RWBY: Dark System
11 Past Memories
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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11 Past Memories

Neo sat down a metal chair to keep watch on Shadow. She started to play some kind of video game on her scroll, it sounded like the fighting game that Ruby and Yang always played.

'Of course, Neo would be playing video games while guarding over me. Such a cocky short stuff.' Shadow places his hands down the ground and waits for the right time to absorb Neo's semblance. But for his plan to work he needs her to active her semblance just like Cinder had when she was fighting him. He figured out the only way he could copy someone else's semblance was when he was in battle. Then again there can be another way to unleash her semblance, Shadow didn't always want to fight, after all, he was reborn in one of his favorite anime shows, I mean who would want to fight all time? So he chose the opposite of the idea of killing everyone, which he could, well except for Salem and decide to talk to Neo. Shadow absorbs his blood that was scattered all over the walls to hide any evidence of his powers. But he was pretty sure that Cinder already knew about them during thier battle.

"Um is there any food you can give me? I am starving." Shadow asked the pink-hair cupcake of a girl.

Neo paused her game in session and slowly walks over to Shadow, both of slender legs crossed each other as she walked. She was walking like a tiny super-model. Neo was the epitome of a beautiful doll in real life. One thing is watching her on a T.V screen, but this was in another level. Shadow didn't really have the time to take in her beauty when he was battling her(Because he would be long dead if he didn't pay attention to the fight), but now he did and it was a jaw-dropping sight.

Neo pulled out an ice-cream sandwich bar from her coat pockets and handed it over to Shadow in a cute fashion.

'How ironic.' He took the bar and swallowed at all in one bite. "Thanks." He said as he wiped the ice cream off his mouth.

Neo bows in a polite manner that implies 'No problem' and smiles as she goes back to sit down.

"Wait. When do I start my training?" Shadow asked.

Neo points at her mouth and tries to speak, but no words come out. "Of course how could I forget." He shakes his head in disappointment of forgetting about the small details of the RWBY verse. Neo starts typing on her scroll, which was probably given to her by Roman Torchwick.

[Neo's Scroll voice speaker/translator app]

Neo: "You're pretty cute." Says a female robotic voice that sounded like Siri. Her scroll was speaking out the words she was typing.

"Well... thanks I guess. But that doesn't answer my question." He pointed out.

Neo: "Are you are a virgin?" the Siri voice rings deeper.

"What!? Who cares about that! Just answer my damn question!" Shadow slammed his fist against the metal bars.

Neo: "I will answer your question if you tell me where you are from?"

'Shit. You sly bitch.' He thinks to himself. He wondered if he should reveal where he came from. But that would only make matters worse, if Salem figured out where he came from then she would use him for his knowledge of his past world. She would also figure out about his system which was the God of Darkness system and use him as some kind of godly weapon that would unleash hell upon Remant. 'Fuck why couldn't I just be reborn with Ruby and Yang.' He sighed as he stood up.

"Okay, I will tell you. But first, you tell me about yourself." He asked. Shadow always wanted to know about Neo's past and origins it boggled his mind with many theories. The only reason why he would tell Neo about his past life is because... well she couldn't talk. She was mute, he assumed.

Neo nods at Shadow's request and starts typing as fast as she could.

'Well this should be interesting...' Started healing his wounds with his dark aura.


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