RWBY: Dark System
10 Prison
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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10 Prison

Cinder throws Shadow into a prison cell that is encased with a shield aura.

Shadow tries to run out of the prison cell but is quickly blocked by a large translucent rectangle made up of aura. "What the hell is this thing!? This was never in the show?" He thought to himself with a snarl. On his wrist Cinder had placed metal handcuffs that were able to block someone from using their semblance. It was a semblance blocker device which countered any human and Fanus semblance by electrocuting them and negating their powers by weakening their aura from the powerful shock. Even Nora Valkyrie couldn't get herself out of these cuffs, the shockwave from the cuffs would explode her head.

"What the fuck do you guys want with me?" Asked Shadow as he inspected the cuffs on his wrist and then looked over at Cinder with hate in his red eyes.

"Tomorrow starts your training. We must prepare ourselves for Salem's main objective." She replies as she sharpens her onyx black dual dagger blades.

'Wait is she talking about the Fall of Beacon? That means Cinder doesn't have the power of the Fall Maiden yet. Good, it would be harder to take her down if she did. I am thinking about using the Titan augment right now and getting the fuck out of here. There is no way I am following Cinders orders nor Salem's. I to have escape from Salems Castle and make my way to Vale." Shadow bites down hard on his fingers like Eren Jaeger did in Attack In Titan to activate his titan powers.

[Titan power cannot be activated. You need more aura and mana] 'Fucking figures, there is one way to get my aura back without anyone looking'

Shadow shakes and shudders at the thought of what he was going to do next. He begins to bite his fingers as hard as he could until his whole finger is torn off! Blood spurted all over the cell room and he starts to eat his own fingers as a source of aura and mana. Self-cannibalism at its finest. Surely enough his aura and mana is regenerated as well as his fingers. He was lucky that he was half human and half grimm. When he chose the grimm race he realized that he would soon fully become a grimm so at the last second he chose the demi-grimm augment and switched it for his main race. It was a smart idea and it paid off right now.

>[Titan Shifting abilities are now active]<

Neo walks into the prison chamber room and sees the carnage of blood all over the walls of Shadows prison cell. She blinks her eyes in confusion.

'Should I kill Neo and take her illusion semblance? Then copy her body form? That would be the perfect plan. Then I can use my titan shifter form to break out of this forsaken castle.' Shadow smirked with a mouth full of blood.


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