Galaxy Online
36 Arrival
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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36 Arrival

During the next two days, David was passive as more monsters attacked the train. The train was gliding through a lot of territorial monster's land, and so was attacked on an hourly basis. Most weren't as bad as the Raptors, as the machine guns did the heavy lifting. However in the final stretch, out of the 587 men, 102 men died due to monster attacks, but 236 men were abandoned in the train carts that were disengaged as bait.

As the train pulled into the station, it unloaded its gear and men. Dragon overheard a signal that read"Light casualties, 42 percent survival rate," making David wonder what the lowest was that still made it to the station. As David got to the briefing room, he saw the mass array of vehicles. Mechs, fighter planes, tanks, jeeps and more. It looked like a full out war. Inside the debriefing room a sergeant was yelling out information.

"We are attacking the Gemini in a simultaneous strike along with the other 10 states. Our mission is to take out objective Bravo located here,"

The man pointed to an icon located in a dense forest.

"We are leaving at first thing at night,"

And with that the briefing was over. As day turned into night, I saw a the task force moving out. I wasn't officially part of the force, and was allowed to do whatever I wanted. My hunger for souls started to become overpowering, as I was salivating at the thought of consuming souls. I abandoned my backpack, and sniper rifle, because it was going to be close quarters. I rushed into the dark of night, using Dragon as my guide. I had improved my shapeshifting over a year of practice. I turned into a spider and crawled silently across the forest floor. The outer sentries were already alerted, and had retreated to a compound. The compound was walled, but it was being shelled by the army. Fighter planes were strafing the compound, followed by artillery strikes. The sentries had already retreated inside. However this wasn't my goal. Dragon had decrypted the data chips, and found that there was a second base that served as a hidden exit to the first visible base. I had the information, and now I acted. I shifted my body into normal as I put my hand against the wall. Eventually I found a small crack which I heaved open. A passcode opened up.


After a half minute Dragon finished and said to David{ I can't hack the main data base, because I don't have enough power to brute force it. However I can disable cameras for a couple minutes at a time}

I rushed into the passageway like a phantom as the door shut behind me. The passage was well lit, and went to the outer portion of the base. As I came out, a pair of sentries bumped into me.

" Dragon jam everything,"

Cameras froze, and the radios started to give off static. David rushed forward and knifed the first soldier swiftly, before grabbing the second soldier's throat.

"Give me your soul," David creepily said as he sucked the remnants of the soldiers soul. David changed his clothing to the sentry and shifted his body. He then ran to the area the other sentry was going towards. Groups of men ran towards the hidden compartments, in order to ambush passing soldiers. I ran towards where the data had said the secret exit was. A random hallway with seemingly no purpose appeared in front of me. I started to slide my hand along the wall until I felt a bump. I pressed down hard for several seconds, until a passageway appeared. I quickly entered as the door slammed shut quietly behind me. I was in the belly of the beast. These empty halls were lit with eerie lights. My hunger for souls was overpowering. I couldn't help myself, and even Dragon was worried. I could sense nearby souls as I tracked them down. One by one people were massacred by me as I cut them down where they stood. I finally reached the center of the complex and was met by a familiar face.

It was Bryan. "I remember you, you were a test subject like me, what are you doing here," Bryan quietly said. David just stared. His hunger was just getting started as he was about to go into a rampage. A guard ran up to David and was cut down. With that one soul it tipped David over the edge.

{ERROR, ERROR, Dragon has no control of host, energy overload canceling out Dragon's signals}

David started to speed around the room cutting down man after man. Bryan ran out the room, and the remaining soldiers all stood their ground and fired. David's body morphed into weird shapes dodging all the bullets, as he ran towards the next guard.


The guard collapsed into a pool of blood as his soul was sucked out of him. With each dead guard David grew stronger. The fee bullet wounds he received were healed immediately by the excess energy. The energy kept circulating throughout David, strengthening him, but David was losing control of his mind. As he cut through men like paper with his hands that turned into knives, a woman walked into the room. The room felt cold, and David looked straight at her. Behind her were the two familiar faces of Bryan and Alyssa, the siblings. They looked a little shaken, but alright. The woman however started to radiate power.

{First Grade detected, Host should retreat}

David rushed forward like a rabid animal. The woman started to shoot out beams of ice that froze even the air in their paths. David quickly dodged all the beams by shifting lis limbs into weird shapes that fit around the beam. The woman frowned and quickly stirred up a storm. The air turned into a blizzard as David was slowed down. David kept rushing closing the distance. As the blizzard ended, another beam of ice was fired and nicked Davids side causing frost bite. David instinctively cut off the affect area causing it to regrow back at a visible rate. The pair were now within arms length, and David slashed. The woman merely created a wall that blocked the slash and froze David's hand. The ice traveled to his other limbs causing David to now be locked.

"What do we have here, a cyborg from the outer labs?" the woman asked.

"Yes ma'am he was in my group," Bryan answered.

The woman circled David as she studied whim with fascination. As she came back to the front, Something strange happened. David's head started to bob, before being extended forward. His body grew smaller, while his neck became longer. The distance between the two was a couple inches. The woman started to back off, but was hindered as her shoes got stuck onto the floor. Electricity started to spark as it magnetically sealed her shoes to the ground. All she could do was stare in horror as David's head bit down on her neck ending her life. The ice chains melted, and David dropped. The pair looked at him scared for their lives. David stood there crazily absorbing a first grade's soul. He was feeling the greatest he'd ever been, until he felt something change.

{Soul Heart 10 percent completed}

His head started to hurt as ild memories started to come back. He was remembering his past life. Life outside of Galaxy online. Life in the real world. David's mentality started to harden. He fully accepted his new life, because he wasn't some mindless puppet who only had experience inside of the game. He remembered all of his life's hardships. The pains of growing up. The maturity and calm mind that came with age. The wisdom he learned from real life.

David lurched and rushed towards the pair, and yelled," Hey Bryan with an I," and collapsed next to a pair of surprised young adults.

"David?" Brian said.


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