Karna - The Legend Untold
2 Severing Fate
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Karna - The Legend Untold
Author :License_to_Offend
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2 Severing Fate

Yama, The God of Death soon emerged from the depths of the dark hallway and with him, came the aura of despair.

Surya knew that Yama wasn't actively trying to do anything but he still felt some kind of tug from his soul. It was as if his soul could leave his body at any second if Yama wished to do so and this only got him excited as he knew that Yama would take him to the Underground world to train which was the realm between Heaven and Hell.

"Brother Yama" Bowed Karna respectfully towards his approaching brother and touched his feet in a show of respect.

"I Bless you with complete immortality." Said Yama while raising his hand towards Karna.

Yama just blessed Karna with complete immortality, which means that even in the future if Karna's breastplate and earrings are not with him, his soul will still not leave his body and apart from Yama himself, no one actually had the right over souls since he was the god of death.

"Thank you, Brother Yama" Said Karna with a happy smile.

"How are you doing brother Shani?" Asked Yama finally looking towards his other brother.

"How am I doing? You are asking me about how am I doing just after I came to know about the conspiracy of framing and killing my brother with dishonor? And that too by the God I use to worship too? Well, brother Yama, To answer your question, I am anything but fine."

Voiced Shani with Dripping Sarcasm.

Yama laughed out lout while hearing his always aggressive brother and slightly bowed towards his wives in a way of greeting.

After chatting a bit, Yama, Along with Shani and Karna then started to walk towards the eerie room from where Yama emerged and soon disappeared behind the curtains of said room.

As soon as Karna entered the room, he suddenly saw three old ladies with disfigured faces.

Sensing their arrival, All three of them cried and started to beg towards them.

"Lord Yama, You can't do this to us! We are only following the orders of Lord Krishna"

"Krishna? When it is already established that the humans will have a free will and no one is allowed to play the role of destiny in their lives, then how dare you do that to my Brother? Don't you fear Death? Or would you rather deal with our father, the Sun himself?"

Replied Yama with contempt.

Listening about the Sun Deity, all three of the fate sisters started to shiver uncontrollably. Granted that Yama, as a god of death, can kill them, but Lord Sun would torture them till this cycle of the universe in the deepest parts of Sun where the core temperature can even burn their souls.

"Remove everything that binds my brother, be it the fate threads, premeditated co-incidences and soul restrictions placed by your manipulations. Place all of them on his puppet instead, which is living the life in his place so that Krishna doesn't get suspicious."

Ordered Shani with an air of authority. Shani was a very proud God and if he decided to ruin someone's life, be it god, devil or a human, he would do it at any cost.

Listening to Shani, all the fate sisters immediately understood what they have to do and summoned some silver pairs of scissors with which they cut around Karna and started reciting something while all the fate threads moved to Karna's puppet on earth.

Karna immediately felt a huge burden lift off his soul which he didn't know was there.
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Suddenly Shani too brought out Karna's birth cart and with a smile severed his connection with the birth chart and instead connected it with Karna's puppet.

By doing so, anything happening in his Kundli(Birth Chart) would directly affect the puppet which was living Karna's life in Hastinapur as a chariot's son while the real Karna is now free from the clutches of Krishna, or more accurately, Vishnu.




Karna was now sitting on a giant bull which was Yama's pet while Yama was deciding the fates of many souls. He sent most to reincarnate after wiping their memories, sent some to hell, and only a couple managed to get into heaven.

After Yama had Judged the souls, Karna asked a question that was bothering him the most.

"Brother Yama, Won't Lor-...I mean Vishnu know about our doing? Isn't he Omnipotent and Omnipresent?"

Listening to his cute little brother's question Yama laughed and said

"Rest Assured. When we gods came to be, It was decided by the Three Supreme that for respecting our privacy no one will look towards our domain. And even if they do try to look, as the God of Death, my domain can only be perceived by Lord Mahesh, the Deity of Ultimate Destruction, who is actually the fairest out of the three.

So even if he knows about our doings, he won't tell anything to Vishnu as he simply won't care, and would also be disappointed in his brother"

Yama's words made Karna understand the situation more clearly. So Lord Mahesh was most probably okay with what they were doing.

