RWBY: Dark System
1 Grimm Rebirth
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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1 Grimm Rebirth

Zak was taping away viciously at his Razer Keyboard, he glided around his mouse in such a fast speed that he looked like a mage casting a high tier summoning spell. He was playing LOL and another sorcery RPG on two sleek Samsung Monitors. Today was the final day to practice before the Grand Prix tournament, so he took advantage of this time and planned to pull out an all-nighter. He grabbed his mug of coffee and tossed in a shit ton of sugar in it and stirred away, he preferred coffee over the bitter artificial taste of Redbull. He had to be in top peak conditions of being a pro gamer. He usually worked out and jogged every day so he didn't have your average gamer body, but he didn't have an amazing muscular body either. Though he did slightly have a handsome face. He had long dark brown hair and brown eyes and he was 20 years old.

"Nice another victory with the highest kills on the leaderboard. That was too easy. Maybe I should take a small break," He checked out his iPhone X and saw that his ex-girlfriend was texting him.

>>Text from Amber<<

(I am sorry about yesterday. But I think we can never get back together you are to busy playing your video games every single damn day without even noticing me. Its like I don't even exist in your world.)

"Are you freaking serious? I have to pay the bills somehow. She doesn't know that gaming is my life. Its the only way I get money and help out my family! Whatever screw her I don't have time for this shit." Zak angrily threw his cell phone on his bed and resumed his gaming session only to see a demonic symbol of a Grimm Beowulf covered in flames on all three of his computer monitors.

"What the fuck? Isn't that a symbol from RWBY? Is this a dumb prank or something?" Zak tried to click close on his computer but the image wouldn't go away, instead, it got more fuzzy and distorted. He knew about the anime RWBY because he would always watch it for its high action and fluid fights scenes. That and... well the girls in the show were stunningly beautiful.


>>You have been chosen<< Says a dark devilish women voice. His computers monitors begin to combust and flickers of flames expelled out everywhere.

"What the hell is going on!?" Zak quickly stood up from his gaming chair in shock and looked around his room. His dark brown eyes scoped out for any intruders or robbers that had entered his room. He kept his guard up, he had trained in mix martial arts for 7 years and he knew how to fire a gun, he was also skilled in using knives and other hand-held weapons for combat and protection.

He goes over to his cell phone which is ringing like crazy, he picks it up.

[Accept call? Yes/no]- Zak swiftly taps yes.


"Zak! Please come over! Someone just broke inside my house!----" Her voice breaks up.

"Amber! I can't hear you! Your voice is breaking up!" Zak yells in a confused tone.


"Get away from me! Aaaaaah!--" She screams at the top of her lungs.

>>We will be taking you little missy.<< Whispers in an unknown sly male voice.

"I am coming over!" Zak instinctively types 911 on his cell phone. Suddenly a *BOOM!* sound echoed hard across his ears. His gaming computer and monitors had exploded! His body was sent flying across his room. One of his arms had actually been severed from the powerful explosion. "Gaaaaah!" Zak screams in overwhelming pain as his body rolls around the wooden floors.

Then out of nowhere a slender busty woman with raven hair who wore a red Grimm skull mask steps over Zak's chest. Her black high heels pressed hard on his chest. "Your not much to look at but this will do." Deadly crimson eyes stare down on him and flames flicker around her body. Her eyes pierced his very soul.

"Who the fuck are you!?" He snarled as he punched the woman right in the face with a right hook, her cheeks were grazed by his bony knuckles. His torn off left arm was bleeding everywhere, he was even surprised that he could actually land a punch with such a grave injury.

"Hmm pretty fast for a pathetic human. Let's just hope what my master says about you is true for your sake. Goodbye." The woman whispers into Zak's ears as she licks her glossy red lips.

"Are you the one the behind Amber's attack!? I will make you pay for this!" Zak pulls out a gun from his desk drawer and points it at the masked woman. "You might want to check your back." Says the women with a sinister smile as she takes off her Grimm mask and points ahead at him.

"ROOOOOARRR!" Bellows out a hellish voice that sounded like a demonic gorilla. The grunts and hollows sounded oh so familiar.

Zak's body is frozen, "Holy shit it can't be...." Sticky blackish salvia drips down onto his bloody shoulder blades, a mist of warm nasty breathes swirls around his neck. The stench of rotten meat and toxic air filled his noise. He slowly looked up. A row of serrated teeth quickly bits down on his head. A loud *CRUNCH!* and *SPLAT* blasted across Zak's room. A giant Beringel Grimm had bit off his head.

His vision immediately turns a shadow black and he could feel nothing. His mind and soul escapes from his eaten alive body and off into another dimension through a glowing purplish portal.


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