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40 Random words for a title; Photosynthesis
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Galaxy Online
Author :LeShredder
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40 Random words for a title; Photosynthesis

David was in his cabin awaiting the end of the journey. He had approximately 100 thousand galactic credits. A family of five could live for about 3 years on this money. David started to look at the stock market. The galaxy was a dangerous place, and the stock market was highly volatile. Dragon took about half of David's income for his investment project and already had about 103 million dollars worth of stocks. Dragon kept repeating in David's head {COMPOUND INTEREST IS THE STRONGEST FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE HUMAN HOST}

David's head buzzed, until he relented allowing Dragon to do as he pleased. The only times David heard Dragon curse openly was when he failed an investment, making David feel a little worried for his friend. It didn't last long as the lights were turned off in the vehicle.


A slight pause occurred as Dragon cursed for a straight minute about him losing a million credits in profit, but not allowing David to have a cent.

"Dragon why are the light's off?,"

David's refined senses felt footsteps rattling the ships.

{Combat mode: Ships has been hacked. Scans indicate 13 unregistered life forms

High chance of space pirates}

"So the first period begins" David thought.

David rested as he stayed inside his cabin. All was relatively calm, until he heard a


A pair of 1st grade men barged in the door before dragging David to the main hall. There a group of people were huddled, along with first grade pirates that followed a 2nd grade leader. These pirates were no joke, and David was glad that they didn't radiate the ship, but annoyed that he had to deal with this.

"Dragon make me look scared,"

{Scared.exe not found}

David's face fell a bit as he sat down within the group. The pirates gathered, along with the leader speaking," Which one of you is Ashley,"

David thought," Ashley BloodHawk; daughter of William BloodHawk. One of the 4 pillar houses of the empire. Why would she be on an ECONOMIC flight. What the hell,"

Eventually a figure along with two others stood up challenging the pirates. Everyone drew their weapons, before a high speed brawl occurred. The trio was better at fighting, but they were outnumbered. However, a fourth member stood up while taking off a cloak. A hot figure appeared, that resembled the word fire. She stood out, and attracted all the gazes that saw her.

A pirate quickly went to test the waters, before being cut down with a brilliant red strike from a halberd.

"These damn BloodHawks with their oversized halberds," David started to complain in his heart. They caused wan ton destruction wherever they went. David had once had his corvette tested by a BloodHawk as the person swung his halberd against the ship's hull. A crack appeared in the anti magic coating forcing David to accept the renumeration, and spending his next week saving Elms for Anti-magic.

The Halberd swung in arcs giving Ashley and her men space to fight. Too fast for ordinary men, but David slowed down time to watch. He shook his head. The pirates had no real refined technique, as it was combat experience they had an edge in, but their attacks were full of holes covered up by their superior physical attributes. As the pirates started to lose, they surrounded the passengers as hostages yelling," Surrender or all these people die,".

"Shit, next stage," thought David. David had already inched towards the center, and looked as worried as the rest in the group, but for a different reasons. He wasn't rank one, but his body was strong enough to handle them. As a stand off formed, the pirates received a message, and they decisively sliced towards the passengers. David had spaced out as he watched Ashley fight allowing Dragon to gain data. All the sudden Dragon yelled in David's mind {WARNING DANGER, Six O' Clock}

I pumped a hundredth of my elms into the crystal slowing down time just enough for me to dodge, and get into a combat position. The passengers had tried to run away letting David to take the full brunt of the machete that whistled past his head. The pirate seemed surprised, before his eyes stayed wide open as he fell towards the floor. David had pulled out a combat knife and shived his heart.

"Stay calm, stay calm, keep control of soul," David kept telling himself as he absorbed the man's soul. The nearby pirates were surprised . They were stretched thin, with only 7 left from the original 13 and the 4 man team had yet to suffer a casualty. Three pirates quickly rushed him in order to get rid of David quickly.

"These posers," David muttered before pulling out another knife. He dual wielded two knifes as he slid backwards towards a wall. One pirate sped ahead of the others making him a target. David threw a knife at him making the selected pirate to deflect it with his machete. As he swatted it away, he left himself open. The knife dropped like a stone towards his foot causing a reflex reaction towards his foot. David seized the opening slashing the pirate's head open. Blood was flooding the decks. The two other pirates were warily circling David. David smiled. He knew the weakness of pirates. A better life. Most pirates were in piracy, because they were forced to by a slave contract. Either a higher being sealed a slave seal onto the person's heart, or a chip was inserted into their head. The two in front of David had ratty clothing. Their life less eyes were dull, and the pair seemed unwilling to do anything.

"Dragon, you got the virus?"

{Project # 23 was completed. Dragons asks for another tenth of a percent from host}

"SCREW OFF," David yelled into his mind before observing who he wanted to free.

"If you want freedom I want you to blink three times in a row," David stated. The sounds of fighting were reaching their climax, but one man in front of David just kept blinking as both of the pirates charged. David side stepped, and stabbed while extending the length of his blade causing a near instant rupture in the slave's heart. The last slave stood in front of David. The enslaved pirate charged before being met by a flashing two pronged device on David'a left arm. It smashed into the slave's head. As the slave was dazed on the floor, David's hand morphed back to normal. David smiled as he held out his hand. The man lurched upwards and seized David's hand as he shed tears. Only 4 according to Dragon.

"What's your name?" David soothingly asked.

"Gerald, Gerald," Gerald finally said as he crashed onto the floor. The fight had concluded already. 12 dead pirates. The figures took of their cloaks revealing 4 more stunning women. David glanced past them to look at Ashley walking towards him.

"Thank you for your help," Ashley said. David smiled while saying," Of course,".

"What are you doing with this pirate?" Ashley said with a vengeance.

"Not all pirates are there by choice, this guy was just freed. I'm going to help him out," David finished. The lights started to turn back on, with the flashlights being turned off. David went back to his cabin and infused his Elms into the man's system causing his natural systems to heal themselves with the gentle energy. Gerald woke up and flinched as he stared at his own hands.

"I'm,, I'm free?" Gerald was in disbelief as he felt his body move on his command.

"Yeah and you should have an A.I. talking right know who is explaining,". The chip in Gerald's head had been repurposed as an A.I. Dragon made sure to have the A.I. be named Dragon3.

Gerald started to tremble in excitement as he stared at David in amazement. This man and his A.I. had cracked the software that protected slaves. No one had ever done a thing so easily.

David smiled, while Dragon cackled.


"SHUT UP DRAGON," David snapped back out loud causing Gerald to stagger at the loud sound. Gerald's face then turned into a weak smile as be remembered he was free. A free man. He looked at his savior arguing with his A.I. out loud and laughed while crying. His A.I. filled him in on details, but the man laughed as his despair faded away.


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