RWBY: Dark System
5 Hidden Powers
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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5 Hidden Powers

Shadow got up from the pile of human bones, "I have to get out of here before I end like 'them'," He coldly glares at the dead decomposed human bodies. He didn't feel any symphony for the fallen hunters, they died because they were too weak. But he had the power to fight back, though he wondered why the God of Darkness chose to reborn him. He wasn't really special or anything, the only thing he did in his life was that was remotely rememberable was when he saved a little girl from getting run over by a truck. That and he helped protect other kids from getting bullied in school. "I did all those heroic things and yet I was given a Dark System? It doesn't make sense... Maybe it has to do something with that bitch who killed me and took my ex-girlfriend hostage. Whatever the case I have to find a way out of here-" Before he could think the two youngling Nevermores fly towards him again to finish their kill.

"Arawaaraaaah!!!" angrily Cawed the Nevermores as they pecked Shadow in the eyes he tried to block the attack with his dark semblance, but the demonic bird creatures attacks were too quick. They had actually peaked out Shadows eyeball! A fountain of blood spurted out from his exposed eye socket. "Gaaah!FUCK!" He screamed out as his fell to the floor and held on to his torn out eyeball. The young Nevermore Grimms were faster than the adults by an insane amount of speed.

The other Grimm swallowed the pain and fear that Shadow was emitting. But with that growing fear, there was hatred and rage. Shadow was tired of being put down, he was going to be the strongest being in Remnant no matter what. And he was going to find his ex-girlfriend then get his revenge on the girl with crimson eyes who killed him. The two Nevermore younglings swooped down again, a mist of darkness tailed behind them. "Graaah!Graaah!!!" The cawed as they extended out their large black talons.

"I won't let you kill me! I already died before! I won't die again!!!" Shadow gives the two Nethermores a death glare with his one eye and fearlessly reaches out his hands. The impossible happens, a demonic Grimm eyeball appears from his empty socket, he had regenerated himself after killing the other weaker grimm from before and absorbing their dark aura. His grimm eye starts glowing a moon-sliver color. He had somehow acquired 'Silver Eyes'!

[Augment Silver Eyes gained from overflowing surge of hate and rage that wants to destroy everything in its path!]- (New fusion of Silver Eyes known as Shadow Eyes): Appearance of the eye is a darker silver color

The Nevermores freezes in mid-air and turned the stone and disintegrates.

+20 Mana

+ 20 Aura

+ 15 STR

+ 15 DEF

+ 15 AGI

+10 STM

+ 10 INTEL

- 1 Karma have killed many Grimm to only protect one's self. (You fucking serious!? What else was I suppose to do!? I had no ever choice but to kill them. This system is broken.)

[Name: Shadow]

Level: 1

HP: 100

Race: Grimm

Class: Necromancer

Semblance: Darkness- [Can absorb dead Grimm], Shift- [Can take the form of any Grimm species once they are killed and absorbed into bloodstream]

Bloodline: Unknow- Silver Eye Variant

Mana: 50

Aura: 40

Dust: 10


STR: 42

DEF: 30

AGI: 32

STM: 17


KAM: -1


[Exp: 10,000/50,000 to next level]

[Augments]: Eyes- Sharingan, Silver Eyes

Body type: Titan


"Someone please help!!!Eyaaah! Get away from me!!!" Yells a feminine voice from behind Shadow.

" Dammit, I don't have time to save anyone."


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