RWBY: Dark System
18 Bloodline
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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18 Bloodline

'Whatever I will become will sure be more powerful than any human or Faunus in Remnant since I have grimm traits. But do Faunus and Grimm traits/DNA even fuse correctly? I mean Grimm are basically animals who have been corrupted and spawned from the pools of dark in the Land of Darkness, they still possed animalistic traits, if anything the fusion of traits will be better suited for each other. I just need to control my anger and hate from growing, even though that's already hard, to begin with.' Shadow begins to think about his messed up past. How everyone looked down on him and bullied him to the point of snapping back and almost killing everyone, but he kept his anger and rage hidden deep inside him; concealed it. He knew that emotions would ruin one's thoughts, that's what made him a top tier pro gamer, he always played to win and everything else in between was just bullshit. He took every loss in and learned from his mistakes, even right now he was thinking of ways to defeat Adam in his next rematch. Their fight did end at a draw because of Cinder's smart ass deciding to break up the battle. So it wasn't much of a defeat, but its good to learn anyone's fighting moves.

'You know what. Fuck it. I will delete my human traits. I would be stupid not to. Being reborn as a human in RWBY is pretty pointless and overdone. It's time to change things up a bit' Shadow quickly closes his eyes to go inside his mindscape and activate his system.

'I chose to delete my human race and substitute it for the Faunus bloodline.'

>[Request accepted]<

[X] Human Race deleted( You can never regain race human traits once deleted)- [Alert]: Past memories will be altered. (What does that mean? Will my memories on from Earth slowly fade? Shit everything comes with a risk)

[>] Subsuite to Faunus bloodline.

[Chose Faunus Bloodline and Trait]




Reptile traits(Any)




Mythical- Chose any beast from myths.

[Grimm Bloodline: Draconic]

[Faunus Bloodline: Chose]

Shadow: 'I have to hurry up and chose a Faunus bloodline before I get into Cinder's room. Wait! Me and Cinder alone in a room? This either going to be amazing or a pure living hell.'


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