RWBY: Dark System
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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An endless sea of darkness surrounded Zak. The walls, floors, and ceiling around him were all rippling like he was in an ocean made of dark matter.

"Am I dead?" He muttered to himself as he reached his hands towards the dark void skies.

[Ding!] Welcome to the Spirit Realm!

[If you don't already know you have died! The Multiverse God has chosen you to reborn in the RWBY verse.] Says an angelic voice. It sounded like an A.I that was created by a higher power.

[Do you accept to be reborn in the RWBY verse?]- [Yes/No]

A rectangle bluish hologram screen now floated over his Zak's eyes.

[If you chose no then your soul will cease to exist.]

"Shit...Am I really dead? Where am I? What the hell happen? Did someone try to assassinate me? Who the hell would want me dead? I will find that red-eyed bitch who broke into my house and kill her! She must have taken Amber hostage! " Zak clenches his invisible fist, he was in his soul form. A surge of hatred and rage started to flow throughout his body.

[Hello! Dense one! I don't want to repeat myself!] Chimes the witty feminine A.I voice.

Reborn in RWBY Verse- [Yes/No]

"Do I even have a choice? If I chose No then my body will cease to exist and if I chose yes then I will supposedly be transported to the world of Remnant. Which sounds like a load of bullshit. But if it is true, then screw it. My planet was never a good place live in anyways. It lacked imagination. Earth was slowly dying and the human species didn't give a damn. All humans ever cared about in my past world was riches and power."Zak's hands went closer to the yes option on the hologram screen.

All the kids in school used to pick on him because he was skinny and weak. He had to always fend for himself back in Earth, frankly he was tired of living in that shitty world were injustice roamed about. That's why he played video games to escape from such a false world. He vowed to himself he would become stronger in the world of Remnant. He would become the strongest Huntsmen in the RWBY verse. He would do whatever it takes to more powerful and better looking than he did in his past world.

"I chose Yes. By the way, what is your name? You must be an A.I system judging by how you are only programmed by the Multiverse God to follow its orders. If I am not mistaken." Zak said as he pressed the [Yes] button on the floating hologram.

[My code name is 02 and you are half correct, the Multiverse God created me, but someone else sent me to be your personal system. Someone who is darker than darkness itself. Before you are teleported into the world of Remnant please customize your Avatar and arrange your stats]

[Name: Chose*]

Level: 1

Race: Chose*- [Grimm] [Human] [Fanus] (Can evolve by gaining levels and Exp)

Class: Chose*- [Huntsmen] [Archer] [Knight] [Healer] [Mage] [Necromancer] [Warroir]

Semblance: Darkness

Bloodline: Unknown

Mana: 30

Aura: 20

Dust: 10

[You can boost only 3 attributes by 10+ points]

STR: 12

DEF: 10

AGI: 7

STM: 7


KAM: 1

[STR- Strength,DEF- Defensive, AGI- Agility, STM- Stamina, INTEL- Intillegence, KAM- Karma]

Skills: None

[Current Exp 20,000 to use]

[Augments]: Eyes- Geass, Silver Eyes, Sharingan( Chose 1) [-10,000exp for one option]

Body type: Titan(Can transform into Titan of 50 meters), Demi-Grimm( Half Grimm),Heroic (Muscular body type) [-10,000exp for one option]

[Chose system]

~[Light God System or Dark God System]~

"Well, I have a lot of choices to chose from. Let's get to work." Zak cracked his knuckles with a wide grin.


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