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OP Reincarnation in My Hero Adecamia Don't wanna stay tough
Author :Zero_Positive
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2 Rich, Sister, Neighbors!!!

???: He's out !! Miss here is your son...

???: He is so cute! Hello, cutie, I'm mama, your name will be-

Kazuto: His name is Yuki! I won't budge on this matter!

Asuna: But that's my surname!

Kazuto: I'll marry you anyways!

Asuna: *blushes* I-Idiot! I'm tired, let me rest!

Yuki(MC): What's with this family?

Korra: ~They're funny! And you know them, I think.~

Yuki: I'm in MHA they can't be?

Korra: ~BINGO! Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online!! Alternate versions tough so don't expect an SAO game or shit like this here.~

Yuki: Why are they here?! Why do they exist in this World?!

Korra: ~Coincidence!! And they are rich! Because of Kazuto's work on VR he has a lot of jobs offers from I-Island but he decline them for you and works at home to assist Asuna on her pregnancy.~

Yuki: (Melissa...) I see then wake me when we arrive at home, I'm tired too.

Korra: ~No Problem, Yuki~









Kazuto: Let's hope he has a Quirk...*low tone*

Asuna: Un....*fake smile*







00h33, Kirigaya Residence

"They arrived in front of huge Traditional Japanese 2 story house with Black walls"

Korra: Wa...e ...p.....Wak.... u......Wake up!

Yuki: Y-YES! I'm awake! Don't scream like this. What is it?

Korra: SHUT UP, YOU told ME to wake you up when we arrive!!

Yuki: Calm down. I'm just a baby, remember? *mind smug*

Korra: YOOOOUUU!!!!

Kazuto: *Ding* OPEN!

"A black haired big-breasted beauty just appeared"

Suguha: Nii-chan, you're back! Can I see the baby, Asuna?

Asuna: Here.

Suguha: 💖 WOW! KAWAIIIIIIII💕 *screaming while whispering*

Asuna: Right? Now let him sleep.*said with low voice* Is sleeping?

Suguha: Un!

Asuna: Then, they'll meet tomorrow. Good Night.

Suguha: Good night.

Kazuto:*yawns* Let's sleep. It's late.










Yuki: Korra

Korra: ~Yes!Yes!Here!~



Name: Yuki

Level: -1

Exp: 00.00%

Age: 0 Years


Body: Human

Soul: Dragon

Azure Dragon bloodline (Incompatible with this plane: Unlockable when hitting the peak of the world)

True Slime bloodline (Incompatible with this plane: No Magicules (No Mana=Instant Death))


Strength: Pfft...Can't lift his baby bottle!

Endurance: Tired from Farting! lol

Agility: Your poop is better than you!! Lmao

Mana: N/A (Too Sad to laugh)

Luck: ??? (What do you expect you're the chosen on in all of the living beings of the universe. A snail can be chosen. So be grateful.)



|True God Shenron's Bundle|:

[Skill Creation] [Rank:N/A] [Level: N/A] [Exp: N/A]:

Allow 1 Skill per year. 1 Available+1 Bonus

[Soul Healing] [Rank: SSS] [Level: MAX]:

Won by Shenron's Soul Heal on your soul after death

Allow User to Resist all mind related attack and [Heal Souls]

[Spirit Eyes] [Rank:A] [Level: 3] [Exp: 0.5]:

Allow to see through matter without light. Convenient for Atomic Transformation.

|Supreme Deity Rimuru's Bundle|:



{World Skills}


[Plot Armor] [Rank:N/A] [Level: N/A] [Exp: N/A]










Yuki: That's too OP but I'm nerfed as fuck.

Korra:~There is no Mana That's why.~

Yuki: Ok I want Auto-training and accelerated Power Growth.

[Are you sure?]

Yuki: Un! Too Op equals Too boring!

Korra: ~I agree. With this you'll reach S Rank Strength (15% One for All) In 15 Years.~

Yuki: Then let's sleep I don't have any other questions. Good Night

Korra:~Good Night~


10 AM

???: Mommy! Mommy! I want to see him!

(A 1 years old girl with long light blue hair, light skin, red eyes, and pointed ears is excited about the birth of her adoptive mother's baby.)

Asuna: Yes.Yes. I'll feed him. Wait a bit Kiriha-chan.

Kiriha: Hurry up! He is so cute! I want to hug him!

Yuki: *drinking milk* "Kiriha from Tsugumomo, she's so cute. I will make her mine for sure!!"

Korra:~She's adopted so it's your lucky day!! Her Quirk made her able to talk and walk sooner! She can cultivate like [Battle Through The Heavens] but a lot faster Xiao Yan would be put to shame~

Yuki: WooHOoo!!! [First Target Set] I can't wait to give her Cultivation Techniques!


4 year later,

I am now 4 and it's my Birthday obviously. I took [Observation] skill, [Cultivation] skill [Foundation Strenthening]and [Technique Creation] skill. I used both [Observation], [Technique Creation] to create a technique perfect for Kiriha and myself. And I trained my neighbors' daughter secretly.

She can already use her Quirk at an awesome level but without physics knowledge as the family genius, I made her create a huge graphene block( strongest material only composed of Carbon) when I saw that I made her Parents sell it in I-Island and made her create Hype beast clothes. I'm wearing Subreme and Ovv-White outfit able to withstand a thousand hit of All-Might at Max.

Our cultivation levels are:

Momo: Dou Master, Mid

Yuki: Dou Master, Peak

[Dou Masters: At this point, a Practitioner can use the Dou Qi in their body to form a cloak giving increased defensive strength.]

Kiriha: Dou Grand Master, low

[Dou Grand Master: It is at this point when a Practitioner's Dou Qi becomes hard enough to form an armament.]



Today, Mom's friends invited us to Test our quirks with Momo since she REALLY likes me.

When we arrived Momo and Kiriha were anxious so I patted their head and said:

Yuki: Don't worry, you already know your quirks right?

Both: AH! IT'S TRUE!

Yuki: It's just the time where our parents will see us use it. Well, they saw a part of Kiriha's.

Restrain yourselves I don't want people to focus on us. And today a person with a Quirk that analyzes Quirks will test us.

Analyzer: Kirigaya Yuki?

Yuki: Yes!

Analyzer: Hi, VSauce Micheal is my name. Give me your hand and I'll tell what your quirk is.

Congratulations! Your Quirk is Plot Armor, it acts directly on probabilities, it gives you the ability to never die except by suicide or old age and can give you a big bonus like you finding the things you need by pure luck you will have an extremely good life!! It's a god-like Ability maybe the strongest of all time. You inherited such a quirk from a Quirkless Mother and Intelligence enhancement quirk father, that's incredible!

Yuki's and Momo's Parents:* jaw dropped*



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