was born. He'd go to school and didn't try to make friends, or stand out. He tried to expand his knowledge so Dragon could have a wider pool of information to work with. David worked out his body, while cultivating Elms, as he eventually learned passive regeneration. Now Dragon had no fear of running out of power. David also did mercenary work during the two years. He was able to stave off his hunger for souls, but when he was weakened the instinct became maddening. He had Dragon take control of his body on four separate occasions because he lost control of his hunger for souls. David had mainly worked on his foundations however. He didn't trust the system enough for it to handle the basics for him. The engineering skill tree was unforgiving, although perfect for solo players, because of its utility. The [Basic Blueprint Creator] skill allowed players to draw and conceptualize ideas on paper better. This made Engineers very unpopular until a certain skill was discovered. [Bestow Life]. By sacrificing XP, players could gain an intelligent construct they could store in dimensional bags. This was things like David's Anti-Magic golem from his previous life. It could also be a battleship, fighter, or even a metal planet, however the XP costs would scale. But now he was focused on creating simple wooden constructs that were more efficient. Blueprints after blueprints were used up and tossed. David used Dragon and the internet in order to slightly increase performance bit by bit. Eventually he created his first metal construct; a hover board. It didn't have life bestowal or a dimensional storage, but Dragon could control the hover board for easy autopilot. This begs the question, why weren't A.I.s used instead. It's because bad A.I.s were no different from regular programs , and self aware A.I.s usually end up going rogue, which made Dragon all more special. What made David excited was the VR inside of the VRMMO of Galaxy online. Almost anything was in it; fantasies, tower defense, mech fights, battleship fights and so much more. However the more famous ones were in space. Ground troops were there mostly to keep public order, and stop saboteurs. In age where terraforming is possible, orbital bombardments were common. Standard procedure was to bombard the planet to oblivion before landing massive amounts of troops to flush out the rest. Only rarely would something valuable be on the surface that the top brass would consider an all out invasion.

"Alright Dragon lets earn some easy money,"

{This is so unfair it is bullying, Dragon will not be helping this time}

"BS you don't want to help, because you actually want me to learn something"

[Welcome to Starships. Your rank is upper cannon fodder. Please select game mode]

"Invite only ID:5544"

[Confirmed. Connecting.... Connection confirmed]

[Ready Player 1]



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