Nightmare's Call
585 Planning: Part 1
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Nightmare's Call
Author :Get Lost
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585 Planning: Part 1

"So, that is to say that Pei Lin is our only coordinate to pin down the location of the Corpsedemon world?"

In the Hall of Yin and Yang, Lin Sheng, Tenko Kasumi and a few other leaders that knew of the Source sat together as they discuss the plan of obtaining the Source from the Corpsedemon world.

And Lin Sheng had already known Giving Hope's real name from the previous training.

"Yes, based on my research, all of the men we had sent to the Corpsedemon world had been using Pei Lin as an anchor in order to stay in that world freely." Nurgana said calmly.


"So, Pei Lin is currently a very special existence for us. If we lose that anchor, the resistance of the Corpsedemon world towards us will greatly increase, and by then, it will trigger a world resistance reaction." Nurgana plainly said.

"I understand what you mean." Lin Sheng nodded slightly.

And the so called world rejection reaction was first proposed by him.

As a member of the research team, Lin Sheng's research capability was beyond any ordinary scholars, and after obtaining the blessing of the world, through the Holy Sanctum, and performing his research; he had boldly proposed a conjecture that the world was itself a living being with a hazy instinctual consciousness.

And with that conjecture as a core, he had created a model that had unexpectedly explained many prior phenomenons and natural events had previous could not be explained.

And the world rejection reaction was one of them.

"If we totally lose our anchor, what will we exactly face?" Tenko Kasumi closed her eyes slightly, as if she was pretending to be asleep, and at this moment she nonchalantly popped a question and attracted the attention of everyone else.

"The souls of our people are in essence, not the original denizens of the Corpsedemon world, and the biggest possibility will that they be forcibly expelled by the world." Nurgana explained.

"That's really troublesome. Can't this phenomenon be resolved?" Tenko Kasumi frowned a little.

"Yes, but it takes time, and before we could resolve the issue of the world rejection reaction, we need to guarantee the safety and stability of the anchor." Nurgana further explained.

"And next, the research institute should focus fully on the model of overcoming the world rejection, we need to get a solution at the soonest." Lin Sheng concluded.

"Understood!" Adolf, who was the side, immediately acknowledged his orders.

"We have fifteen strong points over in the Corpsedemon world. We can start sending in Oppressor-class officials over now." Lin Sheng ordered.

"So are we taking plan A or B?" Tenko Kasumi asked.

"A, we will consolidate our undercover operations. And the moment it breaks out, we need to take over the public opinion. We need to expose the food chain relationship between Corpsedemons and humans, and keep in mind that we are the side of justice."

Lin Sheng calmly said.

"Of course, the premise before the outbreak is after we resolve the world rejection reaction. But before that, we need to ensure the personal safety of Giving Hope."

"Understood!" Everyone answered in unison.





The wooden sword continued to stab and stab.

Inside the martial arts hall.

Pei Lin was fully concentrated on practicing the Blackfeather swordsmanship taught by Lin Sheng.

For the powerful basic swordsmanship technique used to train Blackfeather City's assassin squads, the sword technique was early to learn difficult to master, and once someone finally breaks through their limit, it would turn into an extraordinary ability.

And this powerful ability was to be ahead of the curve in comparison to the poor martial arts system in the Corpsedemon world by many years.

It could even be said that the entire Corpsedemon world did not have the notion of achieving a breakthrough through training.

It was generally believed that even if they managed to breakthrough their mortal limits, they are still no match for guns, and even the best martial artist would still fall to a gunshot.

This had also led to the people here completely taking martial arts as a form of exercise and self-training.

Pei Lin occupied a corner of the weapons training room, and practiced the sword swings in a dull, repetitive manner, as she repeated standard stabs after stabs.

And of course, the seemingly normal straight stab had actually plenty of muscle movements.

These coordinated movements were the key of Blackfeather's swordsmanship. They could turn a simple stab into a powerful training exercise that could increase the muscle group's strength.

"Pei Lin, still practicing until this late today?"

The most striking person in the weapon practice hall was the runner up of the city-level championship that specialized in twin blades, Zhang Hanchao.

He was hired by this martial arts hall to look after the place. And he basically knew everyone that would come here everyday, and all of them were acquaintances.

And Pei Lin who had been here almost daily, had also gotten to know everyone there.

"Say, what are you practicing exactly? The International swordsmanship technique? Doesn't seem like it. Could it be some familial technique?" Zhang Hanchao asked out of curiosity.

"Nothing, just blindly fooling about." Pei Lin smiled and replied.

A few other regulars had also finished today's scheduled training, and came over.

The group chatted as they headed to the bathroom.

Pei Lin, as a beautiful high school girl should have been particularly eye-catching, but there was another pair of beauties in the group, a pair of twins that practiced Bamboa school of martial arts.

Bamboa was currently the most popular leg-based martial arts, and needed to wear metal practice boots.

And the practitioners are often able to adjust their body shape, allowing themselves to look more upright and beautiful, and more energetic.

Aside from Bamboa, most of the group practiced short staff combat techniques. Pei Lin was among them, aside from occasionally discussing with the others on post-practice maintanence, she had smiled and watched others chat all along the way.

But she did not notice that Zhang Hanchao and the twin sisters was very curious about the swordsmanship technique she had meticulously practiced.

"Right, Linlin, what sort of sword technique are you training everyday here? We have never seen that before?" The elder twin, Nian Wei walked towards Pei Lin's side and whispered.

She had long observed the technique Pei Lin was training, and her instincts told her that this seemingly dull training method was not that simple.

It was not a whimsical practice, as that sort of focused concentration clearly did not look like something you would do at a whim.

"It's nothing. I found a myself a teacher and had been casually practicing." Pei Lin answered with a smile.

She put on a purple training suit, and tied her long hair into a tall ponytail with a hairband. Her exquisite facial features radiated both sharpness and coldness, giving her the air of nobility and elegance.

"A master you found yourself? Don't go finding a braggart that knows nothing. You need to know that our every moment, if we train wrongly, the burden to the body will increase with time. And you might get a permanent injury because of that, so you need to be careful." Nian Wei reminded her out of the kindness of her heart.

"Yeah, I know. Don't worry, there won't be any problems." Pei Lin had high confidence in the method of Holy Light Shines Upon You.

"You know yourself best." Seeing so, Nian Wei did not bring it up any more.

Somethings are better left unsaid between friends, especially when they are not even that close.

They then entered their respective bathroom.

Pei Lin put down her wooden sword, and just as she was about to take off her training suit and go in for a shower, suddenly she saw a glint of light by the corner of the ventilation window.

The glint suddenly moved, and was about to escape.

"Who goes there!" Pei Lin saw it, and panicked as she instinctively grabbed her sword and stabbed out.


The tip of the blade travelled across the shortest path in the air, and landed accurately on that glint.


A loud crack rang out, as the glint was shattered by the stab.

Following that was a man grunting and footsteps of him running away.


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