"By the way brother, Can I judge the next batch of souls which will come here from purgatory?"

Asked Karna with a laugh as he tried to tease his brother.

He knew very well that Yama would never allow anyone to meddle in his Dharma which was killing people based on their Karma, which was provided by Shani and then judging them on their life decisions.

Karna, however, was in for a surprise when he suddenly heard Yama shrugging his question like its nothing and saying

"Sure, Whatever"

Karna almost fell from the Bull's back which made Yama laugh.

"Brat, Now that you are here in my realm, I will teach you about the soul, Shani taught you about the virtues of your body and I will teach you everything about the soul. So yeah, How to perceive a soul and see their karma will also be in this study."

"Now close your mouth and follow me, Since you will be living here, you can sleep anywhere. As I will teach you about the soul, in some time, you won't even need to sleep anymore. The Complete unison of your body with your soul will make you a False God, and false gods don't need sleep."

Before Karna could barrage him with questions he already knew were coming, Yama continued with his explanation.

"False Gods are gods that have no designation. Such as I am a God, but my designation is Death. So I am the God of Death. Same with Shani, who is the God of Karma, and so on.

This Designation is decided by the three Supremes when someone ascends to become a False God. But you don't worry, we will directly go to Lord Mahesh for it."

Karna got what his brother was saying but he didn't like the idea that someone else will still shape his future, even if that person is the most dangerous entity in the Universe, he was still unsatisfied.

But, he threw that thought at the back of his head as that was far ahead in the future.

Yama who saw that finally, his brother had no question for him, directly picked Karna from his collar and threw him in some viscous dark liquid which was leaking black gases.

It all happened so fast that Karna wasn't even able to gasp and in this viscous liquid, all his bodily movements stopped.

All that training under raining diamonds, chakra points, intense gravity was failed by just a pool of this weird liquid which made Karna a little angry.

"If you want to get out of this pool, then try to find the core of your soul, will your soul to move your body. If you can't even do that, then you are better off dead, which you will be in like two days."

Chuckled Yama as he then started to laugh out loud like a maniac.

"Great" Karna thought as Yama's voice reached his mind.

"I am from a family of sadistic maniacs who say contradictory bullshit. At one moment I am 'Complete Immortal' and in the next moment I am dead in two days." thought Karna with dripping sarcasm as he tried to dive in his soul realm.





After a month, Karna was seen trying to hit some ghosts but he failed every time.

Yama was sitting with his pet Bull and was watching his brother make a fool out of himself for the past hour.

"Hah! Brother of the God of Death can't even touch souls. If the news gets out, I will die of shame" Said Yama feigning hurt on his face while he was still enjoying Karna's misery."

"You sorry excuse for a teacher. Just Shut up!" Yelled Karna.

In this month, from controlling his soul to get out of the pool of Despair to fighting souls with material weapons, Yama made Karna do all sorts of crazy things.

After calming a little down while enjoying his brother's misery, Yama asked a question which made Karna stop

"So Brat, What will you do in the future? Will you go find trouble with Lord Vishnu or would-"

Before Yama could even finish his sentence, Karna replied

"I will Start with Krishna. He thinks that he will play god in the war of Mahabharata? I will show him what does it mean to play god. From Courting Draupadi to Killing Arjun. I will do everything he will try so hard to stop and destroy everything related to Vishnu from the face of the earth.

His wives, consorts, kingdom, children…..Everything."

"Everything you say? Have you forgotten that our own sister Yamuna is one of his consorts?"

Asked Yama with a serious face.

"So what? She wouldn't stop to think twice before selling me out to him in her 'Pativrata Dharma', Should I just sacrifice myself? NO! I will even claim her."

Said Karna with extreme arrogance.

Karna was slowly and slowly growing and with him, his emotions were too. In this past month with Yama, he had seen many memories of the souls which were being judged by Yama.

He was getting the grasp of every emotion from love, lust, brotherhood, friendship, to betrayal, anger, greed.

He had already made a rough plan on how he would start his revenge and now, after being reminded about all of this, his eyes shone with a glint and he suddenly slashed at the soul which was evading him till now, only for it to wail in agony from Karna's strike and get sucked into the passageway of hell.


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