Gravewalker in Elder Scrolls
2 Escape Part 2
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Gravewalker in Elder Scrolls
Author :Long_Equals_Dragon
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2 Escape Part 2

"Martin! What took ya so long. Here, you'll go and repaint the walls." Said the lady from the orphanage Sheila, she handed Talion a massive broom that was going to be used as a brush and a large wooden bucket of white paint.

"I thought Figus was going to do that today?"

"Figus has a fever today, right now he's restin on a bed."

"Fine I'll go."

"Thanks Martin. I have a little present for you once you finish repainting the walls." said the plump Sheila sweetly, trying to motivate Talion.

Talion headed towards the room he was going to paint first. The Shilly Orphanage was split into five sections, the half (two sections) was rooms for kids, there were 23 kids in the orphanage, every kid had to share a bed together expect one kid. The other section was a kitchen, the food was stored in a large drawer that acted like a fridge in a sense that it stored, meat was salted or dried and vegetables were pickled; drinks were stored in a small cupboard that was hanging on the wall. Another section was in the centre of the building, it was the dinning hall that had a massive table in the centre of the room. The other section was a room that Sheila slept in, Sheila was the only one managing the orphanage, she worked very hard but sometimes needed help as sometimes a single person couldn't do it alone.

Sheila was bothered to run an orphanage as she knows the feeling of being an orphan, through special connections she managed to set up an orphanage close to the Chapel of Talos, few buildings away.

Martin is in the room and finds the boy named Figus laying on a bed looking rather unhealthy. The boy Figus was an orphan, he came to the orphanage around a year ago, he doesn't talk much and hasn't got any friends, Figus is quite antisocial. Figus only does chores everyday or reads some books sometimes.

"Hi Figus" Talion nods to Figus's direction, Figus nods back.

Talion sees that walls of the room and notices that they have had scribbles on them, all sorts of nightmarish pictures filling the walls such as a unicorn with a cat paw as its tail.

Talion started brushing by dipping the broom in the bucket and starting to push the broom up and down against the wall, the paint that soaked the broom brush tip started to taint the messy wall. Talion started going from a slow pace to a fast pace, the up and down strokes were quick and precise, no bend or irregularity as if he was a machine.

Why would you need to paint stone walls? Well in Bruma, it is cold as it is close to the Skyrim province. Stone doesn't stop the coldness so Sheila had an idea of using a special type of paint to absorb the cold weather that would creep inside the rooms and also to decorate the orphanage, make it more special and beautiful compared to other buildings in Bruma.

A Few Hours Later...

Talion had managed to finish painting all of the orphanage just before everyone in the orphanage came back for supper. Every room was white, clean and spotless even warmer than before. Talion was happy with his work and went back to Sheila to report his success.

"Lady Sheila, I have finished painting all of the interior of the building."

"That's great! You'll get your reward right after supper.Okay"

Talion simply nodded and they all went to get their supper, except Sheila as she was the one preparing the meals.

As Talion entered the dining hall, all the kids set their sights on him and silenced themselves. The kids regard Talion as not to be messed with as most of the kids in there secretly got their asses kicked by Talion. Talion was the boss here.

"Yo Martin, I see what you did with the orphanage, it looks nice!" Said a young Orc that looked slightly older than Talion.

"Hello Tungsten, how was your day, the usual?" Talion sat next to the orc child.

Tungsten had black hair, blue eyes and greenish-grey skin, he was eight years old that's three years older than Talion and he still got his ass whooped by Talion. Tungsten was the right-hand man of Talion, Talion's best friend. Tungsten was friends with Talion for two years now, most of the times before it would be Talion or Martin losing the other fights so Martin would simply be Tungsten's bitch.

When Tungsten was born, the orc tribe chief wanted to kill him and his family as his dad has done something to bring shame upon the tribe. The tribe chief was so angry that he wanted to kill Tungsten's whole family, which he did but didn't manage as his mother got her friend to send him to the Shilly orphanage where the tribe is not allowed.

Tungsten was the town's bandit leader, he would have his gang of little kids from all over the city beat up people in the alley ways, robbing them (e.g. one man vs twenty kids age of six), or at least trying before they have to run away as the guards are very tough around Bruma. So they would barley get an catch at all as there is also the fact that most people aren't dumb.

"Yeah, we couldn't get any catch today as this one breat spoilt it!" said irritated orc

"Ahhh...that sounds bad, don't be harsh on the kid." said Talion calmly.

Tungsten sighed and said that he'll 'let the kid off for now' and they all started eating the grub that was before them.

Sheila prepared some dry beef jerky and sandwiches as appetisers before the main course, some mild honey mead was served to the kids as beverages. The main course was venison stakes with mashed potatoes and some more honey mead. All the kids were having fun.

After a few hours of chatting and fighting with Tungsten. Talion went to the kitchen to get his usual dose of milk.

"So...What was the strongest weapon ever created?" Talion asked Sheila.

"Hmmm" Sheila hummed whilst holding her chin with her index and thumb." I'd have to say that the Numidium, the Numidium or as some people call it the Brass Tower, it was a giant golem made from metal and the remains of a god combined. It was created by the Dwarves but finished and used by Tiber Septim himself to unite the continent of Tamriel."

"WOW! You mean that the Numidium has the power of a god!? And that It was made by the Dwarves, a race that disappeared millennia ago? That sounds great, I wonder if I'll ever use it" 'If I were to bring the Numidium with me then I bet that Sauron would be crushed'

"Too bad kid, legend has it that the Numidium was destroyed" laughed Sheila, Talion let out a disappointed sigh, to pretend that he's was fascinated yet at the same time truly let out his disappointment.

"Anyway, here's the reward you get for helping me out!" Smiled Sheila as she handed Talion a wooden shortsword that had dull edges. It looked like a child's toy but to Talion it was of great use to him.

Talion went back to his room and shared his bed with Tungsten who was already asleep.

Few hours later...

Talion who pretended to sleep jumped out of the bed silently and went beneath the bed to reach out for a small shabby black cloak that was actually tailored by Talion who used some clothes that he secretly stole, he shredded and cut the cloth into the shape of a cloak so that he isn't recognised and can blend in with the darkness.

Before he could open the door and exit the room, a hand tapped his shoulder. Talion turned around and saw Tungsten looking at him, smiling.

"Where do you think you're going?" Tungsten whispered in Talion's ear.


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