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In cutivation realm with anime system
Author :blazuki
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11 Great escape

She looked at the golden core cultivator whos eye was bleending he was average height and black hair, she saw his back as he was facing 10 elders who was flying in the sky all of them was peak of halo spirit never rather than beggin for his life or run he stood there ready to fight never did she saw a brave worrior like, she lived twice and people called her the greatest Heaven worrior as she stood at the peak of the world and lived for thosands of years but never saw a brave man like him.

turninig his head he said with a firm voice as yellow cloud apeared next to him

" raid this cloud it will help you, escape"

She felt suspecious as there was nothing like free lunch in this world.

"why do you want to save me" she thought the young man must be after her secrets.

" I'm doing this to save my soul" he said while he was looking at the elders who was flying to him.

His answer mad everything clear he is just innocent young kid who loved martial arts and fighting, but a he felt guilty for mascare he made so he decided to save her in order not to forget his humanity , she saw his Black eyes and seem that they don't lie. She felt shame for suspecting such a noble man for the first time in her two lifes.

"HERRY UP !" he said as his eyes turned red with three tomes, he didn't using lightning with kaioken and amaterasu to be exhausting, but he Steel have power to fight, his sayan blood was boiling as sayans aren't called worriors race for nothing.

" you can rest i'll take care of the rest"

He saw a tall beatifull figure in front of him her palm turned red and as she moved it a huge dragon claw sized 10 miles mad from chi descended from heaven and cruched the elders who was comming. A piramy combat soul state killed a peak halo spirit 10 elders in one move.

" dragon palm. dragon transformation art" he recognized the move. It was the same jiang Chen move from a novel he read back on earth 'dragon marked god war' this move is exclusive to only who practice dragon transformation art which was higher than god tier technique , no Wonder that girl is stronger even than him she must be a reincarnation of some Heaven worrior

" Nina. how dare you"

josha saw a celestial king state Howling up in the sky he saw the future with his haki so he quickly throwed a kunai next to that girl

The celestial king waved his hand and a giant golden palm was comming to claim there lifes.

"this is the end, it seem i can't make it to immortal world after all" she said accept her fate


a young man with clear eyes apeared next to her as he held her hand and looked up to the celestial king « amaterasu »

« thunder god seal (known also as flying raijin) » both vanished as the golden palm hitted the ground and black flames coverd the celestial king.

Nina opened her eyes to saw her self alive in middle of a clean house in some forest, that brat seem to know an instant teleportation art.

in front of her a man smilling with a bleeding eye

"thanks god you are fine" he said as he fell on the ground unconscious, she scanned the house with her spirit sense than she lifted him and puted him inside the bed then she applied some medicine on him

'this brat have really strong body' she said as she walked to the bathroom to take a shower.

Then she took a new set of clothes from her storage ring

'today event make me unlock some hidden potentials, i need to cultivate soon, i will make that kid guard me after he is a wake' she had a good impression of him.


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