Legend Of The Prince Of 《Sleep》
-1 《Prologue 15》
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Legend Of The Prince Of 《Sleep》
Author :Heartless
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-1 《Prologue 15》

If people can't handle the truth, it's not your fault so don't blame yourself. It's their inability to handle reality, you have no responsibility to lead them by the hand.

<Another day of restlessness in another world, just my luck. I hope you're happy you demon. Well, the day is as dark as could be; a possible thunderstorm or something is bound to happen, right?>

Like i said before, today's just not my day. Its raining cats and dogs, jumping carrots and rabbits, flooding feathers and wool and all kinds of crazy things. Yes, you've guessed it right, it's Jack's crazy world. Welcome one welcome all, it's a nice day out here and we will be having a blast in this crazy insane world. On the right, we have, audience favourite, Rabbit, and on the left we have, fan favourite, Cat. The candidates are entering the field and have started to talk shit with each other ..... and that's one mean uppercut by Rabbit, i believe that was violation of the rules but i am not sure what do you think mark?

Let's watch it again in slow motion, looking at it closely; i am afraid that was a low ball but the referee has yet to say anything on it .... and looks like Rabbit is safe as the referee considers it okay. Cat has it bad today, just not Cat's luck maybe a stray black-cat crossed paths with Cat.

*Cough* okay, that's enough. What the heck, what kind of weird ass dream was that. Anyways it was definitely not me wasting time.

So ... today i was rolling around in my cage and i realised that i could finally roll myself. Yes, i wasn't really into the whole concept of concentration, thus, it happened. Finally rolling around and all, i was really excited and ended up tiring myself out just rolling through the day.

Also, this is not something new, but i think i saw an elf. It seems i am now even more confused about where i am since from all the novels i read, there's supposed to be some kind of war going on between the beast-men (is that what they are called??), elves, humans, dwarves, dragons, hobbits, monsters, angels, fallen angels, demons, devils, shadow lurkers and all that. It's not like that other novel about that neet guy who gets reincarnated and ends up being this huge prodigy and all. You know, m*sh*ku t*ns*i, or something like that.

Although, i don't wish to complain; i have no choice but to complain. Why was i not brought to the past, or the future. Like seriously, i could've become famous in either the settings. I shouldn't grumble and whine about it since i could be considered very lucky in a sense.

Okay, enough about all the things that need to be put to one side and let's us talk about something really serious. I recently have been having weird feelings when i look at mother and it's freaking me out. Like when she bathes me, feeds me and puts me to sleep, i just can't seem to get her out of my head. I need help here because this is driving me insane. I don't know what it's called but this feeling, i hate having it. I know .... it must be the devil, he must be trying to lead me astray by making it so that Mothers figure doesn't get out of my head and i end up fighting father over her, like the one in that movie that i watched before. I think it was about Alexander or someone, not sure but that must be it.

Chris used meditate. It's effective. Chris used concentrate. It's effective. Chris used calm. It's effective. Chris used sleep. It's super effective. Chris has fallen asleep. zzz.

<Later in the evening, or something along the lines of the that, if not night.>

'I woke up to an empty room like every other day,

The day you left, I've been remembering ever since,

Missing you has been my life's daily occurrence ,

Remembering the old days has become a habit,

Like age old wine, I'm rare and fine,

Better with age, experienced highly am I.'

Save that starting of the poem, check. Oh, you are back; take a seat and we will begin shortly. As i was saying before getting interrupted by myself, I have been having weird sexual thoughts while looking at mother (this worlds one) and its starting to get me a little freaked out since i don't want to have any such thoughts.

I know many might say, its absolutely normal for a guy to have thoughts about his mother first then other girls around him and i call bullshit. So don't give me that nonsense. Anyways putting that aside, i am finally able to understand a little of what people around me are saying but still a long way to go before being able to speak. I might be understanding it faster due to being reborn or probably because i am that smart or it might be my cheat/blessing, not sure but doesn't matter either way.

I can understand so that's something new, i can now proudly say i am able to understand more than 4 languages. Yay. I am awesome. Okay. Celebrations and congratulations have finished.

On another note, I've been trying to control the mana/essence, no matter how little i have, to cycle through the whole body so that when i grow up i will be able to cast magic faster and be able to replenish my mana from the environment faster. That's theory and all, and i am not sure if it's going to be detrimental or not but since i already started it; i cant just stop midway.

So that was one other thing i did since yesterday. After that, i got this weird hormone or something problem going on and I just hope, everything is on order as i grow up cause i definitely don't want weird sexual preferences. Alright kids, it's time for all of you to do your homework, eat your food and go to sleep. It's not healthy for you to stay up late like that.

Oooh, who lives in a world under the sea?

Mermaids. I hope they are present in this world. I need to hope for such things since there were some other world novels which didn't have any and it was quite depressing since they were all kinds of beastfolks present except mermaids. You can say that they are not beastfolks all you want, but a female that has a fish tail, i say beastfolk.

*Sigh* I am getting tired of this routine nowadays; i just feel its not right to do this anymore since i am just a little time away from being able to talk, not really, but its the thought that counts. I have got it all jumbled up, damn you distracting thoughts, go away.

*Ahem* Anyways, my mana has been increasing steadily since i started being able to meditate properly and now it has become a habit for me. Yes, a habit developed in 5-6 days. It's my habit so mind your own business will you.

Good news is that, i can finally understand the language they are speaking though not completely but somewhat as there are similarities between the Languages of Earth and the one they speak. Its quite a good coincidence, not, that it is similar.

Now that i think about it, i have been making p*kemon references and all but is their a possibility that I can tame monsters here or catch them like in you know what. That is a question for another day for now, goodbye.


note: authors note is me filling it up. Damn, i am finding hard not to use up all that space...😐


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