Pirate King of Gold
3 Mastering the Don’yoku-Don’yoku no Mi
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Pirate King of Gold
Author :Op7964
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3 Mastering the Don’yoku-Don’yoku no Mi



I blanked out for a few seconds before I realized that if I had the knowledge to control the Don'yoku-Don'yoku no Mi's powers I'd very well be near-invincible.

I hadn't realized it yet but I felt immense desire towards that knowledge, after that I had already grabbed Feris by the neck.

But of course he freed himself from my grasp before long.

"I didn't think your greed would be this abundant, Vinny."

I didn't bother responding to him as I had already conjured a scabbard in my left hand and a flintlock pistol in the right.

*Bang* *Bang*

I shot at Feris two times before rushing towards him at a speed that surprised even myself.

As I ran towards him I watched as the bullets missed Feris narrowly.

Feris then understood that he couldn't get through to me with just words so he conjured a scabbard of his own.

"Sosaku-sha no kunan!"

(Creator's Tribulation!)

As soon as I was in front of Feris I swung my scabbard towards him but it felt as though my arm was locked in space and couldn't move further.

"Settle down, Vinny."

I merely responded with a glare as I tried to free my arm.

"With your current knowledge of the Don'yoku-Don'yoku no Mi's powers you won't be able to..."

Before Feris could finish speaking I had already leveled my flintlock pistol on Feris head.

I could see a drop of sweat roll down Feris's

forehead as he looked into the barrel of my gun.

"You win, Vinny."

"Give me all your knowledge of the Don'yoku-Don'yoku no Mi's powers."

"Sure thing."

(5 hours later.)

"So that's the reason I attacked you without realizing it?"


I had already processed all the knowledge regarding the Don'yoku-Don'yoku no Mi's powers.

To say the least it's powers were frightening.

"So where to next Feris?"

"The Grand Line."

"But isn't that were all the world's most dangerous pirates gather?"

"Indeed Vinny, but it's also were this world's greatest treasure lies in wait."

After Feris finished speaking I disintegrated the scabbard and flintlock pistol before creating a ramp up into the Thousand Sunny's deck and told Feris to steer the ship as he awaited my command.

"To the Grand Line!"

"As you command, Captain."

And off they were to the Grand Line.


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