My love story : by Abhishek Malhotra
419 My jealous girlfriend 4
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My love story : by Abhishek Malhotra
Author :sweetykim
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419 My jealous girlfriend 4

Kunal looked at his woman and asked with a poker face "Why are you so angry ?" Seeing her moody face he realised his mistake.

He isn't a sweet talker and he couldn't say cheesy lines like those boys out there but he decided to try it seeing her sad face.

He smiled and asked "Why baby ? Didn't you do well in the exam. It's okay, it's not a big deal."

She looked at him and said "Enough with your cheesy talk. It doesn't suit you."

He gave up immediately after hearing her comment and said "Are you jealous ?" and she replied with a sarcastic tone "Should I be jealous ?"

He shook his head and said "Don't you know baby that this is all acting and it's a part of my profession. No personal feelings involved". He tried to sound as genuine as he could.

She looked at him curiously and searched for something in his eyes and he became stiff all over at her enquiring eyes. She gave a faint smile and he went to sit beside her and hugged her with a relieved face.

He kissed her on her soft lips and she was mesmerized for a second and forgot all about other things and reciprocated him with the same passion. After a while he ouller back and smiled at her.

She asked again "Are you sure that this is all acting ?" and he nodded. He asked her with a smile "Are you really jealous baby ?" and she snorted and replied in a high pich tone "Why would I be jealous. I am not that petty."

Just then they heard a knock on the door and Shriya and Barun entered with two icecream cups in their hands. They heard the couple talking and wanted to give them privacy but they can't leave them alone there.

It would become a great problem if someone captured a picture of them together. Moreover Barun is also a public figure and Shriya can't take the risk of staying with him alone with all those cameras around. Barun sat on the dressing table while Shriya sat beisde her friend.

Sony took the ice cream cup from her friend's hands and asked her man while enjoying it "It's you who don't think of it as acting. If there are no personal feelings involved then why are so uncomfortable ?"

He looked at her with a question mark on his face and she replied "If it's only acting then go and do it with professionalism. Complete in one shot. I will stay here and watch".

Barun said while munching on the chips he brought earlier "Even Abhi bhai had to do a kiss scene today." He then wondered aloud "I feel like they became actors just so that they could do this stuff with beautiful women" and a pen which came flying hit him on his head.

Kunal threw it and glared at his brother who shut his mouth immediately. He asked Shriya "Did he have the same scene ?" and she nodded her head. She said with an annoyed tone "But as far as I know that scene isn't for today and he actually didn't have any shoot scheduled this morning".

Barun looked at them with confusion and so did Sony. But he couldn't help but say "It's a fake one, you know angel management and stuff".

Kunal scolded his brother and "You look better with your mouth shut" and he said to Shriya "It must have been an addition then and it happens sometimes".

Sony said to Kunal and said "Now go get it done in one shot. I will be watching you".

Kunal nodded and stepped out of his caravan with them behind him. Barun sat beside Vikranth while Shriya and Sony sat behind him.

Kunal took a deep breathe and he signalled with his fingers "Okay" to the director. Then he said to Garima in a very low tone "Don't worry it's my first time too, infront of the camera".

She smiled and Vikranth said "Kunal, let's go for a take now".


Garima was playing the role of a innocent and naive college student who works as an intern for a second generation rich kid played by Kunal.

He falls for her naivety and today when she was passing across his office he pulls her into the room and fixes her against the wall by holding her hands.

He then kisses her passionately and the poor girl is trapped between him and the wall and she don't have a way to escape.

The girl who is taken by surprise just stares at him with her eyes wide open. They started shooting the scene and to everyone's surprise both the people managed to complete the scene in one shot and they had to do another one immediately to get it from another angel that is a long shot.

Everyone clapped as soon as the scene is done and Vikranath asked Kunal "How did you do it woth perfection in one shot while you were so uncomfortable earlier ?" and Kunal replied with a wink "I practised".

Vikranath was shocked and confused. Sony blushed hearing his words and Shriya and Barun tried to control their laugh. Director asked "What ?" and Kunal said "I am just kidding".

Vikranth smiled and said to both Kunal and Garima "You did great. You guys have two hour break, go and get some rest. And prepare for next shot before we set up things here".

Kunal said "Vikranth, inform me when the shot is ready". Kunal took his brother and the two girls to his caravan. He asked his manager Vrishti "Get me some food".


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