RWBY: Dark System
21 Creed
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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21 Creed

"No thanks, I think I will sleep on the couch instead." Shadow walks away from Cinder's bed.

"How dare you deny my orders again! Most men would die to be in a bed with a woman as beautiful as me!" She points at her chest in anger as flame combust out from her eyes.

"Yeah. Most men would 'die' if they sleep with you. I think sleeping on the couch sounds like a better idea." Shadow jumps on his new uncomfortable bed and calls it a night. Suddenly a burst of flames scorches the couch and it disintegrates into ash. Shadow's face falls hard on the rocky black floors, "What the hell is your problem!? Can't you just leave me alone!" Shadow shouted as he was about to activate his Nine-Tail Wolf form.

'This bitching is really pissing me off! If Salem wasn't here I would have already killed her by now. Besides you are the one who took Prryha's life! Not that it matters to me, but she was a kind-hearted huntress who wouldn't harm anyone else. Even though that part of her made me sick. I was never a hero-type guy. Heroes are too cliche and always win, they are never challenged. But that's beside the point. Being in the same bed with Cinder is a death wish. I would turn to ash before even kissing her. I am fucking tired of following orders if only they knew how powerful I am!'

"Hurry up I don't have all day!" Cinder aggressively pats her bed harder with her palms on fire, the silk bed sheets begin to burn and wilt to misty ash.

"No." Shadow enforced his words with a deadly glare, his dark red eyes glowed angrily.

"Wrong choice of words," Cinder opens her palms then quickly snaps her fingers. Shadow braces himself for her flames and forms a dark aura barrier around his whole body.

'What the? Why can't I move?!' Shadow's body is paralyzed from the neck down, he could barely move an inch and his body was twitching.

He starts walking mindlessly over to Cinder, 'No! Why is my body moving by itself!? Does she have some kind of mind control semblance!?" Shadow obediently follows Cinder's demands and hops onto her huge queen sized bed.

"There. Now, that's a good boy." She starts rubbing and patting Shadow's snow-white hair like he was a dog. His head was lying against her soft perky bouncy breasts. 'How do I get out her mind control semblance?! Is this some kind of trance I am in? I can think and use my brain, but I can't move any part of my body, its like I am frozen in a glacial ice block.' Shadow tries to transform into a grimm to copy her semblance, but his aura and mana wouldn't active.

"Goodnight. You are going to need your rest. Tomorrow begins your first mission to prove yourself worthy to our master Salem; Dark Ruler of all of Remnant, she will bring the selfish and worthless humans to their knees and give them the punishment they deserve. She will show them what a true God looks like. If it were up to me... I would burn down all of Remnant myself, seeing those weaker than me screaming for their lives as everything crumbles around them would bring me so much pleasure." She closes her eyes and has the widest smile of ecstasy on her pale face.

Shadow:'What did the humans of Remnant do to her that she hates them so much?'He realizes that there is always two sides to everything. Good and evil were just two sides of a coin and the middle was balance. But to what extent? Cinder's chaos and evil must have been formed from something that happened to her in the past. What could it be?

*Door Knocking* "Um Cinder are you in there? I have order's directly from Salem to give you this note" Emerald says in a soft and worried tone. Cinder's bedroom door creaks open. A young looking Ozpin is sleeping on top of Cinder's half-naked chest.

Veins popped out of Emerald's eyes as her jaw-drops while she clenches her fist, the paper envelope in her palms is crushed.


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