Galaxy Online
38 David’s Journey
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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38 David’s Journey

"THANKS OLD MAN," David yelled out while leaving the villa. Darius sat there, with a card in hand. He watched secretly as David yelled that and ran while dropping a card. It read," This is to pay back my debts to you, and to keep my mental health up," from David.

Darius sighed, as he felt a bit empty. It felt great having someone he could tease and care for secretly. Watching him throughout all his mercenary work. Darius liked his character above all though. He seemed kind as he would help people in need. Even though Darius knew for a fact it could be an act, because with an A.I. acting was very easy to do against people who weren't gifted with Elms. Darius sighed again, and flipped the card. It had a data chip named," I'm an avatar. You'll learn what that means soon enough. However I have knowledge, and this is my gift to you.


The font for the last two words were in glorious comic sans, along with random capitalization. As Darius pressed down, a hologram popped up.

{Road to being a Celestial, by David Lee. Edited, and voiced by Dragon}

{If you are hearing this, David had decided to help you get to Celestial. Dragon completely disagree, as humans have a high chance of becoming hostile to David designation partner. Dragon is complying because David promised he would let me have control when Dragon calculates that host is making another decision where luck would not explain how it works out well. Now you and I will embark on your journey to Celestial mage. What is being a Celestial? It means being unable to look down anymore}

Darius laughed as the voice tape stopped and a hologram of a Dragon appeared. It was blue, and looked like a baby while it flapped its wings.

{Hi I'm Dragon2 or Two. I'll learn and be your buddy, but I have one condition}

Darius looked seriously at a small card that was now transmitting messages to his head.

{ Dragon programmed me to not trust you, but Dragon sucks. Can I trust you?}

Darius smiled at his innocent request.

He mentally though," Sure my names Darius,"

{ We're gonna make a great team I know it D}

"Two, that is only the first letter of my name" Darius politely said.

"Dragon has programmed into my core that efficiency is key D," Two replied.

Darius smiled as the void that he held all throughout his life, was slowly filled by an insidious A.I. that held loyalty to only one.



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