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34 War, War changed I swear
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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34 War, War changed I swear

8 planes materialized behind David's squadron and fired off all their ordinances. Missiles, bullets, and a couple of lasers. The base model of the plane was the same, but players could modify the plane.

"Rich kids with cloaking devices," David remarked as he did a 180 to meet the new threat. The others at the way back were not so lucky, as they met an explosive ending. David went toward the edge of the formation, as he baited his own team mates. He then got easy shots on the enemy planes they chased his team mates. Shot after shot landed on the fighters causing them to blow up like fireworks.

"5 left," David repeated to himself.

The enemy planes marked David as the biggest threat and gunned towards his plane. David's plane was rolling, diving, climbing, and even making weird diagonal turns as David used the Revolution technique. It involved turning off or weakening certain thrusters to cause the plane to spin crazily. If the plane went out of control and lost speed, it was an easy target, but if done correctly the plane would use its own momentum to rocket all over the place. The enemy pilots could only cry as they watched the plane fly circles around their reticles. Only a couple pot shots hit David's plane, but not before the enemy planes were cleaned up by David's team mates.

"Dragon223 are you in the military?"

His team mates were baffled at why he was in the cannon fodder division, while that was the standard of an elite pilot.

"No, but I just started this game,"

Just started my ass is what his team mates thought as David had made no mistakes that was detrimental towards his own plane.

The remaining 6 fighters in David's squadron flew towards the capital ship. David and his team mates ended up sacrificing their planes for the slow bombers as they unleashed their full load onto the enemy capital ship.

[Game Over, Team A win]

[Collect your prizes in the lobby]

"EZ game," David said as he took the free money and logged out. As he got out of his pod, he saw Darius waiting for him. Darius had decided to treat David like an adopted son, and supported his habits in mercenary work, and school.

"Where are you going for college?", Darius asked. David had no real idea, as he had wanted to create a domain, but Dragon had his two cents to say to David.

{Host, please realize you are not even grade 1 yet. Your foundations are now solid, so we should finish military academy and go to Galactic University at the heart of the Empire. David had known he was in the Empire's territory, but it didn't matter much, because the Empire gave a lot of autonomy to the local citizens.

{Dragon's plan is to join the military and become a warlord}

Warlords were basically the nobles with private militaries and defended strips of space at the border. The emperor could however take control and draft the military units of the Warlords, but there was no precedent.

"I want to join M1". The military had three academies, and M1 was for the top talent. M2 were for the second grade talents, and M3 were so people could say they went there without tarnishing the military academy's name.

"I have a couple of contacts in M2, so I'll ask them for a recommend, but before that I want to ask for something," Darius said.

"I want you to support Astar in one military operation,". David was struck silent, but nodded eventually. His hunger for souls started to flare, and he started fidgeting, David was built for war. His implanted memories were longing for the excitement of a battlefield. "Sure, where do I go?" David replied. Darius smiled at his son, a battle maniac. He had watched David throughout all of his mercenary operations, and was impressed by him and his A.I. Second grades like Darius usually couldn't help, but a person who wasn't even grade 1 could have more freedom in this matter. David went to his room as he prepared. This wasn't some random skirmish, this was war. David also knew his 18th birthday was coming up, which was when players had come to the galaxy. It was also when a war broke out between the Gemini, and the 11 states. Gemini had won with Alyssa converting one of the states to a wasteland. Gemini had later been removed from the star map after the players gained strength and invaded for revenge. With this knowledge David went to work manufacturing his first custom weapon.


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