RWBY: Dark System
8 Alliance Part 3
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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8 Alliance Part 3

Neo nods at the woman's request and sheathed back her sword into her flowery white umbrella.

"It can't be..." Shadow arms twitched, he tried to get up, but he was beyond tired. Surviving in the world of remnant was not as easy as it seemed even when you are stacked with incredibly powerful powers. This world was a million times more brutal than Earth will ever be. Every creature in Remnant wants to eat you alive and the humans here had powers that can enhance their speed, strength, stamina, and mind. A humans semblance could even create illusions and strategic hunting tricks that could outwit any human back in Shadows world.

The deafening echoes of glass heels clinking made Shadow's eardrums throb and hurt. His worst nightmare was drawing close to him.

"Well, what do we have here? A human stupid enough to trespass into the Land of Darkness alone." Cinder Fall crosses her slender arms and kneels down next to Shadow. Her bright amber eyes widen, "This boy's face looks almost identical to Ozpin's? Does he have a son? Nevermind I should take this outsider to Salem. We could always use some extra meat for the Grimm." She thinks to herself as she smirks and picks up Shadow.

"Let go of me!" He thunders out as he bits Cinder's fingers.

"How dare you! You insolent brat!" Cinder backhand slaps Shadow on the face and then shots out a tunnel of blistering flames from her hands towards his body. Gold and red glyphs spun under her feet like a tower clock going haywire.

Shadow absorbed Cinders fire attack and looked her dead in the eye. "Thanks for the recharge," He spits his blood on to her cheeks.

Cinder becomes enraged, she shoots flames from her both of her palms and flew up into the stormy skies above. Blackish thunderbolts strike hell upon Shadow and Cinder, mother nature itself could feel the sheer pressure of powerful dark aura overflowing from both of their bodies.

In the blink of an eye, a tornado of crimson flames coiled and swirled towards Shadow, he counters the Cinders attack by copying her semblance and shooting shadow black flames from his palms and silver eyes.

Cinder's flames were quickly extinguished by his dark flames. His attack hit her head on, her dress was burnt to a crisp and half of her sexy busty body was seen. Her long thick milky thighs and curvaceous butt were fully exposed as well as her cantaloupe breast which was being held back by her tight black corset bra. She was now only in her bra and silky crimson panties. She slightly blushes as she covers up her insanely gorgeous body. She was embarrassed in front of her tiny subordinate, Neo started giggling and took a quick snap of Cinders smoking half-naked body.

Rage and pure hatred overtakes her soul as she angrily glares at Shadow, "Now your DEAD!!!" Cinder unleashes her semblance to her highest tier and strikes down Shadow with a barrage of flame spirals.

His body was engulfed in flames that were hotter than volcano lava!

Shadow fell to the rocky ground and was knocked out by her fearsome flames.

"I want you to suffer a million deaths!" Cinder keeps on shooting out flames from her palms like she was a human flamethrower.

"Gaaaaaah!" Shadow rolled around in pain.

Suddenly Cinder flames combusted and backed fire on her, she still couldn't control her anger and semblance.

"Now this is indeed a pathetic sight. Do not kill the boy Cinder." Demands the most frightening voice in all of Remnant.

"M-master? Is that you?" Cinder mutters in a slightly scared tone.

"Yes, my child I am talking inside of your mind. Did you hear what I said? Step away from the boy and bring him to me." She ordered to Cinder.

"Grrrrh." Cinder growls as she gritted her pearly white teeth. She hated following orders, but Salem's was absolute.

"Are you disobeying my orders? Do you know what happens when someone goes against my orders?"

Cinder swallows and says "Do not worry. I will bring the boy to you." She steps on Shadows chest with her spiky glass high heels, "Your coming with me. Disgusting brat." She snarls.


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