RWBY: Dark System
6 Alliance
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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6 Alliance

Shadow turns his head and sees about 10 bewolves surrounding a girl with blonde hair, she was covering her face with her elbows to block the vicious slashes from the bewolves, their razor sharp claws dug deep into her skin. Fresh blood leaked down from wrist and down her elbows, her frail pale body was shaking with fear and her bright violet eyes were darken with despair as the grimm continue to torture her.

"That girl looks like Yang!" Shadow bolts forward and uses his dragon grimm claws to slice the bewovles in half, "Shadow Claw!" He roars out as he slashes and claws the grimm into chunks of bloody meat. A blackish misty aura swirls around his entire body and his dark red silver eyes could be seen through the sea of grimm blood spurting up into the dark purplish skies of the Land of Darkness. The shattered moon of remnant shone over Shadows young muscular body that was surrounded by a dark aura, it was like seeing a young Ozpin who had turned evil and brutal like a coldblooded assassin.

"Thank you for saving my life!"Cries out the blonde girl huntress as she runs over to Shadow and hugs him, he was shirtless and only wearing black jeans.

"By any chance is your name Yang?" He asked in a direct manner. The girl gives him a wide grin and pushes him down into the misty rocky ground below. Cracked human skulls rattle about and roll away. "Damn I didn't know that Yang would want me this badly already. I don't mind it. Well even though this is not the spot I envisioned my first time- Bagaahh!" The blonde huntress aggressively steps down on his bare chest and brings her face closer to his. Her pink glossy lips were inches away from his, suddenly her violet her eyes change color. One eye is bright pink and the other is hazel.

"Oh shit. It's Ne-"

Neo places her soft fingers on his lips to hush him.


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